Everyone likes to be able to smell good to feel comfortable with themselves and at the same time give a good image to others. If you are also a lover of good perfumes, you will like this article.

Along the following lines we are going to show you a list with phrases of perfumes that you will find really interesting. If you are looking to express something and the right words do not come out, surely with the following phrases everything will be much easier for you.

25 short perfume phrases

As the best perfume professionals at  https://www.pacoperfumerias.com/ tell us , the best perfumes are always offered in small bottles. We can transfer the same thing to the world of phrases. Sometimes we can say very interesting things without going too far. Some examples are the following:

  • Her perfume is a sweet promise that brings tears to my eyes.
  • Fashion and perfumes are two pillars in pursuit of seduction.
  • Perfume is like love, just a little is not enough.
  • A woman’s perfume says more about her than her handwriting.
  • The invisible accessory for any garment is perfume.
  • The perfume lives in time; He has his youth, his maturity and his old age
  • He was prepared for everything except that perfume.
  • The perfume announces the arrival of a woman and cheers her departure.
  • A woman without perfume is a woman without a future.
  • There are fresh perfumes like baby meat, sweet like oboes, green like meadows.
  • She comes and then she goes and I wouldn’t know she was here if it wasn’t for her perfume.
  • One of the things that are never forgotten are the smells of the first perfumes.
  • Smell is our great ally to remember things.
  • A woman uses a scent to reveal her personality.
  • The perfume is like a parenthesis, a moment of freedom, peace, love and sensuality among the problems of modern life.
  • There are perfumes that always smell like memories.
  • There is nothing like feeling the perfume of that special person when they hug you.
  • There are perfumes that leave aroma and many memories.
  • The orchid at night hides the white of its flower in its perfume.
  • I like people whose talent shines through in rare and precious moments, like ancient perfumes.
  • Sometimes I want to ask you things, and you intimidate me with your eyes, and I return to silence infected by the shy perfume of your roses.
  • Love gives itself as a flower gives its perfume.
  • The flowers that are there and the perfume that they have nobody knows them.
  • A perfume communicates and its essence is the eloquence of your feelings.
  • We choose the perfume that gives you note and tune to shine with greatness.

15 phrases to give a perfume to a man

If you plan to give a perfume to a man and you want to succeed with the gift, it may be a good option to accompany the gift with one of the following phrases:

  • Like a musical chord, every perfume contains four essences or notes, carefully selected for their harmonic affinity.
  • The perfume lives in time; it has its youth, its maturity and its old age.
  • There is in the perfume a force of persuasion stronger than words, the flash of looks, feelings and will.
  • With this gift I not only give you a perfume, but also a message that you must decipher.
  • The one who always smells good doesn’t smell good.
  • The perfume gives the final touch to elegance, a detail that subtly underlines the look, an invisible extra that completes the man and his personality.
  • The perfume opens infinite horizons. It appeals to both the senses and the imagination. As an enchantment, it works on an instinctive level and at the same time is extremely subtle.
  • A man who does not know what perfume to wear is a man who does not have any kind of decision.
  • A perfume is an intimate object, it is the reflection of the heart.
  • A good friend is like a perfume, if it is original, you will always feel its presence. If it is false, you will feel it only for a while.
  • You will rise like a stormy wave in the river of my verses, and I will not wash the traces of your perfume from my hands.
  • You always live, my soul, in my memories of love, like the perfume in the flower.
  • Hide me so the world doesn’t guess me. Hide her resin from me like the trunk, and let me perfume you in the shade, like a rubber drop, and soften you with it, and the others don’t know where your sweetness comes from…
  • Your love was my perfume, my hope, the novel of my soul, my joy, when you told me: my poet, they flooded me with light and poetry.
  • Her perfume, her accent, a tear of hers that quenches my thirst. Oh, if the smoke would end, if the wind would return, if you, once again, were you again!

5 Carolina Herrera phrases about perfumes

If you like Carolina Herrera perfumes, surely the following phrases will be of great help:

  • The invisible accessory for any garment is perfume.
  • And now that I return to my past, I feel a perfume, remote softness; and I already understand, Lord, where it springs from: that I had my forehead on your side.
  • A woman’s perfume says more about her than her handwriting.
  • I don’t understand fashion without beauty and perfumes.
  • The woman only has one defect: she does not recognize how valuable she is.

5 Coco Chanel phrases about perfumes

One of the most important perfume brands today is Coco Chanel. This brand is so recognized that there are currently many phrases dedicated to perfume. We present them below:

  • Perfume is something invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory
  • Perfume is a reference brand, perfume makes silence speak.
  • A woman without perfume is a woman without a future.
  • I invented it taking for granted that everything I didn’t like would have an opposite that I would love.
  • How many worries disappear when you decide to be ‘someone’ instead of ‘something’