Love is a feeling that can rarely stay within us, we have to transmit it, say it out loud, making the other person know how important it is to us. But sometimes, being able to get the exact words is somewhat complicated, because love is difficult to explain , and even more so if it is as big and beautiful as the one you feel. For this reason, we are going to help you with these short and beautiful phrases of love, so that you can dedicate a few words full of emotion, meaning and above all, a lot of passion. It does not matter if it is that special person that you want to be by your side for the rest of your days, or that boy or girl that you like and want to conquer, these phrases will be perfect to make whoever you want fall in love.

In this list of short phrases of love, you will find up to 50 different ways to tell your partner what you feel for her, being able to choose the one that best suits the situation you are experiencing. Being short, you can put it in a WhatsApp status, as a publication on Twitter or even on Instagram or Facebook, you will see that this person will also show you all her love.

beautiful love phrases

  • I’m going to steal as many minutes as possible from time, so I can be with you forever.
  • As my love none is known; It doesn’t fit inside the soul or the heart and it doesn’t fit in this universe either.
  • Your eyes are ruby, your sweet emerald lips, but the best of everything you have, my love, is where your back ends.
  • Your eyes are bright, you are the whole universe for me, now I understand everything, I know why I wanted to be an astronaut.
  • We think with our brains, with our lungs we breathe, with our feet we walk, but with all my passion and my heart I say “I adore you”.
  • I would like to be able to talk to you, I would like to be able to look at you, I would like to be able to hug you, but what I would like most would be to be able to kiss you.
  • This street is a garden and the women in it, the roses; and I, my love, as I am a gardener, I choose you, as the most beautiful.
  • Your face fresh as the majestic dew, your fingers caressing my hair feeling the awakening of happiness, your eyes looking at mine loving us to the end.
  • I love you as if you were a God to whom I owe all existence; As if my heart walked just for having you.
  • You should be called Alice, because you must be from Wonderland.
  • What is my favorite book? I’m writing it with all the conversations we have.
  • Look what a coincidence, that I found myself on a par with you and with love.
  • You’re so sweet and you’re so hot, I think I’m getting fat.
  • I want you to caress my skin, to fill me with happiness just by looking at you, I want to tell you that I will love you forever, I really want you…
  • If I spent all the time I spend imagining myself studying with you, I think I’d get honors in all my subjects.
  • Blue is beautiful, so is red, but there is nothing more beautiful than the color of your eyes.
  • I can’t resist anymore, and if I don’t tell you, I’ll burst: YOU ARE THE PERSON I LOVE MOST IN THIS WORLD.
  • Just looking at you makes me invincible.
  • Who was a writer to write you a book of love, but since I’m not, I dedicate my heart to you.
  • We have the most beautiful record in the world, that of loving each other.
  • I do not regret anything in this life, only not having met you before.
  • You are the only person capable of making me happy even in my worst moments. I don’t know how you do it, but you always make me smile, even if I was devastated a minute ago.
  • You have two options when you see me, either you give me a kiss, or I give it to you, you choose.
  • I ask myself every day how I have been able to live so many years away from you, now it seems impossible to me, because ever since I met you, if I don’t see you for more than 24 hours, I begin to lack oxygen.
  • You know? You may not have been my first love, but I assure you that you will be my last.
  • We have lived thousands of adventures, and I know that we still have a lot to live.
  • I’m sure we’re made for each other, we have similar tastes, and you’re also the best thing that’s ever happened to me, I’m glad I finally dared to confess it.
  • The only thing I ask of life every day is that it allows me to always be with you.
  • It’s funny how you have changed everything in me and in my way of seeing the world, now you are the center of everything.
  • I think that one day my heart will explode from loving you so much, because it seems incredible to me that every day I love you a little more.
  • They say that chocolate is sweet, because it seems salty to me after trying you, sweetie.
  • I prefer a minute by your side, than all eternity without you.
  • The hardest kiss is not the first, but the last one you give.
  • I do not pretend that you die for me, but I do hope that you live by my side.
  • The world collapses with wars and we tend to fall in love.
  • Jealousy, that dangerous explosive mixture of love, greed, hate and pride.
  • Friendship can often turn into love. Love in friendship… Never.
  • Today I love you more than yesterday. But if yesterday I loved you too much, imagine how much I will love you tomorrow.
  • In jealousy we find more self-love than love.
  • I want a passionate kiss, one of those flavored with I Missed You So Much.
  • I know you love me very much, perhaps as I love you, your eyes tell me, that without words express, the love when you see me arrive with you.
  • Since I met you so long ago, my soul has not found peace, you have become an obsession, a part that was missing from my heart.
  • Seeing you lights up my face the second, you are a gift to my life, the desire to get ahead in this cruel world.
  • The hours to see you again, my love, seem eternal to me, you have done something to me that I don’t know, but the air I breathe has become secondary to me.
  • It is difficult to say everything that I love you, with just a few words, since my love for you is infinite, and impossible to quantify.
  • Seeing you again, after so long, has opened a wound that I thought was closed, I see no, that I never stopped loving you, despite time and distance.
  • It wasn’t your body, what I liked most about you, it was those big eyes, which remained engraved in my soul and with which I fell in love.
  • There is no secret formula to determine the success of our love, we just know that it is beautiful, pure and of one heart.
  • Since I saw you for the first time, I knew that we would be together forever.
  • Let’s leave aside the game of looks, if we know that there is an attraction, I fell in love with your honey-colored eyes, I hope you give me the opportunity to get to know you well.

