One of the most brilliant artists, as clearly as histrionic and, if you like, even a little reckless, in terms of hip hop music , he has been able to grow his bank account even more, managing to emerge even in the field of fashion.

We are talking about Kanye West , a real genius of music who, over time, has also proved to be an excellent stylist . Well, you would never say it, yet for some years now he has also been planning to throw himself into the business of architecture.

Many think that Kanye West is exclusively a rapper and a record producer. No, they are very wrong. Even those who try to define him only as the “husband of” Kim Kardashian , their bond has been going on since 2014, the year of their wedding, should back down for once.

Crazy talent: his best album

The blog of Betway, one of the most renowned online casinos , has delved into the career of the famous American rapper, in an attempt to identify the best album ever made. Well, exactly ten years after its launch, the choice inevitably fell on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy . It is an album that was written following one of the biggest fools with which Kanye West went down in history, on whose extra-musical character there would be a lot to argue.

Yet, submerged in criticism and labeled as enemy number one by public opinion, after a sort of “golden exile”, he achieved what even the critics did not hesitate to immediately define as a great classic. As pointed out in the article that appeared on L’insider , MBDTF is an album consisting of 13 tracks , each more beautiful than the other. The performance was truly extraordinary, as it achieved the beauty of over 1.7 billion plays on the Spotify platform, but above all it won 3 Grammy Awards and collected a Metacritic score of 94 , the fourth best album of the hip genre hop of all time.

The soul of the Yeezy fashion brand

If you have heard of Yeezy even just once , you should keep in mind that it is a brand that belongs to the American rapper, who has dominated the catwalks of the Big Apple even from 2015 to today. No wonder the good Kanye West didn’t want to stop there.

For this reason, he did not think of exclusively creating the ready-to-wear line, but, thanks to the collaboration with Virgil Abloh , he also launched a beautiful collection of extremely precious jewels that draw inspiration from Italian art. Is it over here? Absolutely not, since, in the company of his wife, he inaugurated a new line of clothing, including accessories, dedicated entirely to children, which he promptly renamed “ The kids supply ”.

In the first part of 2018, the famous stars and stripes rapper announced on his Twitter social profile, the creation of a new company operating in the field of architecture and interior design . The name? By the author, or Yeezy Home . Returning to fashion and design, however, it seems that the greatest influence for Kanye West comes from an internship that took place within an Italian maison. 

Any maison? Obviously not, given that it is Fendi: it was the year 2009 when the rapper and his friend Virgil Abloh took part in an internship at Fendi , with the aim of learning the basics of fashion design, as well as all the various rules that characterize the life of an atelier.