In the social world , it is not very common to judge a person by appearance and for this reason to be influenced in the choice of friendships and romantic relationships.

In the virtual world this happens every day through what we show about us but above all what we decide to use as an image on our social profile .

How many of our friendships have profile pictures with a dog, making a face or a flower? All these photos indicate different personalities all easily identifiable through the choice of photography.

Hardly a girl of less than 20 years will be portrayed with a child in her arms, while she who is over 30 certainly has more than one. Why does this happen? What character does the choice of profile picture indicate? Can you guess the age of the subject?

11) Duck mouth photo

Let’s start the roundup of profile images with the most posted selfie in recent years: with your mouth closed like a duck or a hen. Probably the girl in question has no idea that this pose has been considered of dubious taste for some time now. In this case, the selfie with the mouth in this position turns out to be really of little class and probably the subject in question is certainly not a very refined soul. If you really want to show your lips in the foreground, it is better to show off a beautiful smile than improbable faces.

10) Photos with the dog

The first thing to think about is looking at the profile photo of a girl with her dog and that she is a tender and sweet woman. In reality, those who use this type of photo for the social network have a vision of the couple relationship in which it is she who commands. With this type of girl, the man will be forced to obey and in return will receive a lot of pampering. Just like a four-legged friend!

9) Photo with a child

It is difficult to find the profile photo of a teenager with a child, in fact, the girls who use this type of photo have now reached the threshold of 30 years . Whether it is the grandchild, the neighbor’s child does not matter, for some the biological clock is stronger than any alarm clock. The desire to build a family is also evident from the social profile photo.

8) Photos in which and with friends

A totally different case from the previous one and the one in which the girl in question used a photo in which she is portrayed happy among her friends . From this decision you can immediately understand that she has an extroverted character and that she is a lover of fun and parties . It can turn out to be a perfect company to smile more between a mundane event and another.

7) Photo from behind

The profile photo taken from behind can be interpreted ambivalently. The first case is the one in which he wants to perform in an artistic way , the second is that he has decided to put himself on social media because he could no longer do without it and really made an effort . It is difficult for him to accept strangers among his friends.

6) Nice photo

Also for this profile photo we have the possibility to be faced with two options. Probably the girl in question does not like herself very much and she hides her shyness of her through the joke. Or she is pretty, she likes herself and she manages to be nice too. In both cases: a woman who is easy to fall in love with .

5) Photo with hidden face

The profile photo with the face hidden or cut in half identifies a somewhat bohemian character but also attentive to the most evocative and sought -after images in the social field. In this case the girl could turn out to be very interesting with a very particular vision of lifeā€¦ or perhaps too particular for many!

4) Photo with a flower

Usually women who have crossed the threshold of 50 years but do not want to be cut off from the virtual world and the social process, use a photo for their profile of a flower. A delicate and elegant choice that represents a woman who is certainly nice and willing to make new virtual and non-virtual friends .

3) Costume photo

Unlike the profile picture with the flower, the people who use a photo in which they are portrayed in costume are very young and dynamic. Attentive to line and shape, they can’t wait to portray the hard sacrifices in the gym and at the table.

2) Photo with the face in the foreground

The profile photo with the face in the foreground is synonymous with safety and liking each other. The girl in question finds herself beautiful and she is not afraid to prove it publicly.

1) Photo with boyfriend

Tender and in love with a clear warning: she is engaged and there is no other man but hers! Now to discover the different personalities, as well as looking at the length of the fingers, observing how he sits, we could also browse on his social profile!