It seems that the news is true: Dani Rovira will record his next feature film project in the US , he will also be accompanied by his fellow actor, Quim Gutierrez. Disney is behind the project and it will also have a top-grossing North American cast: Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock (‘The Skyscraper’), Emily Blunt (‘A Quiet Place’), Jesse Plemons (‘Fargo II’), Edgar Ramirez (AmericanCrime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace’), Paul Giamatti (‘Billions’).

What do we know about Jungle Cruise
Apparently, the movie, ‘Jungle Cruise’, which would be based on the Disney attraction of the same name, would follow the following plot line: “Frank, captain of a ship, takes his sister and brother on a very dangerous mission through the jungle in search of a tree that is said to have healing powers. They will have to face wild animals and another expedition (of Germans, the new Russians of the 21st century) who also want to reach the tree.”
The film giant has once again resorted to a strategy that worked for it (incredibly well, it would be an understatement) back in 2003 with Gore Verbinski’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ (‘The Wellness Cure’. I also tried (without the same result) with ‘
The Haunted Mansion’, also that year, despite having the comedian of the moment: Eddie Murphy (apparently the Johnny Depp-Orlando Bloom tandem worked much better for them). , it seems that he has decided to bet on Johnson’s cache, taking into account his good star for projects (unimaginably profitable) such as ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’ (2017), or ‘A spy and a half’ (2016 ), along with the other comedian of the moment: Kevin Hart (‘The Upside’).
According to Forbes magazine, Johnson is a money-making machine; he is not only one of the highest on the list, but he is the highest earner last year . Probably the tendency to the mathematical equation, if it has a certain coherence and is not so crazy with certain actors and actresses of great edge, Robert Downey Jr. ( Avengers: Endgame ) or Jennifer Lawrence ( The Hunger Games ) would play in this league .
Dani Rovira, cast member of ‘Jungle Cruise’. | Assigned.

Dani Rovira: What does he paint in this cast
It seems quite likely that the introduction of an international cast will have some coherence, where Rovira and Gutierrez will probably act as Spanish tourists on the expedition. This decision would also help win the Spanish box office, a really clever move.
Although the actor from Malaga had already participated in an American project with Cameron Diaz (‘Sex Tape. Something happens in the cloud’)and Jason Seagel (‘The Last Tour’), ​​so it would not be the first time that the comedian has been immersed in an international project with a large production company behind him, although it will be interesting to see how he moves outside his usual area.
And who is behind the cameras
? Well, another Spaniard: Jaume Collet-Serra (‘The Passenger’), known for his films with an international cast and with the Irishman , Liam Nesson (‘Revenge Below Zero’, ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs ‘, ‘Widows’), almost always leading the cast. Another great decision, taking into account that the Catalan, gets big blockbusters in his work.

Release date
Will there be a happy conjunction of stars with ‘Jungle Cruise’
We will know this 2020.
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