Skiing in the USA: 5 destinations for professionals, intermediates and beginners

We often think of the United States of America ( here the guide what to see in New York ) when we dream of the beaches of California or when we are seduced by the idea of ​​a coast to coast by car, perhaps because the film culture made in USA has us especially given these ideas and travel ideas.

Living them all is undoubtedly a good idea but let’s not forget that the boundless spaces of the United States offer many other opportunities for unforgettable travel experiences and among these there are also skiing and snowboarding.

In general, all of North America, that is, the United States and Canada, is a varied territory rich in mountains and snow-capped peaks for most of the year; moreover, these areas contain some of the most beautiful and efficient ski areas and equipped facilities in the world, suitable for professional skiers but also for those who are beginners and take their first steps on the snow.

Today we will show you 5 of these structures, between the United States and Canada, where you can go this winter, to enjoy the snow and your favorite sport but also to get to know these territories through winter trekking with expert guides

But before leaving, here are 3 little preliminary tips to make the trip more pleasant and complete:

  1. Starting with all your ski equipment can be complex, but it is possible (and wise) to organize a package shipment to the United States with just a few clicks in order to find your equipment ready and waiting for you when you arrive.
  2. North America is vast and wonderful: hiring a car in the USA to combine skiing with a wider tour of the territories is a great way to make your trip truly unforgettable. Also consider the idea of ​​spending a week in the US and one in Canada, informing yourself of the necessary permits and visas.
  3. Always choose slopes and activities suited to your level of expertise: do not do the phenomenon, or you will ruin your holiday.

And now, ready to go!

New York, Whiteface Lake Placid

In the state of New York is this ski resort suitable for a vacation with multiple travel objectives. If for you or for someone in the group it is the first time in the United States, it is possible to make a first visit of a few days in the Big Apple, and then move to Whiteface Lake Placid, perhaps by renting a car, as we suggested at the beginning. In this area, in addition to enjoying the best slopes in the state, it is also possible to join organized groups to go trekking in the wonderful lake area.

Colorado, Aspen Highlands

Those who ski for passion certainly know the beauty of Aspen, at least by reputation. In reality Aspen is an unmissable destination for winter sports for several reasons: it has perfectly cut slopes on different levels, allowing maximum safety and fun for beginners, intermediates and advanced; the latter can get their adrenaline pumping on the “Highland Bowl”, one of the most demanding ski slopes in the world. Secondly, here are some of the most sophisticated lifts and lifts in the United States, not to mention Aspen itself, with a vibrant and sumptuous social life, full of entertainment and attractions. It must be said that Aspen is not affordable for everyone. Better Know.

Stowe, Vermont

“The people who meet here in this romantic place are mesmerized by the lovely breezes and refracted light of the snow, as well as the Vermont moonlight . “

We don’t say it, Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin sang it , giving life to an ancient folk song.  

The Stowe ski resort is spread over the two peaks of Mount Mansfield and Spruce Peak; the cable cars and ski lifts that connect the two mountains will give you a panoramic view that will certainly make you think of the jazzed song by the two great artists. This place is particularly suitable for beginners or intermediate skiers, since over half of the slopes are just for this type of user. In addition, excursions are organized daily to visit the beautiful nature and the surrounding villages.

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

We always remember that if the United States is a great dream for everyone, Canada is now universally considered one of the most beautiful, hospitable, clean and civilized countries in the world. Coming to North America and not making a trip to Canada is a real shame. A few kilometers from Vancouver is the Whistler Blackcomb, a structure that enjoys one of the largest snowboarding slopes in the world. A super winter trip idea could be spending a week here enjoying our favorite sport and then moving to Vancouver and visiting one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Big White, British Columbia

Despite the incredible and exciting vertical drop on the slopes, the real attraction that brings hundreds of visitors here every year to Big White are the illuminated slopes that make it one of the most graded (and suggestive) night skiing areas in North America. In addition to sophisticated lifts and routes more suitable only for truly experienced people, here it is also possible to see some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world, with light refracted on the snow and ice of the cliffs. Big White is a super efficient place during the day, but that becomes magical at dusk.