There are questions that do not have an easy answer, and some of them trigger a debate so extensive that they deserve the label of “existential questions”. How many of them have crossed your mind?

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24 existential questions that will keep you awake at night
Here are two types of existential questions: those that humanity has always tried to solve and those that you can ask in a relaxed atmosphere and that are, a priori, quite stupid. 12 deep existential questions
These questions can not be resolved in a Sunday after-dinner, and it is that philosophers and scientific experts have spent all of history trying to find the answer. 1. Does God exist?
Some say yes and others no. Particularly, I am inclined to think that so far we have not found solid evidence of his existence. 2. Are we really free
One of the most complex existential questions, and it depends on what you understand by freedom. Some say that man is born free and is chained as he grows older . Work, partner, bills… 3. Is there life after death No one has returned to resolve this issue , but it is not entirely ruled out that there is something beyond death. Religions have always tried to give an answer to this question. 4. What is the meaning of life
This may be the most repeated existential question in history. Does life make sense or is life meaning itself Perhaps none of this makes sense.
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Some would say that it is the sheer will to maintain a sexual partner, but those of us who have been in love at some point agree that it is much more. Although we don’t know what . 6. How the Universe was formed
With the great expansion known as the Big Bang , it is clear. But, what caused it
? What was there before
? Eternal nothingness ? 7. Is the Universe real?
That leads us to the question of whether the very existence we live is real . ‘Matrix’ is a trilogy that deals perfectly with this theme. 8. Who am I? Nothing further than oneself. Although it seems simple, it is a very good existential question.9. What is the secret of happiness
? If we knew it, we would all be the happiest in the world. It may be that happiness is subjective and is within each one. For me, happiness is pizza. 10. Is it possible to find perfection No
matter how hard you try to find perfection, there will always be someone better than you to destroy your idea of ​​perfection. 11. Is there extraterrestrial life?
I would love to think that we are not alone in the Universe, but at the moment no one has come to visit us and we do not have enough technology to travel outside the solar system. 12. Are we good or bad by nature ? What does the nature of our actions depend on?The question is more difficult than it seems. 12 Silly Existential Questions
These seem to have a less existential answer, but they are no less simple for that. Ideal to unsettle anyone. 1. How far does a bald man wash his face?
It may seem stupid, but you’ve never thought about it. Where does his face begin and end ? Huh? 2. Why does the Incredible Hulk destroy all his clothes except his pants
? Is it, perhaps, a technique that he has mastered over the years so as not to remain as God brought him to the world ? world 3. Why do we walk from one place to another while we call on the phone?
There are people who take it to the extreme and can gokilometric distances when he is on the phone. We do not know if there is a scientific explanation for this, but we would love to know it. 4. Why is our planet called Earth if most of it is water?
The answer to this existential question is as follows: the Greek goddess Gaia (representing the Earth) was translated as Terra by the ancient Romans. 5. If God is everywhere, why do we have to go to church?
Good question, although God shows no signs of wanting to clarify this question for us. Perhaps the Universe is a huge church. 6. What do clouds smell like
That’s what we’ve all been asking ourselves since a famous television ad was broadcast.7. Why is it that when we see something interesting in the car, we turn down the volume of the radio
Instinctively, we think that if we turn down the radio our visual acuity will increase and we will be able to (finally) find a place to park. 8. Why in American movies, nobody locks the car
When we see an American movie, we ask ourselves a series of doubts that do not allow us to focus on the plot . This is one of the most important, along with the next. 9. Why in horror movies are they always going to check where that noise came from?
The protagonists of horror movies seem to want to be stabbed. In addition, they always decide to separate to be better victims. 10. Why do we press the buttons on the remote so hard?
Maybe that just makes things worse. 11. Why is no one able to realize that Clark Kent is Superman ? He is putting on glasses and no one recognizes him. And he sees that he is a journalist! 12. If a lawyer goes crazy, does he lose his case?
This question crosses the line of what is acceptable.

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