Jim Belushi: bio of the American actor

He made the legend with the Blues Brothers Band , but today the younger ones remember him for the television series “According to Jim”. A complete and eclectic career, that of Jim Belushi , lived under the sign of a famous brother who died too soon. From that brother and that experience, however, Jim inherited an approach to the world of entertainment that is very human and different from the crowd.

His companion in adventure for many years was Dan Aykroyd , with whom he continued his personal art of comedy . He has never reached planetary levels of success, but his name is known and appreciated everywhere equally. A low-key star who knows how to entertain and knows how to manage her career intelligently.

Jim Belushi has been married three times . With Sandra Davenport for eight years, between 1980 and 1988, with which he had his son Robert; with Marjorie Bransfield for only two years; with Jennifer Sloan from 1998 to 2018, with whom she had children Jamison and Jared.

A comedy born of pain

James Belushi was born in Chicago in 1954 to parents of Albanian origin . He has an older brother, John, who is already a star before his twenties and who drags him along the path to success. John himself founded the jazz band The Blues Brothers together with his friend Dan Aykroyd, in which the young Jim will also participate. The skill as musicians and as comic actors is highlighted during those concerts to the point of making the three artists famous throughout the United States.

Unfortunately John dies of an overdose at the height of his career and this pain will mark Jim for life. For a while he abandons the show, then goes back a bit quietly with small parts to the cinema. Slowly, however, his comic prowess re-emerges from the ashes and his career inevitably smooths out in front of him.

Cinema, television and music

At the cinema Jim does not appear in the film The Blues Brothers (1980) but in a small part also in Una Poltrona per Due (1983). He also attempts a career as a dramatic actor in a film by Francesco Rosi ( Forget Palermo , 1990) but it is only in the comedy that he feels fulfilled . So he will never abandon the genre, neither in the cinema – Mr Destiny, A promise and a promise, The wheel of wonders, A 4-legged policeman – nor on television, with the successful series “According to Jim”. In total, his film and television participation is endless, and he features in over 60 films and as many television shows.

But Jim Belushi has never forgotten his beginnings. The music is in his blood of him, like the memory of his brother and the times of the Blues Brothers. In his career there are three CDs: 36-22-36 , the soundtrack of “Life according to Jim” – a series of tracks under the title According to Jim , and the collection Have Love Will Travel , which also features the contribution of Dan Aykroyd. He even participated in a friendly way in Zucchero Fornaciari’s music video for the single Per Colpa di Chi” .

Jim Belushi’s career: movies and TV series

Here is Jim Belushi’s entire career in TV and cinema.