Phrases of love to fall in love

Every once in a while we have felt love knocking at our door, a feeling that gives us wings, that makes us feel graceful, because love is wonderful, especially when the person to whom we profess that love also has it for us. U.S. It is something magnificent and very beautiful, that is why we are going to give you the possibility of dedicating these  phrases of love to fall in love , which will serve so much for that girl or that boy that you like so much or in case you want to show love again to your partner. You just have to tell her that you love her and tell her that everything will be fine and that you will always be together enjoying a love as pure as yours.

I hope you can enjoy as we have done writing these beautiful love phrases, with which you can express everything you feel on your social networks by sharing them freely or adding an image for your boyfriend or girlfriend, and we hope that this feeling will help you. always accompany you and smile at you.

Beautiful love phrases for lovers

  • I’m not looking for you to become as perfectly as possible. I am looking for you to be yourself, who I fall in love with and who makes me happy every moment of my life. I’m not looking for perfection, I’m looking for you to be, and so I’ll find you perfect.
  • A simple minute, a simple touch of skin, a caress, a kiss, a look or even a silence from you… Whatever you want… but please, the only thing I ask of you is that you never leave.
  • I never thought that I could find a woman as incredible as you, with whom I could share all the sorrows and joys, dreams and goals… now I will not feel alone anymore because I have found the best travel companion that a person as I could have wished.
  • Life is missing in my life, light is missing in my life, someone is missing in my life and that someone is you.
  • Many men say they have seen angels, other miracles they have seen, but only I have known paradise, when I am by your side.
  • With you, life has invited me to be happy, it has encouraged me to smile every moment, to see that life has millions of reasons why I should live it. Life has offered me a reason, it has put you in front of me.
  • My loneliness died in your arms, my misfortune in your kisses, and I hope that this new love never escapes from our interior, let’s live it again tomorrow.
  • I know that I am going to make many mistakes, and that even at times I will seem ridiculous to you. I know I’m not good at making women fall in love, but I just never fell in love. Now that you finally exist in my life, I will do everything possible because you see that I will always take care of you as you deserve.
  • It’s funny how we change over the years, but the feelings we have for certain people never do.
  • I try to get closer, but you run away. You are like an elusive butterfly. I don’t want to catch you in a net, I just want to see you for how beautiful you are.
  • What if we give ourselves some time? For example, you give me your present, and I give you a precious future… How precious life could be if you were willing to let me make you happy and share my wishes with you.
  • Sometimes, we would love to hold hands and meet that person we love so much, but we can’t… and we have to settle for a simple message that shows our feelings. Remember my love forever, don’t forget my name, because everything I’ve loved you you won’t see in another man.
  • You must know that you have totally made my day, and it has been quite easy for you since you have achieved it just by passing in front of me this morning. You are the best thing that has happened to me, and it has already been impossible to take the smile off my face, so thank you very much, and if you want… we could repeat it daily.
  • They say that the light of the moon illuminates the entire earth, but nothing else that illuminates me, your eyes when they look at me.
  • If you were ever accused of murder, you have to know that the victim was me, because your looks took my breath away.
  • My heart is big, but very few people will have a hole in it. I count on my parents, my siblings, my family in general, my best friends, and I will leave everything else for you. Stay with me my sky.
