There are few concepts in the world as complex and difficult to describe as love. Many times we would like to express and try to explain this feeling to our partner, but it seems that words escape us or never seem enough. Many of the most important authors of the past and today have tried to do the same and have managed to compose sentences of touching, moving and meaningful poems, capable of reaching anyone’s heartstrings.

If you are thinking of giving your partner a gift or simply want to show him how much you love him and how grateful you are to have him in your life, let yourself be carried away by the words of writers, philosophers and poets and choose which of these romantic messages best describes your feelings for him for him.

Breathtaking Love Messages For Him

Most unreasonable and pure of all is love, the one so strong and profound that you want to live intensely and that you would like to express it in all possible ways, with gestures and words of love. If you met your soulmate and you want to share your love for him read down below breathtaking love messages for him and send it to your lover.

💓Baby, I promise you forever because I cannot live without you!

💓The area of sky will fall short to contain my love for you, my handsome man. I love you immeasurably.

💓I love being in love with you.

💓Ever since the day you came into my life, I knew you would be here until the end of time.

💓I will never forget the moment when my soul had found its eternal mate in you. Love you, sweetheart!

💓I know I am in love with you because my reality is finally better than my dreams.

💓Do you even know how special you are? I wouldn’t trade you for all the heartthrobs in Hollywood.

💓Take all my love and give me yours. At the end of the day, only this can make us survive through all evil things. Much love, handsome.

💓Love, you gave meaning to my life. Thank you for everything.

💓You know that I absolutely adore you, right?

💓Thanks for being the man of my dreams.

💓I cherish the times when my fingers are in between you, my head is on your chest. I feel so safe as though nothing bad can happen to me.

💓I love you now and always.

💓Love has only 4 letters but a huge feeling behind it. I feel lucky to have you who understand my love the way I want you to. Take love.

💓Your love is like rain coming after a long dry spell. It brings life to my heart.

💓Falling in love with you was the best thing that happened to me. And I will always love you more than my life.

💓You make everything better, and I feel relieved that I have finally found you in this lifetime.

💓I could spend forever in your arms.

💓Just wanted to let you know that I love you. That’s all.

💓I wish I had the words to tell you how much I love you. Guess I’ll just have to show you.

💓You’re my man and I’m your girl, always and forever.

💓Thank you for loving me with love, respect, and care. No one can ever replace this feeling, my prince charming.

💓Your voice is like music to my ears, and I want to listen to it forever!

💓Can I tell you a secret? I’m kind of obsessed with you.

💓Love, thanks for being the rock who always has my back. May God bless us together forever.

💓You are so good to me, and don’t think for a minute that I don’t appreciate it.

💓I wish I had the words to tell you how amazing you make me feel.

💓Babe, you are the anchor of my life and the star of my sky. Thank you for coming into my life!

Romantic Love Messages for Him

Since ancient times, many women have tried to express their love for their loved one. From Sappho to the Brontë sisters, from Frida Khalo to Alda Merini and Virginia Woolf: past and contemporary poetesses and writers have imprinted on the white paper sincere words, sometimes simple, others more complex and refined, with the intention of sharing with its readers that visceral feeling that is love. Read down below romantic Love Messages for him and tell him how much you love him.

❤️Darling, every moment I spend with you is the happiest memory of my life! Thank you for gifting me my ‘forever. I love you so much.

❤️They say love makes your life restless and exciting, but I have found peace and comfort in loving you. Thank you for being in my life.

❤️I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn.

❤️When I look into your eyes, I know I’ve found the mirror to my soul.

❤️Whenever you just take my hand, all the comfort in the world fills up my heart in a moment. Is it a kind of wizardry you know or is it love?

❤️You are my dream that came true. I will always fancy you.

❤️Stealing glances with you is my favorite thing to do right after every day falling in love with you.

❤️With your randomness, you make my heart melt every freaking time.

❤️My heart had a hole in it but then you came and filled it with love unbound. I can’t think of any other person who could do such a miracle in my life.

❤️Every moment spent with you is like the jewels from treasure island. You are my precious bean, king.

❤️I’ll never ask you to change for me because you are perfect just the way you are.

❤️Your arm is my most favorite place to sleep in where I find heavenly peace.

❤️I love it when we cuddle and spend nights at home just as much as I love going on our adventures and crazy excursions. Any time spent with you is time spent well.

❤️I have a section of my heart that always smiles whenever you cross my mind.

❤️There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. Just like ours!

❤️Loving you is so easy, no pressure- only sweet feelings. You are my “Yes or Yes.

❤️As soon as I set my eyes on you, I knew I have found Truelove. Surely True Love Exists.

❤️You are my home and my peace. Thanks for existing, darling.

❤️You are an eternal companion to my soul, for you have been there in my ups and downs, in happiness and sorrow. I will hold onto you forever.

❤️I never knew how it felt to laugh stupidly at someone before I met you. Love you, dear husband.

❤️Hey handsome, I only have my eyes for you. I love you!

❤️The day heaven opened its door for the first time on me is the day an angel came down on earth. That angel just happens to be you.

