We know; The countdown to April is getting tough. And it is because this 2019 sees the premiere of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones , HBO’s flagship that has become a mass phenomenon at the level of Lost. The point is that fans are increasingly eager for new chapters and no longer know what to do to calm the “monkey” of Game of Thrones.
While we settle for the final season teaser, we can start other series that, despite not being Game of Thrones, are similar in terms of their medieval setting and offer a good dose of action, passion, betrayals and plot twists. In short, a list of ten similar series in case you are an unconditional fan of the Seven Kingdoms.

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Series similar to Game of Thrones that have already been released
Let’s go first with those that are already available on different platforms and that have points in common with the mythical HBO series that takes place in Westeros. 1. Vikings
The comparisons between Vikings and Game of Thrones are inevitable, since both are violent series (sometimes) and deal with the rise of their protagonists to the top of the hierarchical pyramid. But in essence they are diametrically opposed series.
Vikings or Vikings, by Michael Hirst, is a more or less accurate recreation of the life of Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons, characters from the Nordic sagas halfway between mythology and reality. Game of Thrones is pure fiction, born from the prodigious mind of writer George RR Martin, so it allows for the presence of fantastical elements such as dragons and white walkers. 2. The Last Kingdom
The other series that has always been compared to Game of Thrones is The Last Kingdom, available on Netflix. The thing is, it’s more like Vikings than the HBO series, and it’s about the arrival of Norse tribes on English shores , this time from the perspective of the Saxons.
The Last Kingdom is one of those series that never quite stands out, mainly because it doesn’t have the necessary budget to reach the GOT epic. Even so, it is worth seeing for the magnificent performances and better action sequences. 3. Outlander
Outlander is far from generating the buzz that Game of Thrones generates, but a series that won two Golden Globes (best drama and best drama actress) deserves our full attention. Halfway between fantasy and historical fiction, the series takes us to eighteenth-century Scotland, immersed in clan warfare. 4. The Pillars of the Earth
The adaptation of the novel by Ken Follett is one of the best proposals we have until April. This eight-episode miniseriesIt was shot in about a year and a half and had a budget of 40 million dollars, so don’t expect a second rate production. It had the difficulty of living up to one of the most acclaimed bestsellers in history, but the audience has been satisfied. Series similar to Game of Thrones that are about to be released
If you think that there is no more serial life after Game of Thrones, you are wrong. We bring you some projects, in production or in development, which you should keep track of. 1. The Lord of the Rings (Amazon)
The technology giant Amazon has set out to dethrone Netflix and HBO as major streaming platforms, and plans to do it in style. Rumor has it that Amazon Studios is spending millions of dollarsmaterialize a series based on Tolkien’s novels, and so far has commissioned five seasons.
Not many details are known about the main plot of this ambitious series, but several specialized portals suggest that it could explore Aragorn’s rise as a ranger before becoming a member of the Fellowship of the Ring. Comparisons with the film trilogy will be obvious, so the bar is set high.

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2. Kingkiller Chronicle (Showtime)
Fans of fantastic literature are in luck, because Kingkiller Chronicle, the popular trilogy by writer Patrick Rothfuss, will have an adaptation in film and on the small screen. As for the series, the production is carried out by Showtime, which wants its own Game of Thrones at all costs.
The books tell the story of Kvothe, a young man who becomes one of the most powerful wizards in his world. However, series creator John Rogers has already stated that the Showtime project will be set a generation before The Name of the Wind. Therefore, we will see characters different from those of the literary saga parade. 3. The Witcher (Netflix)
Anyone who has played The Witcher will be excited about this new Netflix project. In fact, if the series is half as good as the video game, we can be satisfied. Like Game of Thrones, the saga of the sorcerer Geralt of Rivia has the solid foundations of a world rich in details, the fruit of the author’s mind. Andrzej Sapkowski.

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We know that this series will star Henry Cavill and that different scenes have already been shot in Europe (also in Spain!). As for the release date, we know that this fiction could be released sometime in 2019, although we do not rule out that it be delayed until 2020.
Netflix has always seen Game of Thrones stand as the most watched series in recent years, although It has never dared to launch a fantastic production that resembled it. This could be the final blow to HBO , unless the Game of Thrones spin-offs conquer the audience again. 4. Game of Thrones Prequel (HBO)
GOT is the goose that lays the golden eggs, and HBO plans to stretch the gum for a few more years. For this reason, he has in his bedroom two projects based on the world of George RR Martin. The first to see the light will be a prequel, set hundreds of years before the events that are told in Game of Thrones.
In this way, we will know the details of the war between the children of the forest and the white walkers , during the so-called “age of heroes”. We may know the origin of the Night King and his darker motivations, as well as the construction of the wall by Brandon the Builder. HBO already announced the signing of Naomi Wattsfor the series, but the British is not the only one involved. Some of the official confirmations are Josh Whitehouse, Naomi Ackie and Jaime Campbell. The project will not be on the platform before 2020, so we must arm ourselves with patience.

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