The most famous yellow family on television has been giving us great times for 30 years. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t know by heart at least one joke of any of the Simpsons characters?
Although they have been showing signs of needing a well-deserved rest for a long time, it was thanks to the acid humor that Matt Groening knew how to capture in his creations ( let’s not forget Futurama either), which laid the foundation for the creation of many subsequent animated series.

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The 5 main characters of The Simpsons (and the most beloved)
In case there is someone who still does not know them (something very difficult, but everything is possible in this life), the main core of the Simpsons is made up of: 1. Homer
The head of the family and backbone of the series, on whom most of the humorous moments falls.
Homer is the son of Abe, a lover of traditional American values, and Mona, an activist against the status quo who would abandon him when he was very young. In high school he would meet Marge, with whom he would fall in love and with whom he would end up dating. Despite some difficult beginnings, marked by economic difficulties, the couple managed to recover and had three children. It is to Homer that we owe some of the most hilarious gags of The Simpsons. 2. Marge
Dedicated wife of Homer, fond of painting and who had to give up her dream in order to support the rest of the clan. Marge has tried several jobs, including as a security supervisor at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant or a member of the police force, although she has never managed to prosper in any of them, always having to return to housework. Of all the characters in The Simpsons, Marge is probably among the most sensible, although she too has shown signs of a certain amount of madness from time to time. 3. Bart
Firstborn Simpson, always looking for new trouble to get into. Troublesome student at school, he isa specialist in getting on top of Principal Skinner and his teacher, Edna K ; not to mention the trouble it causes his long-suffering parents. He is friends with Milhouse, and on occasion, with Nelson Muntz, the misfit thug from Springfield. 4. Lisa
The middle of the three Simpson children, two years younger than her brother. Endowed with an intelligence above the average for children her age, the precocious Lisa discovered her special sensitivity for her arts when she learned to play the saxophone from a very young age . A lover of all living creatures, she has been a convinced vegetarian since the seventh season; and she has never given up her ideals or her ethics. 5. Maggie
The youngest of this charismatic trio is the baby of a few months, Maggie. She has barely uttered a word throughout the fiction, but she is one of the most recognizable main characters of The Simpsons, especially for the characteristic noise of her constant sucking on her pacifier .
We remember with special affection that episode in which Homer tells us about the night Maggie was conceived and we are left with how her reaction was when she found out that the family is going to add a fifth member . 30 Other Simpsons Characters We’ve Met (And Loved)
Springfield is a melting pot of the most diverse inhabitants. Let’s see what secondary luxury accompany the Simpson quintet. 6. Abraham “Grandpa” Simpson
Homer’s father. Abe was forced to raise him when his wife left them both to go fight for his ideals. Currently, he lives in the ‘Springfield Retiree’s Castle’ residence, along with Jasper and other elderly people and, very occasionally, he enjoys a little company with his family.
Despite his cantankerous and sometimes intractable behavior, Grandpa Simpson is a source of wisdom who likes to tell anecdotes from his youth , as he has been present at the most notable events of the 20th century. 7. Ned Flanders
The Simpsons’ next-door neighbor, a devout Christian who lives with his two sons (Rod and Todd) and who is widowed in the eleventh season. Good-natured, Homer has always put his patience to the test.(and has kept a few of his tools), but Flanders has never held a grudge against him. 8. Patty and Selma Bouvier
Marge’s twin sisters, older than her. Selma does not find love (and there are already a few failed relationships with several of the most colorful Simpsons characters); while Patty ended up coming out of the closet, something that was already coming.
So alike and at the same time so different, there is something that unites them more than her eternal bachelorhood: her eternal hatred of her brother-in-law . 9. Moe Szyslak
Manager of the bar that Homer and his co-workers frequent. It is in this unhealthy place that some of the funniest plots of the series have been forged.Poor Moe hasn’t had any luck in love either, probably because of his poor ability to relate to women and his unattractive physique. 10. Barney Gumble
Regular parishioner of Moe’s bar, inveterate drunk without trade or benefit and winner of a film festival held in Springfield. On one occasion he was about to travel to space, but because of his addiction he ended up staying on earth . 11. Lenny Leonard Currito from the Springfield nuclear power plant, inseparable from Carl Carlson, with whom he forms one of the most curious duos in the series . Both he and his friend try to advise Homer with the dilemmas that arise, but they have not always been able to find the best solutions.12. Carl Carlson
Lenny’s friend and co-worker of him and Homer. The three of them are often seen hanging out at Moe’s Tasca or bowling after work. In various chapters we have been given to understand that Lenny and Carl are “something more than friends”, something that has not been confirmed… Will this question ever be resolved
? cradle and despot with his workers, he is the oldest in all of Springfield: no less than 104 years!
Does anyone remember his obsession with Don Mattingly’s sideburns? 14. Waylon Smithers, Jr.
Personal assistant to Mr. Burns, owner of one of the largest collections of ‘Stacy Malibu’ dolls in the world. Everyone knows the blind devotion that Smithers feels for his boss.