❤️I am so grateful you are my husband and I know you are there for me. Even my soul feels peaceful when I am in your arms. I want you to know that I am forever and always here for you, too.

❤️Waking up next to you every morning and your warm fingers caressing my skin is the only thing I want for my future. Please always stay by me, Love.

❤️Putting my head on your shoulder makes all my worries go away.

❤️I know God has someone special for me, and there’s no need to search for him, for he has found me, and I have found him. I have loved you all my life!

❤️I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride.

❤️No matter what I say and what I do, there is not a single moment when I don’t think of you. I really miss you.

Sweet Love Messages for Him

How many times, however, does the presence of the loved one create memory lapses, flickering in the stomach, shortness of breath? These are such penetrating sensations that even a simple action can be compared to having to prepare for climbing a steep mountain. In other cases one feels so small to the point of fear that simple sentences may not be sufficient to describe such a strong feeling. With these sweet love messages for him you can tell your lover how much you love him and care about him. You can also share it on twitter to inspire love.

💕You make me believe in love at first sight, and I am ever grateful to you for that. Please take my heart and keep it with you always.

💕I don’t know how I should feel really. Having a handsome boyfriend like you is a blessing and headache at the same time.

💕Love, emotions, the happiness I get to experience all of it, thanks to you. I am proud to have such a reliable partner. I love you more than anything.

💕You make my life balance and bring shine like a sun in it. You must be an angel, and I am happy to have you in my life, love.

💕I’m in love with you… I’m not sure when it happened. Everything I know is you are the finest thing that has ever happened to me.

💕You make my heart very happy because you are all my heart needs. Life without you is meaningless.

💕Hey baby…I woke up thinking about how deeply in love with you I am.

💕You make my heart beat faster.

💕Hey, I just wanted to let you know I love you a little more every single day.

💕I love you so much it hurts.

💕I know it’s cheesy, but you’re the first person I think of when I wake up in the morning.

💕Good morning! I know you’re going to kick ass today.

💕I can’t wait to see you again. Every moment I spend with you is my favorite.

💕I woke up smiling, all because you’re in my life.

💕I hope your day is as amazing as you are, sweetheart.

💕I am so proud of you, and really proud to be your girlfriend.

💕Baby, You make me fulfilled with your presence. I love you, and I want to spend my whole life with you. Let’s be together forever.

💕My love for you is too big and deep to describe.

💕You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I’m going to keep telling you that each and every day.

💕You are my one in a million, darling. I hope always to make you smile as you make me with your goofy jokes.

💕I wish we could lay in bed together all morning.

💕I love that what we have is so real. I have so much faith in our love for one another. Thanks for being an amazing partner.

💕I just felt a huge surge of love for you. You’re the best!

💕I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

💕I love you with everything that I am.

💕I’m kind of obsessed with you.

💕You are muscular and spectacular. Two things I love the most. So glad that you are my man. Love you.

💕My day is already going better since I am talking to you.

💕I actually never knew I could love anyone this much.

💕Never forget, I love you so much.

💕Distance seems small when feelings are deep. Love entwined us, so it doesn’t matter wherever we are now. I Miss You!

💕I can’t believe how happy you make me. Just thinking about you puts a smile on my face and makes me feel so good…and so lucky.

💕I have so much love for you.

💕I start missing you right after opening my eyes in the morning and waking up next to you is all I wish for. Have a good morning, honey!

💕Good morning, handsome.

💕I miss your handsome face already.

💕I was totally dreaming of you last night.

💕I wake up each day and I cannot wait to see you.

More Love Messages for Him

Love is undoubtedly the noblest feeling we can have and, perhaps for this very reason, it is also the most difficult to express with the right words. As is well known, there are those who know how to use words far better than us: the great authors of the past are always a constant inexhaustible source of beauty, poetry and inspiration. Choose from down below the favorite message for him and share it with him.

❣️Like a delicate flower, I cannot live without your love for a couple of days, I need your affection, your sweet words, our long meaningless conversations and the warmth of your arms, I love you, my love.

❣️Love is a feeling worth experiencing, no matter if we have lost it, if you managed to love, even once in your life, you are a lucky person.

❣️Love brings happiness and pain, but at your side, I have only known the happiness of having you in my arms and the defeat of the loneliness that darkened my heart.

❣️I made fun of those who seemed to walk in pink clouds when they fell in love, one day I met love and not only walked on those clouds, but I danced with everything and choreography, you are the only person who has managed to fall in love so deeply.

❣️I feel like a poor devil lost in the desert and your lips are the oasis I need to return to life.

❣️I know we have been together for a long time, but I want to remind you for the umpteenth time how much I love you because you always smile when I do and your smile is the bread that feeds my soul every day.

❣️The greatest joy we can experience in our miserable lives is love if it is the only thing that makes us happy. Why are we so idiotic as to lose it? I am not an idiot, that’s why I will treasure every kiss and hug you give me and I will protect your heart with all my love.

❣️Love is the origin of everything in this world, it creates a new life, it drives entire societies, it is the cornerstone of eternal life and the sole food of the soul.

❣️My love, they say that the eyes are the window to our souls and I know it because in yours I can only see the beautiful person you are and how much you love.

