Christmas is one of the best times to feed your cinematic passion. Between more or less profound films there is the possibility to sit on the sofa and never leave. 

The choice is on Christmas films and allows you to broaden your horizons, regardless of the content represented. We move from serious themes to decidedly more irreverent and light plots. It is then up to the viewer’s taste to understand which ones to privilege and which to neglect.

Christmas movies: here is the top 10 of the most beautiful ever according to CineMagazine, in the new post dedicated to Curiosities by our portal.


  • Bastard Santa
  • Elf
  • He Grinch
  • The Chocolate Factory
  • Mary Poppins
  • Miracle on 34th street
  • Christmas holidays
  • Nightmare Before Christmas
  • An armchair for two
  • Mom I missed the plane

Bastard Santa

2003 Christmas movie starring actor Billy Bob Thornton. He plays the part of an alcoholic man who becomes a professional Santa Claus to redeem his life.

He is joined by a nice elf named Marcus , suffering from the syndrome of dwarfism. A nice and irreverent couple whose goal is not so much to cheer the Christmas of children, but to inflate their wallets by robbing shopping centers during Christmas.

This was followed by the sequel a few years later.


Classic Christmas film always dated 2003, where Buddy , the child protagonist, is adopted by a Santa’s elf and then brought back to his 30th birthday in his hometown, New York, to find his lost father during the holidays. The encounter with a decidedly different and alternative world compared to the enchanted reality in which he lived up to that moment makes this film even more fun.

He Grinch

Christmas film from 2000 based on the novel by Theodor Seuss , writer of children’s books. Directed by Ron Howard. In it Jim Carrey is the lead actor who plays the role of the Grinch, who wreaks havoc among humans with his passion for Christmas gifts. But he ends up stealing them from children and disturbing an entire community.

The Chocolate Factory

Vintage film. Released on the cinema scene in 1971 and reappeared in theaters a few years later with Johnny Depp, it deals with the story of five children who travel to the magical imaginary world of Willy Wonka , having access to this particularly inviting chocolate factory. An extravagant world within which there will be the possibility for one of them to be able to use it on a permanent basis as the manager and organizer of this imaginary community.

Mary Poppins

Classic Christmas film by Robert Stevenson from 1965. Although several years have passed since the film premiered, the film is still one of the most acclaimed today , not only at Christmas time.

Mary Poppins embodies that fairy and legendary figure able to fly and descend into the house thanks to her magical umbrella. A magic that captures and gives happiness and lightness to the inhabitants of the Banks house, in particular to the two small children present. Film nominated for 5 Oscars and among the most loved ever for children, but not only.

Miracle on 34th street

George Seaton’s Christmas film in which the protagonist Kris Kringle takes on the role of Santa Claus, despite a troubled experience and a consensus around him that is not exactly unanimous.

The parents of the children he comes into contact with look at him with suspicion and think he is too crazy to be able to take on the role of Santa Claus . A nice comedy where the predominant theme of the protagonist’s fantasy and imagination stands out, which leads him to oppose the mere consumerism, typical of Christmas.

Christmas holidays

The cinepanettoni are among the timeless cult of Christmas films. It all started with that famous Christmas holiday 1983, starring actors of the caliber of Jerry Cala , Christian De Sica, Guido Nicheli, Stefania Sandrelli. Some of these have repeated the feats in the following years.

Carlo Vanzina’s film contributes to launch on the cinema market a succession of films capable of accompanying the Christmas of the 90/2000 generations.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s 1993 Christmas film , in which the protagonist Jack Skellington sets himself the goal of bringing the holiday of Christmas to a dark and hostile country like his, called Halloween, where darkness and terror are the masters.

Will he succeed? Just review the film and everything will be clearer.

An armchair for two

Every 24th December on Italia Uno you cannot miss the fixed appointment with the film “Unachair for two” . More than a classic . A real television ritual on Christmas Eve that accompanies dinners.

Eddie Murphy plays this film dated 1983, in which he plays the role of the bum who one day decides, at the bet of two businessmen of American finance, to play the role of a billionaire in place of Louis Winthorpe III, and thus live the his life, leaving the other on the street. The protagonists in question will thus join forces to make their puppeteers pay for it.

Mom I missed the plane

Mom I missed the plane and one of those movies you have to go through while growing up. 1990 film starring Kevin’s little pest, played by actor Macaulay Culkin .

Forgotten by his family, he will spend the entire Christmas period alone until two thieves decide to ruin his holidays by trying to steal his house. But he will know how to keep them away, showing an unexpected capacity for reaction and action for a child of his age. At times in an irreverent and mocking way for the thieves themselves. A few years later, the sequel was released, which sees Kevin grappling with the same problem, but this time in the sprawling city of New York.

Our post dedicated to the best Christmas movies of all time ends here. See you next time with the insights dedicated to Cinema, by our portal!