Manolo Blahnik: a brand, a guarantee!

From Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City we received a real urban survival manual. Such as managing troubled men or always having a personal and versatile look. But above all, we know that Mr. Big was not the only person with whom our Carrie made us fall in love, because before him our first real love at first sight were the shoes signed by  Manolo Blahnik .

But what are the sources of inspiration for the genius of footwear? He has repeatedly told of his enchantment of him in finding himself close to a woman when he acquires “courage”, because he is aware that he likes himself, and “a beautiful shoe represents a way to achieve this goal” .

The art form of Manolo Blahnik

Elegant, aristocratic, sublime, full of femininity: these are the distinctive traits of Blahnik shoes that have conquered generations of women and which are distinguished by the skilful combination of classicism combined with a pop contemporaneity. For the 45 years of honorable career of the designer, Cristina Carillo de Arbonoz has created the traveling exhibition entitled ” The Art of Shoes “, the art of shoes, with an exhibition of 212 shoes, of which 80 authentic ones selected from an archive matchless of 30,000 Blahnik models. Among the shoes chosen, also those created for the film Marie Antoinette strongly desired by the director Sofia Coppola.

Between travel and inspiration

De Arbonoz has also divided the footwear into six different sections to enhance the inexhaustible sources of inspiration. A section called Gala, welcomes, among others, the shoes worn on the occasion of the film Marie Antoinette, while another, for example, highlights how different geographical regions in the world have inspired Manolo Blahnik. The other areas highlight the influence of architecture in the construction of shoes, the way in which nature and botany have inspired some creations and the high levels of handcrafted finishing highlighting very elaborately made and particular footwear.

Manolo Blahnik reveals: Italy is the place where his shoes mostly come to life. Only in a country like this, where culture and traditions are still so vibrant, is it possible to find craftsmen who create such exclusive products with such care and dedication. The constructions of his shoes in fact relate to very specific technical aspects and to a craftsmanship among the most accurate in the world.


The first stop of the exhibition will be at Palazzo Morando in Milan from January 26, and then continue to St. Petersburg in Russia in the sumptuous Hermitage Museum, at the Kampa Museum in Prague and will finally stop in Spain where Manolo Blahnik was born, at the Museo Nacional de Artes Decorativas in Madrid.

In 2018 the tour will move to the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. The choice of nations is not accidental but traces the cultures and cities most dear to Blahnik, which have inspired the lines and motifs in each collection. From stilettos, sandals, classic boots, over the knee boots, casual shoes and clutches embellished with jewels, each creation by Manolo Blahnik differs for an absolutely personal style that stands above any fashion of the moment thanks also to the materials used and to the particular shapes of his creations.

In short, a rich and engaging exhibition, which retraces years of fashion, cinema and glamor, through one of the main brands that is marking our century and is helping to outline the history of fashion.