Women ‘s fashion 2021 does not just go through clothes. Make-up 2021 also presents new trends to feel beautiful on every occasion! The new trends have completely changed the nude look , with an even more natural effect.

Does this mean that you will no longer be able to dare? Absolutely not!

Today on Fashionaut we see what are the trends for those who love to dare and what are the colors of the palettes that characterize the first months of 2021!

Make-up: the perfect skin nude look

The nude look becomes a new trend also for the winter period. This type of look highlights perfect and radiant skin. To get it, we start with a natural, almost imperceptible BB cream . An illuminant is then added, which can be in powder or liquid, depending on the type of skin.

Finally, it is completed with a colorless gloss, which can be applied to the eyelids and other strategic points to obtain a luminous effect. The colorless gloss or with the minimum color in light pink, is used to highlight and illuminate the lips , selfie-proof.

Lip make-up trend: lipstick

For those who do not like too naked looks, there is an alternative in the 2021 make-up trends . The secret is to enhance either the lips or the eyes.

The base remains an excellent foundation , the concealer to cover any imperfections and a powder (compact or liquid depending on the type of skin). Lipstick in dark or opaque shades dominates the trends of the beginning of the year.

The best colors are in this case: purple, brown, burgundy, then associated with a matching lip pencil and never in contrast. The lips can also be enhanced with a very interesting sheer finish effect , also seen on the models of the latest shows at fashion weeks.

Make-up: color palette and eye trends

For the eye palette, you can finally dare. Smokey eyes with a grunge effect and interesting make-up are back, also using eyeliner of different colors with geometric patterns.

The palette will be of two types:

  • on shades of brown for a natural effect, to be used for the nude look with gloss;
  • on shades of red and burgundy , to create the most “extreme” smokey eyes;

There are also colored eyeliners , which are used above all if the age allows it. Girls can count on geometric patterns with eyeliner when they go out, or before taking a selfie.

Make-up: eyebrows and lashes

Brows and lashes should be well defined and voluminous. To achieve this effect, eyebrow pencil and mascara can be used. The lashes must also be thick and voluminous to increase the intensity of the gaze. To do this, it is better to use a volumizing mascara , but no false eyelashes, which would make it too artificial.

Make-up: the must-have tools

For make-up , some precision tools cannot be missing in our beauty case. For example, brushes and sponges will be as necessary as ever to give an impeccable look on every occasion. The brushes will be used to spread the eyeshadow, but the brushes for the lips will also play a fundamental role in the rendering of our make-up.

Finally, to get perfect skin, it is advisable to use creams and other skin care products .

Protecting your face from cold and imperfections will provide you with an excellent starting point for a perfect make-up in line with the 2021 trends, which I have proposed to you in the previous lines. 


In this post we have seen all the latest trends related to the world of make-up , which every year gives us juicy news. The goal, as always, must be to maximize our beauty, and make us even more attractive. Obviously everything passes through the expert hands of an MUA, who can surely teach us all the tricks (it should be said) of the trade.