❣️Your kisses are the best experience I could ask life, every time I feel your lips against mine, I feel that my heart fills with life, my soul with light and my mind with dreams to fulfill by your side.

❣️Perhaps many consider you one more person, however, for me, you are the greatest treasure I could have in my life, you are the entire universe for me.

❣️It was your smile and your love that slid sinuously under my skin and came to my heart to make a home there and fall in love forever.

❣️There is no water in the world that can extinguish the fire that your gaze caused in my heart.

❣️You are the only thing that lives in my thoughts when my mind is at peace and decides to meditate on happiness.

❣️I love you intensely as if ours were to end, as if the end were tomorrow, it is the only way to live love fully and protect it from any evil, hatred or envy that wants to destroy it.

❣️My biggest dream is to wake up day by day and find you next to me, hug you, caress you and wake you up with a sweet kiss.

❣️My worst fear is waking up one morning and discovering that ours was just a beautiful dream.

❣️Infinity is impossible to achieve, but next to you I feel an infinite desire to kiss you, caress you, love you and repeat to you how much I love you.

❣️God wanted to give me a blessing for a lifetime, so he sent you to my side.

❣️Sometimes I am ashamed as my heart loses control when I see you, it begins to beat wildly and you can almost hear it in the distance, but you are my reason to live, happiness turned into a sweet woman, I love you, my beautiful queen.

❣️I only wish eternity for you, that our love never disappears or have an end, I only want true, unconditional and pure love and I know that together we can build and enjoy it.

❣️When I was submerged in the crudest and most difficult of solitudes I met your sweet gaze, your love rescued me from the embrace of heartbreak and kept the ice from dominating my heart.

❣️Every day I look for new ways to lower the sky and that is that a queen like you deserves the entire universe at her feet.

❣️I still remember the day you stole my heart, it was a beautiful day, sunny and with the right breeze to rock your beautiful hair, it was looking into your eyes and feeling that my heart was tied to yours with an indestructible bow, then we met and we understood that we were made for each other, I love you, my soul mate.

❣️Only love allows us to find in others those unique characteristics that they did not even know they had, but that makes them beautiful to our eyes and hearts, that is why the question Why do you love me? It cannot be easily answered when it comes to true love.

❣️Any corner of the world is the best place to be, whenever you are with me there will be a place that I can call: home.

❣️I have taken my heart out of my chest and left it on yours when we said goodbye, that way I will always be with you wherever you go until we meet again.

❣️Why do I love you? My love, you are the most perfect person who has ever set foot on this planet and that is just one of the little things that led me to love you.

❣️There are a lot of people in this world, but the one who has stolen my heart is you.

❣️I never thought that love could turn life into such a beautiful experience, but we stumbled that day and at your side, I understood that true love exists and that nothing is more precious than sharing your life and your time with someone else.

❣️Last night I dreamed of your beautiful eyes and your sweet kisses, it was the best dream of my life, we were happy, we understood each other perfectly, I want to make that dream come true if that is your wish too.

❣️I prefer love above all, I know it can hurt and what it means to be vulnerable before others, but compared to the burden of hate, love is worth it.

❣️There are many ways to say “I love you” sometimes it is disguised as a “call me when you get home” or an “I wish you a great day” sometimes, it is more than just a kiss or a hug, it is a look full of meaning.

❣️I lived in a universe of darkness until you appeared and became the star that illuminates my sky.

❣️True love is based on coincidences, there are very few people you can love with all your heart, that’s why, if you want to find true love, you must go through the world with an open heart, willing to feel, to believe, to love and be loved and maybe, if you are lucky, you will find someone like me, who loves you madly and wants to go down to the moon.

❣️I do not care about facing the darkness and the great dangers that it hides, I do not care about defeating great monsters and destroying my fears, for you I am able to become the hero you always dreamed of.

❣️They say that if you really love someone you only want their happiness, even if you want to sacrifice your love for them, and it’s true, what I feel for you is such a pure love that it’s willing to let you fly just to see you happy.

❣️There is no such perfect message of love that I can dedicate to honor our love, I can only tell you that you are my sun, my moon, and my heart.

❣️Last night I woke up terrified. My heart wanted to escape from my chest! It was like dying, then I discovered that I was just eager to have you by my side. 63 I’m so in love with you that every minute of the day is 60 thoughts about you, every hour is 3,600 and every day 86400, call me crazy, but I can’t tear you out of my mind for even an instant, I guess they call this love.

❣️How cruel time is! When we are together it flies by without sense and when I am without you it can turn seconds into real days full of agony.

❣️Sometimes I have severe “I want to see you” attacks, then I remember that we are in different countries and it passes.

❣️My dear, you are the light in my darkness and the energy that keeps me motivated in this life.

❣️Perhaps the world has in store for me great experiences and special moments, but the wonders of the world do not matter, because next to me I have the best work of creation, you, my sweet princess.

❣️In your gaze I can see all the love you feel for me, in your caresses, I feel your devotion and in your kisses, I feel the passion that burns between the two, that’s why I am completely sure of the love we share, my princess, I love you very much.