If you like being scared here we bring you a selection with the best terror and horror series of all time . You will find series that marked a before and after in this terrifying genre that hooks millions of people every year.
If, on the other hand, you don’t get along with suffering watching a series, the scares that make you jump out of your chair or you have trouble sleeping after a horror session, better avoid any of these series at all costs.

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The best horror series
As you can see, in this list of the best scary series in history you can find series of different types. Some more aimed at the horror subgenre, others are references in terms of giving scares , some are more realistic, others more fanciful or supernatural…
Choose the one that best suits your needs as a series fan, but all of them must be seen for all that person who proclaims himself as a fan of terror, fear and horror.

10. Tales from the Crypt (1989)
Known in Latin America as Tales from the Crypt and in Spain as Stories from the Crypt is an HBO series based on a homonymous comic book saga from the EC Comics company.
A series classic for those looking to unearth one of the best terrifying series of all time.

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9. The Strain (2014)
Despite having an A rating (rather than A), The Strain caused a stir when it came out. His first season charmed critics and viewers.
Unfortunately, this high was short-lived for most and only a few continue to follow this series as it was in its early days. Those who do it, assure that it is one of the best series of the moment. And it is not surprising, since one of its producers is Guillermo del Toro.

If you like vampire stories, but from a perspective far from what we are used to , it is very possible that you will love it.

8. Dark (2017)
We are still waiting for the second season to come out, which started shooting in 2018. A super productionRecorded in 4K with 10 chapters in its first season that have been successful . Without a doubt, an unmissable horror series that has not earned a higher position for having only one season.
Time will dictate if it is really worth putting it in higher positions or even making it the best horror series of all time.

    7. Stranger Things (2016)
    This series had to appear because it has become one of the great successes of television and Netflix , both within the genre and in series in general.
    It draws a horde of followers and its actors have catapulted to fame. In fact, if it doesn’t rank higher on our list because it’s not too scary, let’s face it. That yes, it is a very good series with a rather dark atmosphere.

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    6. Black Mirror (2011)
    We know that it is not a series of terror and horror to use, but if you have ever seen any chapter, you can perfectly understand why it appears on this list.

    Black Mirror is a difficult series to classify , but without a doubt, it awakens the deepest fear that exists within us for the future, technology and self-destructive human nature.
    Independent chapters of medium duration (1 hour) that tell self-conclusive stories, all of them being the reflection of a future not so far away as to feel like we are seeing fantasy, but close enough to rethink certain things and feel afraid of what may happen.

    5. Goosebumps (1995)

    Any millennial knows this horror series from the 90s. Although it has a somewhat more childish audience than the rest of the scary series present here, this one had to appear since it is an anthology of world-famous stories.
    Known in other countries as Nightmares. This series marked the childhood of many of us and will be a good recommendation for those who want to have a good time.

    4. The Twilight Zone (1959)
    It is also known, depending on the country as The Twilight Zone or On the Edge of Reality. The longest series on this list that was issued from 1959 to 1964. It is part of one of the classics and has been a benchmark that has been taken into account decades later until today.
    With only5 seasons that bring together 156 episodes is one of the best rated series on the IMDB portal (with a score of 9 based on 53,000 scores).
    Each chapter tells a different story. If you like the idea but are looking for something more current , you can resort to the most modern adaptations that receive the same name but were launched in 1985 and 2002; although many critics assure that they are not so good. Perhaps it is simply nostalgia for the terror experienced.
    A complete example of a chapter, you can see them all on YouTube:

    3. Hannibal (2013)
    Despite being a somewhat pretentious series (at some point in its last season) and perhaps having a somewhat hasty ending, it does not stop taking away the must title
    This horror and crime story tells of the relationship between the famous Hannibal Lecter and a young FBI investigator, Will Graham.

    2. The Walking Dead (2010)
    With 115 chapters (and those that remain) is today one of the longest-running series in the horror and fear genre.
    If it stands out for something, it is for its incredible cliffhangers, for the unexpected deaths, for a desolate and post-apocalyptic environment and, of course, for the scares; many scares.
    That yes, we must warn, if you expect a series with a complex plot and with a great evolution, this is not your series . It can be said that it is a series based on chronicles where the grace lies in contemplating the survival of its characters, without expecting much more.

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    1. American Horror Story (2011)
    If we place this series as one of the best scary series in history, it is precisely because it offers everything a series fan can look for.

    Each season is a completely different story (although there is some common point of low relevance to understand the season in question). With different styles all of them but very effective.
    A scary series 100% adapted to current times and tastes that will get its viewers hooked without any doubt. Below is the trailer for its first season:

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