Are you at home and boredom consumes you
? Is it raining and you don’t feel like going outside
? Or are you just watching the weekend go by unnoticed?
We propose an original way to have a good time: play one of the following games for two people.
If you lack a partner to recruit, you can turn to your partner or a friend who has run out of plans and who wants to play one of these two-person games. May the best win!

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5 Board games for two people
For those who are looking for forms of traditional entertainment, we offer the most mythical and fun board games for two people.

1. Cluedo
The detective Cluedo includes a variant of this game for two people, without the need for more participants, as it used to be played traditionally. If we have not bought the version of the game that includes the pertinent modifications so that only two players can play and we have the classic version, even with this one, designed for at least three people, we can adapt it for two.
Who killed Doctor Black and with what weapon
? Did the murderer use the secret passageways of the mansion to mislead

him about his crime? 2. 7 Wonders: Duel
The 7 Wonders saga has several installments already. In Duel, the mechanics of this board game is to become the governor of an entire civilization . How to achieve it
Taking advantage of the natural resources offered by the land where we will later build powerful structures that allow us to conquer other territories with our powerful armies.
Although it is a board game for two people, 7 Wonders can be played by up to 7. Each game lasts about 30 minutes , so if in this time none of the players has overcome any of the 3 missions that proposes the game, the winner will be the one who accumulates the most points. In addition, it can be played by anyone over 10 years old.

3. Mr Jack
Created in 2006, Mr. Jack soon became a board game classic, winning the International Games Award for best strategy game for 2 people (2007) and the Jota Award (2008). As in the previous case, it is a game for two people and lasts 30 minutes per game.
If you know the story of Jack the Ripper, this game will put your detective nose to the test. The mechanics is that one of the players must play the role of the famous murderer, whose real identity will be that of one of the eight characters on the board.
What should he do
Without revealing the truth to the other, flee through the streets of Whitechapel and avoid by all means being discovered?, defending himself against the accusations. On the other hand, the second player will be the investigator of the case and must unmask the murderer.
Who will win: the cat or the mouse?

4. The War of the Ring
Fans of the Tolkien Universe are in luck, because they have the opportunity to immerse themselves in Middle-earth, while they enjoy playing The War of the Ring.
In this fantastic game of two people (up to a maximum of four) and lasting 180 minutes per game (almost the same as Peter Jackson’s movies!), you can choose between the side of the Free Peoples or the Dark Forces , led by the fearsome Sauron.
The mission of the side of the Light must desperately search for the Bearer of the Ring, who is secretly heading towards Mount Doom. Meanwhile, they have to fight the armies of Mordor, who march all over the map trying to conquer most of the Free Peoples in order to win the game. Whose side are you on ?

5. Monopoly
What better way to distract ourselves during a Sunday afternoon by playing a game of Monopoly
Although it is designed for more people, you can perfectly play two. Of course, the duration of the games will be a little longer, but the rivalry will increase and you will not be able to stop until you have left your opponent bankrupt and you keep all the properties you can.
Monopoly is a timeless classic that never fails to entertain, but never fails to create disputes. Beware of your greed

5 Games for two people online
If you don’t have board games at your fingertips or you’ve already played them all, you can also opt for these online games for two people!
Fortunately, new technologies also have hobbies for all tastes , thanks to mini-games like the ones we present below, very easy to learn to play and with very simple controls.

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1. Globe Switch
You can enjoy this futuristic game with another player that will allow you to play from the same computer keyboard. If you prefer, you can also join forces and compete against the machine.

In G-Switch you will have to run and jump through the different obstacles that appear on the screen, in order to reach the goal, but be careful: gravity can change direction!

2. Crazy Zombies
The end of the world has come and only you two are left! Your mission in this exciting online game for two will be to try to survive the hordes of infected people who want to hunt you down to eat you.
Luckily for you, your characters can dish out a good amount of kicks and punches, as well as being equipped with sharp katanas . As you progress, you will be able to increase your combat skills .
Good luck!

3. Heads Arena: Euro Soccer
Choose one team each from the twelve available, select your star player and play matches or tournaments 1 on 1. When you’re tired, nothing happens: you can recruit two more people to play 2 against 2.

4. Soccer Sumos
Another variant of online soccer games for two players is this hilarious proposal, in which you will have to make these atypical soccer players (in reality, they represent sumo wrestlers),collide with each other to move the ball and score a goal.

5. Super Smash Flash
We finish our list of games for two people online, with a classic arcade, starring the best characters from the Nintendo factory: starting with the most famous virtual plumber in the world of video games, Mario; in addition to Peach, Sonic or Pikachu, among others .

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