  • Who is the reason for my happiness? Who gives me so much energy to write with joy? Well, only you, my life.
  • I would love to be able to give you everything you want, to be able to buy you a castle, to be able to bring down the moon from the sky… I would really do anything for you, even the greatest madness. At the moment I will start giving you a red rose every morning, with it I will show you that you are my goal in life, and that I cannot continue without you.
  • Last night I asked an angel to come and protect you while you slept. After a while he came back and I asked him why he had come back…An angel doesn’t need another to protect him, he replied.
  • If you have called me it will be because you want to see me again, if you call me tell me that it will be the same as yesterday, if you call me please tell me what you think of me, if you call me say that you cannot live without me anymore…. call me please.
  • A thought can last a whole day if that thought is you; Every day the same thought can hold my mind if that thought is you. I need you like I have never needed someone before because you have conquered my heart.
  • I hope that in another life I am embodied in your sighs, in your tears and in your sorrows, to comfort you in your most difficult moments of loneliness.
  • The sun could be clouded forever; the sea could dry up in an instant; the axis of the earth could break like a weak crystal. Everything will happen! Death could cover me with its funereal crepe; But the flame of your love could never go out in me.
  • Dance, through my affections, of intense love and late dreams, dance with me, together in this thing called passion and tastes like love.
  • I hear you everywhere I go, I see you everywhere, but, although it is not possible for you to be everywhere, in my heart I always carry you with me.

Nice phrases to show love

The best  phrases of love to fall in love  that we have shown you are useful both to share them on social networks, and to say them to someone you like and want to break the ice. In fact, there are many people who seek to fall in love in chats or in other rooms and places such as WhatsApp groups, among others, where you can show that love so pure that you have and that you are wanting to share with someone.

It is also important that you do not just say the  phrase to fall in love  or love as if nothing, you have to create a nice, pleasant environment, so that everything is much better. You can, for example, write the phrase of beautiful love in a note, putting a little perfume that you usually use, so that when he reads it, he also feels your presence thanks to this fragrance, or you can even write it on Facebook along with a song that you have They both liked it, and even put it in a good morning love message, something that will surely make them very excited about being able to get up and when they open their eyes, the first message they are going to read is yours, wishing them one of the best good morning of your life with one of these phrases of love.

Short love phrases for boyfriends

As you have seen in the previous short and beautiful love phrases, you will have a choice to be able to send them to that person you like so much or even to add these love phrases to WhatsApp. We assure you that the other person will be delighted with the message you want to convey, since they have a very beautiful and pure meaning, achieving from the first moment that you discover that what you feel inside your heart is something sincere, beautiful and that the love moves you at all times.

These phrases that we have written specifically for someone like you, in love and wanting to show your love, are just a small selection of all the ones we have for you, and ideal to write in small notes, however, if what you want is dedicate something more extensive to it, we also have long love phrases, or of another nature, such as friendship, reflective or motivating, if your partner or the one who aspires to be has something important on their hands and needs all your support.