They are back in fashion in 2020, although they have never disappeared from store shelves. Women’s sandals are the summer shoes par excellence, those of the summer for us girls. In fact, this shoe transmits freshness and comfort, so we always use it. But sandals are not always appreciated, unless current trends dictate them to the world style. This summer season, on the other hand, proves favorable for this type of footwear, usually male, but which fascinates the female world not a little.

This is the year of sandals , so let’s take advantage of it. There is no shortage of ideas for spring / summer 2020 and the best designers have adapted by giving their name to these “less noble” shoes. It goes without saying that young people love them more than adults and the choice of the best five types of women ‘s sandals this season is aimed at them. 

Low Minimal Sandal

The 2020 sandal will be a comfortable, practical, agile shoe. This is why in many models the heel goes down a lot or disappears completely. The buckles that barely serve to hold the foot in the front and around the ankle are also almost gone.

They are part of this kind of sandal:

  • H&M low to the ground, with very fine ankle laces;
  • Gucci low shot, with almost invisible laces were it not for the double G brand;
  • L’Autre Chose , flat sandals with thin and colored laces;

Minimal Sandal With Heel

Same philosophy, practicality, lightness and simplicity but associated with a minimum of elegance, thanks to the heel that does not disappear. On the contrary, it emphasizes the beauty of a foot that is almost completely exposed.

Sandals of this type are those of the brand:

  • & Other Stories , delicate, with medium heel, neutral color:
  • Bluemarine , black leather sandals, with thin laces and medium-high heel;
  • Zara , with thin black or white bands;

Wide heel sandal

The wide heel that was used in the seventies is back in fashion in some types of spring / summer 2020 sandals. They are footwear with thicker and sometimes even colorful finishes.

For example we have the following models that will be in high demand:

  • Cafenoir , wide heel, important buckles, with bright colors or animal patterns;
  • MiuMiu , wide heel and glitter to always be fashionable;
  • Pellico , wide heel sandals with ankle strap;

Fantasy sandal

Green light to the imagination of the great designers with the craziest ideas to make your sandals original, unique and to be admired.

Among the most beautiful ideas of spring / summer 2020 among the feminine “fantasy” sandals, we point out:

  • Paloma Barcelo , wide heel sandal in wicker or straw braids;
  • Cult Gaia , sandals with a high heel made up of spheres, or stones, glued together;
  • Tommy Hilfiger , sandals in which the buckles give way to fabric bands with fantasy prints, to be tied at the ankle;

Flip flops

The hippie sandal , the one that has always been associated with the beach and the sea, is a very fashionable element this year. The flip-flop must no longer hide, on the contrary, it goes up on the catwalk. It becomes an experimental field of the stylists’ imagination and the ideas are many.

Among the most interesting of this year’s wide selection:

  • Prada, leather thong sandals with a foulard that fastens to the ankle;
  • Zanotti, classic flip flops embellished with glitter flowers but with ankle buckle;
  • Acquazzurra , thong sandal embellished with colorful butterflies, to be tied at the ankle.

Our post dedicated to women’s sandals ends here. In general, the choice is very varied and the possibilities to create top outfits are really simple. So indulge yourself and you will certainly not go unnoticed!