It’s official. 20th Century Fox has published the trailer for ‘The King’s Man’ , the title that will receive the long-awaited prequel to ‘The Kingsman’ that will be released on February 14, 2020. Once
again, the film is written and directed by a regular of the saga: Matthew Vaughn . This time, the film stars Ralph Fiennes, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Gemma Arterton. On the other hand, the official poster of the film is also available, which reveals the release date.

What was ‘The King’s Man’ about?
The argument will focus above all, and from what little we have been able to break down from its trailer, on the origin of the British espionage agency Kingsman. The film will be set during the context of the First World War (1914-1918) and will have as its main character the young soldier Conrad (Harris Dickinson), who will be recruited by the Duke of Oxford (Ralph Fiennes), in the creation of a group of special agents covered by the government for high-level missions.
This first mission would have to do with trying to unmask a league of international criminal mindswho want to provoke the outbreak of a great war that ends with millions of people, for the conspiracy of conspiracy plans for the future of the most important European powers on the continent.
Fiennes and Dickinson in ‘The King’s Man’ (2020) | IMDB

The beginnings before the end
It was only a few months ago that the rumor spread about this prequel and we were all a bit surprised, since the ‘Kingsman’ franchise already had a first installment and a sequel, what made sense was to see that trilogy conclude and not come face to face with a film about the origins of the agency.
Apparently, and due to the speculation that there was about whether Taron Edgerton (‘Rocketman’) would play Eggsy again or not in a conclusive third installment. There were many doubts that the actor was going to say that, in fact, at first it was thought that he would not be counted on: this information was finally denied.
Therefore, it would not be surprising that perhaps Matthew Vaughn (‘Kick-Ass’), to cover his back, wanted to make a prequel as a conclusion to the trilogy, in the event that he could not record that third installment of the franchise. It also seems that the filmmaker enjoys dealing more with the origins of sagas, rather than carrying out their sequels , as happened with ‘X-Men: First Generation’ (2011).

The cast
This prequel to Kingsman, meaningfully named ‘The King’s Man’, will have a 100% English cast as we discussed in its day , counting, in addition to Finnes (‘The Red Dragon’) and Dickinson (‘Trust’) , with Oscar nominee Djimon Hounsou (‘Breaking the Rules’), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (‘The Outlaw King’), Charles Dance (‘The Imitation Game’), Daniel Bruhl (‘Eve’), Gemma Aterton ( ‘Byzantium’), among others.
This installment will undoubtedly be much darker and more serious than the first ones, in which the parody of the spy subgenre itself deepened; Vaughn has already confirmed that he wants the film to have a solemnity because of the historical context he is trying to elevate it to the 007 films.February 18, 2020, which is more than indicated both at the beginning of this article and on its poster:It’s time to expect less than we thought.

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