Assuming that many zodiac signs are already associated with animals , it is not difficult to think that the personalities of each of us can be associated with those of the world of fauna . Have you ever wondered what animal you might look like?

There are animals that are shrewd, intelligent and fast, but also thoughtful and independent. There are zodiac signs more inclined to be instinctive , while others prefer to plan and build calmly and precisely. In nature then, as in our daily life, there are those who are inclined to socialize or those who prefer solitude … We are not so different, if we think about it a bit!

Below we have prepared a list of animals whose characteristics are very close to some zodiac signs: who will have the elegance of a peacock or a deer ? Who forces the immediacy of the eagle? Who would prefer to act alone and who is comfortable only in the group dynamic?

Let’s discover together the affinities between the animal kingdom and the zodiac , between similarities and differences, strengths and innate nature.

1) Aries and cat

The sign of Aries as we know has characteristics related to calm and meticulousness . Those born of the sign like to build and constantly think about the future! So what similarities do we find between Aries and our feline friends? Cats are very affectionate animals , but also very independent, with an innate desire for solitude. Aries often prefer to enjoy their hobbies and moments when they can relax after a long day at work.

2) Bull and giraffe

Those born under the sign of Taurus are generous and conquer everyone with calm and balance. The grandeur and sweetness of the giraffe are therefore found in the personality of the Taurus. The need for clarity in relationships and the desire for sudden but necessary changes bring us back to the physical abilities of the animal which, despite its size, knows how to defend itself with its typical and effective run.

3) Gemini and dog

Faithful friends and companions , sparkling and sunny, are born under the sign of Gemini and have all these characteristics in common with the dog . A Gemini friend is able to show up after years and bring the same energy and vigor of the first days, with a great personality, those born of the sign have charm thanks to their bursting personality.

4) Cancer and crab

Appearances deceive and in reality even the crab is a very fascinating animal and just like those born under the sign of Cancer it moves with caution and cunning to get around difficulties. This attitude can be mistaken for distrust, in reality Cancers are capable of great loyalty in friendships and great respect for loved ones.

5) Lion and lion

No other animal could be chosen than the lion , to represent those born under this sign, who share with the king of the savannah all the elegance and the ability to be a leader , even in the workplace. A little bit of desire for protagonism can sometimes put them in difficulty, but pride and constancy in relationships make Leos personalities that cannot be escaped.

6) Virgin and peacock

One of the most beautiful known animals on the planet is the peacock and needs no introduction. With her flared tail and bright colors she knows how to use her weapons to get noticed. Virgos are well aware of their charm and know how to attract other zodiac signs with their personality … Don’t make the mistake of underestimating them, however, loyalty is important for Virgo and you would never want to have them as enemies.

7) Libra and horse

Freedom and desire to reach one’s goal , these are the main characteristics of Libra . Just like the horse , there is no obstacle that is not a challenge for them to overcome in order to achieve peace and carefree. The intensity and extreme care in completing what one begins are further proofs that those born under the sign of Libra know, like the horse, to strive for their success.

8) Scorpio and eagle

The qualities of the Scorpio are often hidden behind a strong fear of being too vulnerable . Like the eagle, those born under the sign know how to frame their goals and pursue them, with determination and strength. Queen among the birds of prey, the eagle never misses an opportunity to be admired in all its beauty, the Scorpios have an edge when it comes to enhancing their charm and they know how to conquer the partner with their personality.

9) Sagittarius and wolf

Incredibly fascinating, but also dark and unpredictable … qualities that Sagittarius and the wolf have in common ! The ability to assert themselves, the need to be independent and leaders at the same time make people born under the sign of Sagittarius complex but very intriguing personalities. The aggression and the distrust of the wolf are two other qualities that the Sagittarius can show in some situations, especially if poked.

10) Capricorn and deer

The deer and the Capricorn are obviously very close also in the representation of the zodiac, even if the symbol of the goat with the fish tail is more mythological than real. The elegance and intelligence of this animal are close to those born of the sign, always looking for new opportunities to build, but also able to face the most intricate difficulties .

11) Aquarius and dolphin

Fast and extremely bright, the dolphin and those born under the sign of Aquarius share the will for adventure and the ability to escape from difficult situations. Aquarians are often subjected to severe stress or work challenges, but they know how to best manage pressure thanks to their intelligence and insight. An energetic personality and a great sympathy ensure the Aquarius many friends and a contagious good mood.

12) Fish and fish

Those born under the sign of Pisces could only be represented by their transfiguration into the zodiac. Always calm and able to start over in case of extreme difficulty, those born under this sign often find themselves fantasizing about what the present could be like , rather than clinging to a reality that does not satisfy them.