The universe of women’s fashion accessories is very vast and the market currently offers us the embarrassment of choice. Among the most popular are bags: small, large, shoulder, backpack, elegant or casual! The only limit is represented by the imagination of those who create them and the tastes of those who then choose them. For special occasions, minaudiere bags are the best you could wish for.

But what kind of bag are we talking about? For which events are they most suitable? And what are the models that are most popular right now?

Let’s clarify this topic in the new post dedicated to fashion and the latest fashion trends, edited by our portal!

Minaudiere bags: how they are made and when to use them

Minaudiere bags are among the smallest bags that can be found on the market. Small yes but not insignificant, on the contrary! With a very similar appearance to that of a clutch bag, the minaudiere bag has a mostly rigid shape and is specifically designed to accompany us during the most important events and the most elegant evenings. It must, of course, be combined with appropriate clothing.

Its name derives from its main “function”: to accompany women during the most important theatrical premieres . Minaudiere , in fact, would translate as “theatrical bag” even if there are those who associate it with the French “minauder” or “coquetry” . In both cases it is always a small bag, ideal for carrying the bare essentials.

But the minaudiere bags are not simple clutch bags of which they recall only the small dimensions. Instead, they are real works of art, a sort of ornamental casket used to enhance even more a beautiful evening dress.

One of the most famous minaudiere ever was shown in Sex and the city by Sarah Jessica Parker: it is a bag signed Judith Leiber , one of the most sought-after brands in the sector currently. Evening bags , therefore, born in the early 1900s but which always have enormous success: very close relatives of the so-called clutches, from which they differ essentially in the closure (usually made by interlocking as was the case for the old purses).

What was the first minaudiere bag to be created?

The first minaudiere bag appeared in the 1930s. Its invention has been attributed to Charles Arpels, of Van Cleef & Arpels, but many jewelers and haute couture stylists have created their own models over the years according to their taste and the fashions that followed each other year after year.

The most popular minaudiere this year

It is not easy to go and find which are the most popular minaudiere bags of the moment . Each model, in fact, has its own peculiarities and for this reason each is unique and can represent the ideal choice for a specific type of event or possible combination. However, we have selected three that, at the moment, occupy the first three places among the most desired minaudiere by the female population. Pieces of timeless charm and almost prohibitive cost but which are undoubtedly worth admiring.

Let’s find out together:

Serpenti Forever by BVLGARI is a very small minaudiere bag made in a splendid multicolored shade with a pearl effect. The closure is represented by a snake head (from which it takes its name) in palladium plated brass. The price is around 1,900 euros ;

Balmain , on the other hand, proposes the minaudiere model called B-BUZZ17 , a particular bag that does not go unnoticed. Made of plexiglass, with black and white stripes and finished in black leather and equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap. The price rises to 2,200 euros;

Salvatore Ferragamo represents the slightly “cheaper” model (costs 1,300 euros) , and it is a compact and rigid minaudiere, made of satin-covered metal and with a metal shoulder strap (one of the most popular at the moment). can quietly hide inside;