It is a reality that both humans and machines will be increasingly forced to live together. In its day, the machines were created to make our lives easier and, little by little , they have been assigned more functions than we had originally attributed.
One of the last steps that technology has taken has been the invention of anthropomorphic robots; but the height of the eccentric and twisted has come with the manufacture of sex dolls. These sophisticated robots can interact with people and give all kinds of answers thanks to their artificial intelligence , which simulates the relationship that would be established with a flesh and blood girl.

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A doll sensitive to caresses: Samantha
Dolls like Samantha have outdated the concept of “inflatable doll” as a sexual pastime. The illusion that the sex dolls create is that of a real human being: their shape mimics that of a woman of supposedly perfect measurements (if we look at the measurements considered “ideal”, 90/55/90) and has been created with a skin with a texture reminiscent of the human, thanks to TPE, a revolutionary material with properties similar to rubber , which makes the machine more moldable.
Samantha has an artificial intelligence housed in a small microprocessor inside her head that allows her to issue different responses recorded in a large database. The dollIt can also be activated in three modes: familiar, romantic and sexual, it reacts to touch, to caresses and even to more intimate contacts . In fact, depending on the skill of each user in touching, he can even reach orgasm if the erogenous zones are stimulated (the same ones that a woman would have).
Although for now she has just come out on the market (at the moment, Samantha is only capable of giving very basic answers and always if there has been a previous interaction of the owner); in the future it is expected to create a more modern version that can respond in more elaborate ways.
According to its creator, a native of Barcelona, ​​Samantha fulfills a basic need that human beings have: the search for affection and love. This Doctor Frankenstein of the 21st century expresses his desire that buyers fall in love with his sex doll and, not content with that, he intends to be able to reach a larger public with a cheaper version of his flagship product (whose current price ranges between 8,000 and 10,000 euro ).
If you want to meet Samantha:
Incredible, isn’t it?
Hold on, because what’s happening in the United States with Harmony is crazy.

Harmony, the doll that adapts to the tastes of the buyer
We crossed the pond to meet Harmony, a pioneer doll from the American company RealDoll with the ability to respond according to consumer preferences, adapting to their tastes. The compliant sex doll has an artificial intelligence with which you can talk, which allows her to learn and memorize the key moments of our lives ; creating a threat of relationship and a false sense of empathy or understanding.
For the RealDoll company, the more facts about the owner she learns, the closer she will be to becoming the woman of her dreams. A little frivolous?
Well, there’s even more: compared to the only 3 personality modes that Samantha has, Harmony can be programmed in 18 different personality stylesto choose from, in a range that oscillates between “shy” and “horny”.
Like its Spanish counterpart, Harmony can articulate and change position, allowing the buyer’s imagination to run wild…
According to its creators, the software these robots have makes it easy to create a unique subject that can be adapted to the consumer’s taste. . This would make your product an added value distinguishable from others, since although its production is in a chain, it will be each buyer who decides what use and personality he gives to his particular doll.

Gabriel, the sex doll for women, is on its way
Before anyone says it: no, men are not only thought of when it comes to sex dolls. Women have also been thought of, who will soon be able to dispose of Gabriel,a type of male anthropomorphic robot intended for the female audience.
But it seems that we still have to wait, because RealDoll has only manufactured two of these models , compared to eighteen female ones.
Be that as it may, with this revolutionary business, the debate is more than guaranteed.

In favor of sex dolls
For those who defend the distribution of sex dolls, it is not about replacing women with female-shaped robots, but about a supplement that can help people with relationship difficulties and thus serve as a therapeutic method for overcome the anxiety that interacting with girls can generate in some.
More things, these robots can be a way for thesexual relief of people with chronic contagious diseases ; so that they could have sex with the sex doll without risk of transmission. Contracting a sexually transmitted disease, for example, sometimes means the end of the carrier’s sexual life, so a sex doll could make a difference in this regard.
Another point in favor is that the dolls can be programmed in any other way than sexual (remember that Harmony has eighteen personality traits). It is possible that Samantha or Harmony are simply used as companions for people who feel lonely, not as mere sexual objects. One of these dolls in “family” mode reads stories to the little ones, sings lullabies and even tells jokes, for example.
Those in favor of using these robots argue that they offer much more than simple sexual satisfaction and insist on the idea that they are not seeking to replace relationships with other human beings, only to provide tools to those who find it difficult to open up to strangers.

Many say they have introduced a sex doll in their relationships , turning the doll into one more member that works as a complement that improves some aspects of the bond.

voices against
Not everyone welcomes this new step towards technological progress. According to detractors, the pretext of advancing and inventing new machines can lead to wrong decisions being made that cannot be reversed later. Here the famous saying makes sense: “that something can be done does not mean that it should be done” , appealing to ethical or moral issues that should not be ignored.
And another thing, the voices against sex dolls consider it to be another form of objectification of women. The option of turning them off and on, putting them in one personality mode or another or articulating them at will is but one more way of stripping women of their human condition to use them at will.

Ethics and morals on the use of sex dolls
The controversy is more than assured, what happens to those people who do not like contact with others
? We are not only talking about people who are too shy, but about people who directly avoid it for fear of rejection or mistrust. Can they not enjoy the pleasure of the company of these dolls or relieve themselves sexually if
they do not want to look for sexual partners or pay for sex or that they will unload their anger on them.
However, there is a risk of generating false expectations regarding how women should be treated. The danger of using the same mechanics with women as would be done with a sex doll (without discriminating that one is an inanimate object and the other a thinking and feeling human being), is to assume that, just like a sex doll will never complain , a woman should do the same whenever a man wants to have sex with her and do it as he wants.
We cannot forget that sexual dolls emulate a human form and that, althoughits measurements are unrealistic, it is intended to generate the illusion that it is a living being, hence some may be unable to discern that what they have in their hands does not feel or suffer.
In any case, one cannot make the mistake of judging those who are attracted by the idea of ​​buying a sex doll. After all, what makes one person happy does not have to be the same as another. And, on the other hand, not everyone is given to relating, but that does not exclude that they have something in common: the need to connect and having sexual desire.
After news like this, several unknowns arise: will relationships really suffer
, will our behavior change as technology advances?
And, most importantly, will sex dolls take the place of other people?