Part of who we are we owe to our parents. The following phrases of parents and for parents, are words full of wisdom and teachings , some of them said by authors of recognized prestige; while others are funny expressions that we have all heard at some point when we have made them mad.

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40 phrases from famous fathers that have been told to all of us
As a tribute, we have collected some of the best phrases about fatherhood that summarize very well what being a father means:

1. There is no word or brush that can express love of a father
Beautiful reflection on fatherhood, by one of the most famous writers of the era known as the “Golden Age”, Mateo Aleman .

2. A colleja is being raffled and you have all the tickets to take one
One of the most mythical phrases from parents to children that we have all been told at some time.

3. There is no reason against a parent
Discussing conflicting opinions with parents is sometimes a task that is better left as impossible .

4. It is a wise man who knows his own son
Shakespeare believed that true wisdom was not in books , but in the experience of parenthood.

5. A man knows that he is getting old because he begins to look like his father

From him The novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez bequeathed us one of those phrases for parents that should be framed.

6. Save the tears of your children so that they can water your grave with them
. In addition to being a mathematician, Pythagoras was also a great philosopher of life . On this occasion, he recommends parents not to make their children cry, because they will have time to shed tears when their parent is missing.

7. Rule your house and you will know how much firewood and rice cost; raise your children and you will know how much you owe your parents
A phrase about fatherhood that reflects on the legacy that is transmitted generationally.

8. As is the father, so is the son
No matter how long it has been since this ancient proverb was made known, the similarities between father and son are a timeless phenomenon.

9. He who wants something, has a hard time
Among the typical phrases of parents is this one, which aims to make children aware of the value of effort.

10. Having children does not make one a father, in the same way that having a piano does not make one a very
intelligent pianist.Michael Levine’s statement, that more than one should burn himself before spreading his seed out there: fatherhood is earned with effort, not just by fertilizing an egg. If you are going to have a child like someone who has a toy, step aside and do not punish a new life with your disdain.

11. The father is needed, loved and respected during childhood, but it is as an adult, when he is understood and understood.
Although we believe that they do it to harm us, everything that parents do for their children is actually for their sake. It may take us years to learn this lesson.

12. As long as you live under my roof, you will do what you are told
A classic of the phrases of parents, like that of “here we live in a dictatorial democracy” .

13. Life does not come with an instruction manual, but luckily sometimes it comes with a father
Nobody is born known, however, having a father is the best guide in certain situations.
14. A father is not the one who gives life, that would be too easy, a father is the one who gives love
Similar to Levine’s quote, this time Denis Lord comes to convey a message along the same lines . In this case, the author claims that a father acquires the condition of such when he is capable of giving love, not simply of being there.

15. A father for a hundred children, before a hundred children for a father
You can be a father without the need for a blood tie, according to this old saying.

16. Sometimes the poorest man leaves his children the richest inheritance
Beyond any material inheritance, what will remain of our parents , along with their memory, will be their advice on life.

17. When you are a father you will understand
In the repertoire of phrases for parents, this one occupies one of the positions in the “mandatory” section.

18. A good father is one who teaches his children how to think, not what they should think.
Because modeling children in the image and likeness so that they fulfill all the dreams that we could not achieve when we were young is not the purpose of fatherhood. Let’s see when we find out!

19. The father must be the friend, the confidant, not the tyrant of his children
In addition to the fact that children should not be chiseled, parents should not exercise parenting with an iron fist, according to the Italian philosopher Vincenzo Gioberti .

20. Money does not fall from the trees
. Be careful with always asking for money or they will give you this typical phrase from parents! Although it is always better than a song about saving , as Marge Simpson does:

21. I do not punish my children as they deserve; My grandchildren will do it for me
. There is no harsher judge than a son judging the actions of his father.

22. Parents are the bones with which children sharpen their teeth
Another way of saying that parents prepare us to face what we will find in lifethat awaits us outside, in the real world.

23. A good father is worth a hundred teachers
The knowledge transmitted by the phrases of the parents will never be surpassed by any other teaching.

24. By the time a man realizes that perhaps his father was right, he already has a son of his own who thinks that his father is wrong.
It seems like a cliche: “how right my father was!” .

25. Truly blessed is the man who hears many voices calling him a father.
For women’s rights activist Lydia Maria Child , there is no greater gift than being considered a father to someone.

26. If you can party until 8 in the morning, you can get up to work at the same time
The first hangovers are accompanied by phrases from parents to their children as typical and inopportune as this one.

27. A good father is one who, after a hard day’s work, hugs his children when they get home and becomes a child playing with them
. It doesn’t take much more to make children happy.

28. When I am gone, you will miss me.
How many parents are constantly reminding us that we will remember them only when they are gone
? How dramatic they are sometimes!

29. There is no better tribute to the memory of the father than to nobly imitate his virtues
From him Because after all, as we mentioned above, it is the best way to honor the legacy left by our parents.

30. I have lived a life full of problems, but they are nothing compared to the problems my father had to face to get my life started
. When you think you have problems, you only have to look back and see what they had to face. pass your parents

31. A father is a man who hopes that his children are as good as he would have wanted to be
. With phrases for parents like this, he is urged not to imitate our parents, but to want to improve in what they could not .

32. As severe as a father may be judging his son, he is never as severe as a son judging his father

Enrique Jardiel Poncela used to say that the most severe judges are the children themselves.

33. You will be a good father if you were a good son
The treatment you received as a son will probably be the one you repeat if one day you are a father.

34. The hero’s dream is to be great everywhere and small next to his father
From him A great phrase about Victor Hugo’s parents , which emphasizes the fact that we owe what we are to our parents.
35. A house is indestructible

when it is supported by a brave father, a prudent mother and an obedient son an offense 36. It is not flesh and blood, but the heart, what makes us parents and children

We said before, as the poet Friedrich Schiller affirms , that it takes much more than a blood tie for someone to be considered a good father.

37. A synonym for “accident”
Just because we
talk about phrases from parents does not mean that there can be no room for trolling.

38. Parents have to do a lot to compensate for having children
The implacable Nietzsche, as always , releasing pearls that are uncomfortable to listen to.

39 . I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.
Freud was very clear that the relational patterns during childhood in the primary family nucleus will be repeated when we establish other types of links.

40. I am your father
. What better way to end our parenting phrases with an example as iconic as this one?

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