There are physical attributes that reveal a lot about the personality of each one. Depending on the shape, size or thickness; others can infer whether we are outgoing or rather reserved.
Has anyone ever heard that depending on how a person’s lips are, we can learn a lot about their seductive facet?
It is true that this part of the body is a fundamental element when determining the degree of eroticism that someone gives off, but , what do the lips reveal to us about the conquering abilities of each one?
And before anyone makes a joke: we are talking about the lips of the mouth .

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What does the shape of the lips reveal
Sexy lips are very pleasant to kiss, but what can you tell about someone according to the type of

? whose shape is reminiscent of the weapon with which Cupid shot his arrows of love), they usually stand out for their high wit, being very focused on life and being attentive to others. They are also characterized by a high motivation to fulfill their own dreams, since they will do whatever it takes to make them come true.

His sensuality lies in his self-confidence and security about his abilities, something that they usually demand of their partners in the relationships in which they embark. If you don’t meet their requirements, forget about them showing you their most sensual facet, because they won’t unless they perceive you as a challenge.

2. Lips downturned
At the other end of the pole, we find people with their lips turned down at the corners. We are talking about very shy people, who prefer not to speak unless asked and keep their opinions to themselves.
Young man with lips tilted down. | Image by: Christiana Rivers.

Their most attractive side is given by their mysterious personality , which makes the most curious feel intrigued by them and are encouraged to take the step of trying to understand them to discover how they really are.

3. Full lips
These are people who give off attractiveness on all four sides without even pretending to be. While the rest of us have to juggle trying to perfect this ability to attract, people with full lips achieve it without problems.
Also, showing their most playful face is an arduous task , so you better work hard.

4. Heart-shaped
lips A heart-shaped lip contour is already something that beautifies the mouth. In addition to this, those who have lips like this are kind people by nature who, at a given moment , are capable of putting their naughty side into practice when they are in bed.
Woman with heart-shaped lips. | Image from: Malvestida Magazine.
If you are lucky enough to have someone like that sneak up on you, you can be sure that you are going to have a great time, as they are experts at being temptingly seductive if they put their minds to it.

5. Thicker lower lip
We hit it off with people who are as strongly independent as they are passionately loving for that matter. They earn extra points because of the value they place on time for themselves. If a person with a thicker lower lip than the upper lip falls in love with you, you will see that it will unleash all the fierceness of her when it comes to sex.
A woman with a thicker lower lip than her upper lip. | Image by: Nick Arnot.
Their confidence in their bodies and skills will transport you to places that not even in your wettest fantasies would you have imagined traveling to. Relax and enjoy.

6. Thicker upper lip
Something really seductive are those lips whose upper part is somewhat larger than the lower part (especially those who have kissed a boy or girl with this portent of anatomy know this). A very characteristic feature is the acceptance by their bodies, in addition to knowing that their lips stand out above the rest.
Two things can happen: they unleash their sexuality in the most unexpected ways that you didn’t even know; or just the opposite , that they be quiet and close to the possibility that they show you their true self. There is no middle ground.

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7. Rounded
lips Having round lips is synonymous with being someone physically and intellectually skilled. His character is that of hard-working people, with a lot of talent and a high creative capacity; three traits that are very difficult to combine in a single individual.
People with lips like that are smart enough not to believe in certain crude tricks to try to manipulate them. Now, if a deep connection is achieved with them, they will not hesitate to show the affection that they are capable of displaying in many ways. 8. Smart, straight and direct

thin lips

. These are the three basic things that could be said about people whose lips stand out for being very thin. They will not hesitate to be frank (perhaps even too much for other people’s tastes) when they do not like something, while highlighting the benefits of what they do like.
Man with thin thin lips. | Image by: Janko Ferlic.
Their disdain for beating around the bush or not being clear makes them not for everyone, so if you’re someone with an excessive tendency to evasion, you’d better stay away from thin-lipped people ; Well, on a sentimental level, you have little to do with someone like that.

9. Wide lips
These people are distinguished by their affective nature, since if we had to select three adjectives for them, they could well be affectionate, sweet and dedicated by nature.
His sexy character is due to his potential to make others feel that they are safe when they are by his side and that they can forget about their worries. Now, this love professed by people with wide lips, will demand loyalty in return and will not tolerate having their trust broken.

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