The drafting of emotional content is a demanding activity: if you have already tried this task, you will have noticed that it is not at all easy to be able to involve readers without resorting to a style that is not too artificial. Indeed, one where you need to succeed and establish an emotional connection with your readers . This is a decisive factor for any text on the web, and even more so if your goal is to sell something or in any case to encourage those who read you to take an action. Giving life to an emotional involvement, thanks to the creation of emotional content, is not easy , especially because at the same time you have to make sure that those texts are also useful, relevant, informative and original.

Not just lyrics

But then, who said that it must only be texts? Even videos and images can play a role of primary importance from this point of view. The written contents are impressive, of course, but the saying according to which a picture is worth a thousand words is certainly not accidental. The emotions you must try to arouse, of course, must be good emotions, so that the reader is willing to establish a connection with you and with what you represent, whether it is your business as a professional or the brand for which jobs.

The value of words

The words of an emotional text must be chosen with the utmost care to represent an effective Digital Pr tool , regardless of whether you are writing a landing page, a blog post or a message aimed at a DEM campaign. As always, however, the starting point of your work can only be represented by an in-depth knowledge of your target: your audience , in short.

What feelings do you have to arouse

Fun and happiness are, without a doubt, two of the most important feelings you need to focus on. In many cases, web users share content simply because it elicits a laugh. Attention, however, because there is also the opposite side of the coin that must be taken into consideration: often the contents that give rise to negative feelings , such as fear or perception of danger, but also sadness, are often shared. for bad news or even anger. Now do you understand why you can’t help but know accurately the typical reader your messages are aimed at? Only in this way can you be sure to involve the public.

Know your audience

Before devoting yourself to the editing of emotional content you must ask yourself what can involve your readers from an emotional point of view: that is, what can make them angry, can scare them, amuse them more, and so on. At that point you can move on to the next step, which concerns the construction of a real storytelling . For this purpose, there are some precautions you should take into account: first of all, you must only write about topics in which people can recognize themselves or which in any case are close to their everyday life.

Come fare storytelling

Storytelling is the key to access content capable of triggering emotional involvement. The writing techniques suggest to highlight the point of view of the author on the topics covered: for this reason you should try, as far as possible, to tell experiences in which you have been the protagonist or in any case situations in which you have been personally involved. Suppose you have to talk about a product to promote : it is clear that if you want to convince people to buy it you have to explain the reasons that prompted you to produce it or, perhaps, how its use has changed your life for the better. This fosters engagement. Don’t be afraid to give your opinion, even in a decisive way: you will attract all those who are reflected in your words.