An itchy scalp is a problem that can create extreme embarrassment, as well as a series of consequences that are difficult to manage. This is due to the fact that, indulging in it and scratching it can make the situation worse, causing a lot of damage to the skin and hair. It is actually a rather widespread nuisance, which can affect both men and women alike and, among other things, it is not even easy to diagnose, because it can depend on different types of causes. On the basis of the latter, then, it is possible (indeed, desirable) to choose the most suitable remedy to have hair always at the top .

The causes of itching in the head

What are the main causes of itchy scalp? Let’s find out together!

  • Dry scalp : In most cases, the reason behind the itchiness is excessive dryness of the scalp. This can be seen, for example, by the presence of white dandruff, but not to be confused with the yellow and oily one that can be a symptom of other types of ailments. Unfortunately, excessive dryness can lead to a very advanced flaking of the leather, sometimes with the birth of annoying lesions.
  • Infections or inflammation of the skin : the skin of the head can be prone to inflammation or infections that can cause severe itching. In the first case, for example, we are talking about a problem such as psoriasis or dermatitis (also known as eczema). In the second case, however, we speak of infections such as mycosis.
  • Allergic reaction : some products may contain elements that the skin does not tolerate and in these cases an allergic reaction develops with consequent itching. Also pay attention to the fact that the use of aggressive cleansing products can be doubly harmful, in fact irritating and drying the skin, making itching worse.

The remedies and good habits to combat itchy scalp

Here are the remedies and good habits to follow to combat the itchy scalp.

  • Use a suitable shampoo : As mentioned above, it is always best to avoid harsh cleansers. Especially if you suffer from sensitive skin, and in particular in periods of greater physical and mental stress, it is therefore advisable to prefer a shampoo oil such as the one for dermatitis and to forget the excessively foaming products, which can dry the skin.
  • Resorting to calendula infusion : calendula is a plant known for its soothing properties , excellent for calming the itch in the head. It can be found in the form of creams or dyes and is also very useful against inflammation and irritation of the scalp.
  • Peppermint oil : this time we are talking about an excellent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, but it must be used carefully, because if used in excessive quantities it can even prove aggressive. Also be careful to always combine it with other types of oil at the time of application, so that these can soothe its excessively inflammatory properties. So just mix a few teaspoons with olive oil and leave it to act for a few hours before rinsing, you won’t regret it!
  • Wash your hair after sweating : after sweating, it is always advisable to wash your hair: if the sweat is not removed, it tends to settle on the scalp, creating a film that prevents the skin from breathing and therefore leading to annoying irritation resulting in itching.
  • Less stress : the last tip is to avoid any possible source of stress, because this state can cause problems and itchy skin. So relax more and find your way to release daily tensions, whether it is sport or yoga, it doesn’t matter, perhaps accompanying it to a more balanced diet that also includes drinking plenty of water.

By following these tips, it will be possible to calm the itch to the point of completely curing it.