A few days ago information was leaked about the next ‘Pokemon Sword’ and ‘Pokemon Shield’. The rumors provide details about new characters and the history of video games . This information would explain many of the unknowns that until now had been about the intentions of many of the characters and organizations that will appear in the next games of the eighth generation of the main series of ‘Pokemon’.
Although these informations are just rumours, they came to light on August 12 and little by little they are gaining strength. However, none of the companies involved has confirmed anything .

Details of ‘Pokemon Sword and Shield’
Next we tell you the leaked history of ‘Pokemon Sword’ and ‘Pokemon Shield’. So be careful because you will soon find spoilers for the new video games .

The relationship between Oleana and Bede and their true intentions
Oleana and Bede are mother and son, respectively . For this reason, Bede has been able to join the gym challenge and has obtained the endorsement of the president of the Galar Pokemon league, Rose. Another reason Bede is believed to have entered is to end Leon’s threats. On the Pokemon website you can read: “Although he clearly aims to become Champion, it seems that he also has other goals…”.

Marnie’s true purpose
On the page where the information has been leaked, it is specified that “Marnie is the daughter of Rose’s former business partner who disappeared for an unknown reason.” Thus, Marnie’s only purpose is to become a pokemon champion and discover where her missing father is.

The not so evil Team Yell
The Team Yell group is made up of recruits and is not Team Rocket. It is an evil formation and quite problematic . They say about her that: “Later in the game, you even have to fight alongside them in an area.” In this way it is even expected that Marnie can become an ally of them at some point in history.

What foot does President Rose limp on?
A priori, President Rose does not seem to be bad. He just is a bit cynical and selfish and doesn’t care about the problems that happen around him. This way we don’t have to worry about being evil, he just ignores situations when he knows something isn’t going right.

The enigmatic pokemon Eternatus
Although we still don’t know almost anything about Eternatus, what we do know is that Oleana wants, by using the power of Dynamax battles, to awaken it. In this way she could control him and gain omniscience .

The fake champion Leon
It is likely that the supposed champion Leon is a fake. It may be that the star power that Leon presents has been provided by Rose’s influence, President. On the web it is said that: “He is a good guy and he is not plotting anything, but he decided to take the opportunity, since he saw it as a once in a lifetime”.

The famous commentator Clovis
Now we know a little more about the character of Clovis. This seems to be that he is a famous commentator from the Galar region . According to the leaks that speak of Clovis: “His Pokemon partner is Rotom, and he even gives you one when you meet him.”

The real enemy: the Codex organization
As we discussed earlier, Team Yell is not the main threat in the story. Everything indicates that the real enemy is the Codex organization. These secretly work with Oleana trying to awaken Eternatus. When the leader of the organization breaks free from her, he will help us and reveal that the legendary pokemon, Zamazenta or Zacian, is the only one that can stop Eternatus.

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