Eyeliner is perhaps one of the most complicated objects in a cosmetic bag to put on, but at the same time one of the most desired. It almost seems like a birth gift to be able to put on eyeliner perfectly without looking like a panda, but it is not so.

We are talking about the must-have accessory of a beauty case , but if choosing it is already difficult, learning how to spread it is even more so. The errors can be the most disparate. Cola, we put too much, the line is crooked, or still the line is straight, but the eyelid is drooping and therefore it is crooked anyway.

First of all we need to find the one that best suits our needs. With a fine or thicker-tipped brush, in paste to be spread with an angled, felt-tip brush. The last frontier is even a sort of stampin or, to create the famous tail that comes out of the eye and that few are able to achieve.

8) Panda effect

This is no good for anyone. The panda effect is when you wear two thick, smooth lines on both eyelids. That is, both on the upper and lower rhyme. Much better instead to blend them both and make them less clear. There should always be a visible space of skin between the fixed eyelid and the eyeliner line.

7) Small eyes

Another mistake. If you have too small eyes, the mistake that can be fatal to your beauty is to make a nice circle of eyeliner around the whole eye. Both above and below. This will make it even smaller. Much better to opt for the line only above and above all well shaded . Instead, playing with dark eyeshadows in the outer corner to try to widen the look.
In the photo, the actress who plays Sansa in Game of Throne, she has very small eyes and this makeup doesn’t do her justice.

6) It is forbidden to pull the skin

It is a gesture that comes naturally to many, that of pulling the eyelid outwards to create the line. Nothing could be more wrong, in this way the line will not follow the natural shape of the eye and when you go to release it will certainly not be as you imagined it. Rather it is better to test several times, but for a better result the eyeliner should be applied without almost touching the eye.

5) drooping eyelid

If your problem is a droopy eyelid or a so-called hooded eye, you will have to opt for a shorter line, which ends at the exact end of the eye. At most sketching a slight tail upwards. Also avoid lines that are too thick. For you the right line would be the inter – eyelash , to be made with the tip of a pencil, very well tempered.
This in the photo is the example of a bridle.

4) Eye that tears

Do you have an eye that tears a lot is your problem and then you find yourself black under the eyes after a while? The solution that will solve all your problems will be to buy a waterproof pencil or eyeliner . If you are not happy with this kind of product because it is difficult to clean, choose the hardest black pencil you can find. To spread it more easily, just heat it slightly, breathing on it.

3) Net lines no

Keep in mind that an eyeliner spread in a simple straight line is almost never good. Rather, it is better to apply a pencil to then blend with a brush or soften the line by making it come out with a well-made tail out of the eye. The cut lines at the end of the eye stiffen the look and do not give beauty to the face.

2) Unequal lines

You are committed, you have finished applying your eyeliner perfectly, but when you move away from the mirror, you look at yourself and you realize that they are unequal. If they are not too thick already, compensate for the one that is left thinner. Otherwise, take a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and remove the excess from the thickest line.

1) Perfect pencil

And finally the advice that should be the first. The pencil must be sharpened to perfection and to do a good job it must be a good product. Otherwise you can use ink brushes or otherwise even a black eyeshadow, spread with the tip of an angled brush, slightly wet.