  1. Fury, Regia of Brian De Palma (1978)
  2. Violent Roads (Thief), by Michael Mann (1981)
  3. One Armchair for Two (Trading Places), directed by John Landis (1983)
  4. The Man with One Red Shoe, directed by Stan Dragoti (1985)
  5. Salvador, directed by Oliver Stone (1986)
  6. About Last Night … (About Last Night …), directed by Edward Zwick (1986)
  7. Jumpin’ Jack Flash, regia di Penny Marshall (1986)
  8. Little Shop of Horrors, directed by Frank Oz (1986)
  9. The Principal – Una classe violenta (The Principal), directed by Christopher Cain (1987)
  10. Real Men (Real Men), by Dennis Feldman (1987)
  11. Danko (Red Heat), Regia at Walter Hill (1988)
  12. Who is Harry Crumb? (Who’s Harry Crumb?), Directed by Paul Flaherty (1989) – uncredited
  13. A 4-legged Policeman (K-9), directed by Rod Daniel (1989)
  14. Homer & Eddie, region by Andrey Koncalovsky (1989)
  15. Forget Palermo, directed by Francesco Rosi (1990)
  16. Filofax – Taking Care of Business, directed by Arthur Hiller (1990)
  17. Masters of Menace, directed by Daniel Raskov (1990)
  18. Mr. Destiny, regia in James Orr (1990)
  19. Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe, regia di Damian Lee (1990)
  20. Dear Mum, I’m Married (Only the Lonely), by Chris Columbus (1991)
  21. Diary of a Hitman, by Roy London (1991)
  22. Curly Sue, by John Hughes (1991)
  23. Seven criminals and a dachshund (Once Upon a Crime…), directed by Eugene Levy (1992)
  24. Traces of Red, by Andy Wolk (1992)
  25. Last Action Hero – John McTiernan (1993) – Cameo
  26. Mister Destiny (Destiny Turns on the Radio), regia di Jack Baran (1995)
  27. Operation Canadian Bacon (Canadian Bacon), directed by Michael Moore (1995)
  28. Separate Lives, directed by David Madden (1995)
  29. Race the Sun, directed by Charles T. Kanganis (1996)
  30. A promise and a promise (Jingle All the Way), directed by Brian Levant (1996)
  31. Don’t Touch the Past (Retroactive), directed by Louis Morneau (1997)
  32. Living in Peril, directed by Jack Ersgard (1997)
  33. Gang Related, by Jim Kouf (1997)
  34. Sex & Power (Wag the Dog), directed by Barry Levinson (1997) – cameo
  35. Game with Destiny (The Florentine), directed by Nick Stagliano (1999)
  36. Triple deception (Made Men), by Louis Morneau (1999)
  37. A 4-legged Policeman 2 (K-911), directed by Charles T. Kanganis (1999)
  38. Return to Me, regia di Bonnie Hunt (2000)
  39. Joe Somebody, by John Pasquin (2001)
  40. A 4-legged Policeman 3 (K-9: PI), directed by Joel Bergvall (2002)
  41. One Way Out, directed by Allan A. Goldstein (2002)
  42. Easy Sex – Forbidden Game (Easy Sex), directed by Chris Iovenko (2003)
  43. Dysenchanted, directed by Terri Miller – short film (2004)
  44. Behind the Smile, regia di Damon Wayans (2006)
  45. Underdog – Story of a True Superhero (Underdog), directed by Frederik Du Chau (2007)
  46. The Ghost Writer, directed by Roman Polanski (2010)
  47. Cougars, Inc., regia di K. Asher Levin (2011)
  48. New Year’s Eve, directed by Garry Marshall (2011)
  49. Thunderstruck – A fulminating talent (Thunderstruck), directed by John Whitesell (2012) The Secret Lives of Dorks, directed by Salome Breziner (2013)
  50. Home Sweet Hell, regia di Anthony Burns (2015)
  51. A Double Truth (The Whole Truth), by Courtney Hunt (2016)
  52. Undrafted, directed by Joseph Mazzello (2016)
  53. Katie Says Goodbye, regia di Wayne Roberts (2016)
  54. The Hollow Point, royal by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego (2016)
  55. Sollers Point, directed by Matthew Porterfield (2017)
  56. A Change of Heart, regia di Kenny Ortega (2017)
  57. The wheel of wonders – Wonder Wheel (Wonder Wheel), directed by Woody Allen (2017)


  1. Working Stiffs – TV series, 9 episodes (1979)
  2. Beware of the boys – TV series, 11 episodes (1978-1979)
  3. Laverne & Shirley – TV series, episode 8 × 09 (1982)
  4. My Classmate (The Best Legs in the 8th Grade), directed by Tom Patchett – TV movie (1984)
  5. Royce, directed by – TV movie (1994)
  6. Sahara, directed by – TV movie (1995)
  7. Total Security – TV series, 13 episodes (1997)
  8. Who Killed Atlanta’s Children, directed by Charles Robert Carner – TV movie (2000)
  9. ER – Doctors on the front line (ER) – TV series, episode 7 × 10 (2001)
  10. I’m with her – TV series, 1 episode (2003)
  11. Perfect… but not too much (Less Than Perfect) – TV series, episode 2 × 21 (2004)
  12. According to Jim – TV series, 182 episodes (2001-2009)
  13. The Defenders – serie TV, 18 episodi (2010-2011)
  14. Show Me a Hero – TV miniseries, 6 episodes (2015)
  15. Good Girls Revolt – serie TV, 7 episodi (2015-2016)
  16. Twin Peaks – TV series, 6 episodes (2017)