The appointment with history is renewed. It happens every time a myth is celebrated, a deity, even just in naming it. Diego Armando Maradona was all this for Napoli and world football. A footballer above the lines and linearity, interpreted to perfection by the actor Nazareno Casero . As can be seen for some time now, Amazon Prime offers a preview of a TV series on the life of Maradona.

Success is already guaranteed and the first results, in this sense, are absolutely positive. On the other hand, any cinematographic work based on the figure of Maradona is talked about for itself, both for better and for worse.


  • The ‘blessed dream’ of Nazareno Casero
  • The beginnings of Nazareno Casero
  • The rise of Nazareno Casero
  • Nazareno Casero and the gossip

The ‘blessed dream’ of Nazareno Casero

It can only be otherwise with a character of such stature and scope. It’s called Maradona: Blessed dream  and it’s airing on Amazon Prime starting from 29 October. It comes out in conjunction with Maradona’s birthday , who would have turned 61 on 30 October.

A choice, therefore, not accidental almost a year after his death which, inevitably, shocked the world of football and sport, in particular the Neapolitan fans.

Nazareno Casero perfectly retraces Diego’s upward trend both on a social and purely sporting level. From his disadvantaged childhood at Villa Fiorito, passing through Buenos Aires, the first football kicks, the dream of winning a World Cup and the conquest of Europe and the world with the Napoli shirt.

The beginnings of Nazareno Casero

But who exactly is Nazareno Casero?

He was born in Buenos Aires on June 19, 1986 . A fellow countryman of Diego, he has dedicated himself to acting since he was a child, drawing inspiration from the figure of his father Alfredo, a well-known Argentine comedian. And it is he who makes his debut in front of the big screen in a 1993 TV series called Cha Cha. He arrives in the world of cinema officially in 1996 within the film Buenos Aires Vice Versa . In it he plays the role of Bocha, a boy from the suburbs who then meets a woman from another social class and falls in love with her.

Thanks to the aforementioned film he obtained recognition, right from the start, as the best male revelation actor according to the votes of the Argentine critics. He once again joins Pope Alfredo in the film Todas las azafatas van al cielo directed by Daniel Burman.

The rise of Nazareno Casero

The definitive rise of Nazareno is placed exactly in the early 2000s , when he becomes best revelation actor and best supporting actor with Cronica de una fugue . He runs the year 2006. Worthy representative within the best foreign film category at the Golden Globe. Here he plays the role of the leader of a criminal gang in the 2011 film Los Sonicos .

The same criminal role is evident when he shoots the Historia de un clan series , one of the most famous in the curriculum. Within it he stands out in the role of Daniel Puccio. He is the son of Arquimedes Rafael Puccio, head of the homonymous clan very active on the crime front, especially in the 1980s.

In 2020 he gets the part that any Argentine would like to play at least once in their life: Diego Armando Maradona plays in the aforementioned series, Maradona: “Benedict Dream”.

The deeds in the period of maximum splendor and world criticism are narrated and already agree on the appreciation reserved for the acting of Casero. It is not a name that tickles the imagination of Italian and European cinema fans, but it must be said that in his native country he is a real star .

A celebrity fueled by the numerous appearances between cinema and TV that have placed him in the Olympus of local cinema. Now he is ready to expand his name on Italian soil. The qualities are all there.

Nazareno Casero and the gossip

Nazareno Casero is not only an internationally renowned actor, but also a cover man. The gossip pages have seen him particularly active for some flirts that have been attributed to him with equally illustrious South American women of the show.

At the time of writing, he openly declares himself single and the only activities carried out with dedication and professionalism seem to be the patrimonial and social ones. Very active on Instagram with 300 thousand followers , he has assets of about 2 million dollars.

With the Maradona series: “Blessed dream” Nazareno Casero has already conquered everyone with his interpretative vein. He represents the best moments of Diego’s life and he does so without affecting his own experience. With a lightness and a depth at the same time that inevitably attract the greatest sympathies.

A story that becomes introspective in some of its parts and highlights the frailties of a myth , as well as skill and infinite class. The series consists of 10 episodes lasting 1 hour and partly and also filmed in Italy, in Naples to be precise. It could only be so. Direction entrusted to Roger Gual and Edoardo De Angelis.

A certain number of episodes comes out every Friday. A name, a guarantee of South American and international cinema.