The trailer for Fortnite season 10 is
finally released . “The world is destabilizing,” they say, and it is that in this new season, Ground Zero has become a volatile place. In short, more content and more fun for the most played battle royale in the world.

What’s New in Season 10 of Fortnie
As expected, the new season will be packed with new features. We review them all.

One of the most striking is the introduction of GROSS, a huge ‘Titanfall’-style vehiclewith an amazing destructive capacity. It is a two-player weapon that can make huge jumps and break materials and buildings in a matter of seconds. One player assumes control of the movement while his partner is in charge of firing the grenades and missiles.

Battle Pass: Missions and Rewards
Of course, there will be a new Battle Pass and a new unlockable character for those who reach level 100: Ultima Knight . To reach the last level, the game offers us missions: different objectives that reward us with battle stars and exclusive skins.
What does not change is the preview of the pass: 950 turkeys to unlock 100 levels and 100 rewards. In this sense, the trailer shows us some of the new skins:
All the news in season 10 of ‘Fortnite’. | Epic Games.
As for the graffiti, this is the complete list that we can unlock:
New Fortnite graffiti in season 10. | Assigned.
On the other hand, the game will grant a reward for Victoria Royal : an umbrella according to the theme of the season:
Reward umbrella for victory in season 10. | Assigned.

New map
Finally we have an image of how the map will look in the season. As we can see, there is a new point of interest in the central area, crossing the river from Tilted Floors in the direction of the desert area. It could be Polvorin Polvoriento, a location that we had already seen in previous seasons.
Fortnite season 10 map. | Assigned.

Creative mode
For the regulars of creative mode comes the Advanced Storm Controller , an object similar to the battle royale mode with which we can generate up to 10 waves or create a multiphase storm. Also comes the Advanced Storm Beacon to customize and set the number of controller phases. As if that were not enough, we will also have a weapons-free zonein which the use of objects will not be allowed.

Save the world
For the story mode there are also news. First of all the mission ‘ Go!’ : In the company of three other players we will help Quinn to reach the radio station so that he can share the song of the summer. All aboard a hover van and fighting four random targets. The Heroes will have the Caped Star
available in the store , ideal for the ninja and his ability to throw ninja stars and smoke bombs. Other news
Finally, the loading screens would also have been leaked: Loading screens
in season 10 of Fortnite. | Assigned.

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