As a curiosity, Smithers appeared in the first episodes colored brown. Some time later, he already presented the typical yellow that has always characterized all the characters of The Simpsons (at least the Caucasians), something that puzzled the audience. Why? According to Matt Groening said in an interview, the day he went to present the vignettes for the screening, he ran out of yellow ink to color Smithers and had to use another color. 15. Milhouse Van Houten
Bart’s soul friend, the son of separated parents who will have to deal with the problems of a broken family and the consequences that this has for his self-esteem. Although he has tried by all means, there is no way he can win Lisa’s heart . 16. Nelson Muntz
Abuson of Springfield Elementary School and, for a short time, Lisa’s lover. Nelson comes from a broken home, in which he has grown up without a strong father figure and with a neglectful, alcoholic mother. 17. Seymour Skinner
Director of the school, always afraid of the unexpected visit of Superintendent Chalmers, very critical of his management. This Vietnam veteran will live a tortuous relationship with Edna Krabappel,who reproaches him for the unhealthy relationship he has with his mother, Agnes. 18. Willie
The school’s maintenance man. Willie is a Scottish immigrant (with a strong accent if you listen to him in the original version) who came to Springfield looking for the American dream, to end up living in a dilapidated cabin on the same land where the educational center stands . 19. Julius Hibbert
Family doctor of the Simpson family, very professional in his work and endowed with a high IQ, which has earned him a position in the prestigious Mensa group. Despite being one of the most brilliant Simpsons characters (alongside Lisa or the comic book clerk),The doctor. Hibbert has a huge flaw, and that is that he always laughs at the least opportune moments . 20. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon Another who traveled to the Promised Land was Apu, from a small town in India . Had the unpopular ‘Act 24’ been passed, Apu would have been kicked back to his land, but luckily he was able to settle in Springfield when it was struck down. After an arranged marriage with Manjula (and various problems conceiving afterwards), the couple had no less than octuplets. 21. Miss Edna Krabappel
Bart’s main teacher, very dedicated to the education of her students, for whom she is able to give up the search for her love.Carefree as herself, she has no problem smoking during class or admitting she has a hangover if she had too much to drink the night before. 22. Agent Clancy Wiggum
Chief of the Springfield police, although not for that reason the pride of the body. However, the endearing Chief Wiggum and his incompetence have given us some hilarious gags : 23. Ralph Wiggum
Only son of Clancy and Sarah, Ralph studies in the same class as Lisa. He is an introverted boy with a great inner world, since he is not among the most popular in the institute due to a character not very given to socialization. Despite that, Ralph is happy in the cloud about him. 24. Miss Elizabeth Hoover
Second grade teacher, friend of Edna K. After so many years dedicated to teaching, Miss Hoover has lost motivation and cares little about the results of her students . 25. Reverend Timothy Lovejoy
Pastor of the Protestant church in Springfield, married to the alarmist Ellen (“Is no one going to think about the children
”). Reverend Lovejoy is a specialist in delivering absolutely tedious Sunday sermons that put everyone to sleep . As if this were not enough, he has to deal with phone calls from the religious Flanders, obsessively concerned with fulfilling all the precepts of the Bible. 26. Fat Tony
The underworld of Springfield is controlled by the Fat Tony clan, who goes by the name of Anthony D’Amico. And there is no shady business in which this Italian-American and his henchmen are not linked in some way : rigged boxing matches, legalized gambling or horse betting; all this with the police turning a blind eye to the succulent bribes with which Fat Tony rewards them. Believe us when we tell you that there are no more dangerous Simpsons characters. 27. Kent Brockman Channel 6 newscaster, the most followed news in Springfield, which is not exactly the most rigorous. In fact, Brockman is characterized by giving his personal opinion on some issues, in addition to his constant brawls with the program managers. 28. Krusty the
Clown Professional clown who has his own hit TV show, very popular with the kids of Springfield; What’s more, among the members of his fan club are Bart and Lisa . Krusty has starred in some of the best episodes of the series, like when he was accused of a robbery that he did not commit, when the Simpson children reunited him with his father or when he faked his death. 29. Bob Terwilliger (“Supporting Actor Bob”)
Krusty’s regular collaborator who longed to have his own show due to the few minutes he had on screen. Envious of Krusty’s success, Bob set a trap for him to be put in prison and thus become the presenter of the television space, but the two Simpson brothers guessed his intentions and managed to stop him. Since then, he has been in and out of prison several times for trying to kill the one who has always stood in his way: Bart . 30. Melvin Van Horne (“Supporting Actor Mel”)
Another regular contributor to the Krusty show, whose appearances are limited to a few sketches in which he is ridiculed. However,Mel is actually a cultured man full of wasted talent, known for his comments, loaded with obviousness about what is happening. 31. Joe “Diamond” Quimby The corrupt mayor of Springfield, whose administration is marked by public waste . It is known that Joe Quimby, in addition to being a recidivist infidel, has had dealings with the gang of Tony “el Gordo”, although that has not prevented him from being re-elected on several occasions. 32. Hans Topo
Of the Simpsons characters with the worst luck, Hans Topo is the king. Often, aged and with obvious vision problems (which has played very bad tricks on him),Hans Topo has the strange virtue of always being involved, or being the cause, of situations that would cost any of us our lives . But not him, because Hans Topo always reappears. 33. Kang and Kodos Pair of alien brothers who appear especially in the Halloween specials . From their spaceship, Kang and Kodos are able to observe everything that happens in the city of Springfield, which they have tried to colonize in many episodes without success.

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