That Anthony Hopkins is good at practically any role, there is no room for doubt . It is something that we already saw when he played the cruel and intelligent Hannibal Lecter in ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ (1991), when he managed to win the Oscar for best actor, in ‘The Wolf Man’ (2010) or in the spectacular ‘Legends of passion’ (1995).
This time we see him in the trailer for what has become his new movie, entitled ‘The Two Popes’, which will be officially released on the Netflix streaming platform on December 20, 2019 , although it previously had a limited release. in theaters at the end of November.
It is a film directed by Fernando Meirelles (‘The Faithful Gardener’ or ‘City of God’), andIt presents us with the relationship between the last two Popes who have officially directed the Vatican: Benedict XVI (masterfully played by Anthony Hopkins), and then Cardinal Bergoglio -current Pope Francis- (played by Jonathan Pryce).
We would therefore find ourselves with two different ways of looking at the world, but which end up converging on the same path, given that Bergoglio ended up replacing the first.

Trailer for Netflix’s ‘The Two Popes’
On this occasion, and unlike the Pope introduced to us by Jude Law in the series ‘The Young Pope’ (by HBO, whose second installment has just released a trailer), we find ourselves before a story based on In real facts, which is presented with a serious tone, taking care of the almost perfect characterization of the two characters in detail, in one of the stages that has been considered by many experts as one of the most delicate in the history of the Vatican.
In fact, we can see how the trailer begins with a pleasant conversation in which the Beatles are the protagonists.

Plot of ‘The Two Popes’
The script has been written by Anthony McCarten (‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ or ‘The Theory of Everything’), in which he tells us how Bergoglio (the current Pope Francis), when he was still a cardinal, asked the Pope Benedict XVI permission to withdraw from public life, something that happened in 2012 .
However, Benedict does not want him to leave his side, since he has become one of his harshest critics, and therefore, he needs him in the midst of one of the most delicate moments in the history of the Vatican (and of the Vatican itself). Catholic Church itself).
For all these reasons, he ends up giving an appointment to the one who in the not too distant future will become his successor, in order to entrust him with one of the great secrets of the institution . A secret that, if known publicly, would shake the foundations of the Catholic Church. Thus, throughout the film the crisis that Catholicism is currently experiencing will be discussed, and how the sexual abuse of minors has ended up having a negative impact on this religion.
It would be, as we see, a new Netflix movie that, in addition, seems to become one of the most controversial.
As we have told you, the film will be officially released on Netflix on December 20, 2019 , although a little earlier, at the end of November, it will have a limited release in theaters. And, in addition, it will have a special presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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