Can a diet get you to lose up to 8 kilograms in less than a month
Apparently, many people argue that the morning banana diet is a clear example of yes. In addition, it seems that it has many other positive effects for health as they assure us.
In this article we are going to discover what the morning banana diet is, what are the necessary steps to follow it effectively and lose weight very quickly; as long as it’s done correctly.

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What is the morning banana diet
Apparently, the morning banana diet is a diet that is rapidly becoming popular thanks in large part to social networks like Instagram. However, its beginnings date back to 2008, in Japan .
This diet promises to be a very effective method to lose weight effectively, although of course it has received criticism since its launch.
In a world where people want to see results sooner rather than later, diets like this one are crowned the big winners when it comes to popularity.

What benefits does banana have for health
Banana is one of the fruits with the most benefits for our body, and even with components that have been related to mental health, such as tryptophan, which can improve the emotional state and various disorders such as premenstrual syndrome.
Other elements of the banana that help and improve the health of the person are the vitamins they contain (like almost all fruits); mainly: vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, B9 and E.
As if that were not enough, they are rich in fiber and minerals such as potassium (perfect for athletes), magnesium, calcium, selenium, zinc and iron. Of course, it has no fat and a large part of its carbohydrates are complex and of high quality.

banana and depression
One of the most interesting relationships that have been found regarding tryptophan is its effect on depression.
This amino acid is used by the body to metabolize serotonin, which would be ultimately responsible for the improvement of symptoms.

The 5 steps to make the diet
As we have mentioned, the characteristic of this diet is that it allows you to lose weight up to 8 kilograms in a month. Obviously an important factor will be the physical conditions from which it starts and with which other types of food or activities are related.
Above all, we must understand that the best (and only) recommended diet is one that is supervised by a qualified professional and has been adapted to the needs of each one.A diet can be both beneficial and harmful depending on who uses it.

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Below we will discuss the steps to follow to carry out the morning banana diet.

Step 1: Breakfast
Breakfast should be exclusively a glass of warm water and a banana. According to its creators, this creates a kind of “gel” that is highly satiating since it occupies a lot of volume in the stomach.

Step 2: Lunch
Nothing should be eaten until noon. Of course, no snacking between meals or snacks , no matter how low in calories they are. The food can be normal, with normal portions (without excesses, of course), and varied foods.

Step 3: snack
At snack time, it is recommended to eat low-fat foods. You can eat almost anything with this condition, although steamed vegetables are recommended, for example.

Step 4: Dinner

You must have dinner no later than 8:00 p.m. You can’t eat anything again until the next day. Food and the amount of dinner should be moderate, but again varied without needing to be very small amounts.

Step 5: exercise (optional)
The creators of the morning banana diet assure that it is not necessary to incorporate sports to notice considerable weight reduction , however, they confirm that a walk of about 30 minutes a day will speed up the process, regardless of the time it is done.

Is this diet healthy
Diets in which weight is lost excessively quickly are discouraged by most experts, including nutritionists and doctors. Many of them cause a considerable rebound effect that makes the person gain more weight than he lost after stopping the diet.
This particular diet can work, but basically because it considerably restricts calorie intake and brings dinner forward several hours (compared to the customs of many countries like Spain), avoiding going to bed with a full stomach.
As always, consult with an expert the diet you are planning to do so that the professional gives you the go-ahead.
The best diet will always be to choose foods in a varied way, reducing the intake of salt and sugar, eliminating fast food and industrial foods. All this combined with a calorie intake equivalent to our weight , sex and age as well as incorporating physical activity on a regular basis.

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