Intimate guepiere: the history and the most popular models of the moment

The world of women’s underwear is intriguing and fascinating, a hidden universe that recalls the sensuality of the woman and lights up the innermost fantasies of every man. With the help of the “ La Mutanderia ” brand, we retrace the origins of a truly fascinating women’s underwear accessory steeped in history: we are talking about the guepiere , that is the female corset . In fact we will see together the origins of this garment and we will discover together the most popular sexy corset models of the moment.

Corset: the origins

When was the corset born?

The corset (whose term derives from the old French which meant body), was initially born in France in 1500 with Caterina de ‘Medici, who also made the ladies of the court wear it. Initially this accessory was used to solve orthopedic problems.

The greatest use of this garment is due to the Spaniards, who associated the bust with the petticoat called verdugale , which gave the petticoat a cylindrical shape. Initially this garment was uncomfortable to wear as it prevented the woman from moving easily, as it was tight at the waist di lei.

During the 1800s the model called ” wasp waist” was developed, which had a circumference of 40 centimeters, and subsequently the ” lazy ” lacing was introduced consisting of crossed laces, which being placed on the back, needed help to be tied / unfastened.

Throughout the 1800s and early 1900s, the female bust or corset changes shape, lengthening on the hips, slimming the female figure and pushing the chest upwards.

The wealthiest women wore bustiers and corsets of different designs and fabrics, with ribbons and lace.


The most famous corset models in history are:

  • Stays model;
  • Jump model;
  • Hourglass model;
  • Tightlacing model (with very tight lacing);
  • S-bend corset;

In the early 1900s, when the corset began to be replaced by the first bras, this garment began to change its connotation and to be used no longer for medical purposes or to support the female body, but as a sexy accessory.

And here Christian Dior after the Second World War re-invents the female corset, making his models wear the Guepiere, a term that derives from the French guepe, which means wasp.

The sexy corset created by Dolce & Gabbana for the singer Madonna and the models by Jean Paul Gautier to wear even in outings, combined with boots with laces, is legendary.


Intimate guepiere: the new models of “La Mutanderia”

After having told you about the history of the corset , now we want to talk about the latest fashions in terms of Guepiere.

In fact, today, as already mentioned, there are different models of sexy corset, which becomes a useful accessory to rekindle the passion of the couple and spice up the encounters with your partner.

The corsets thus become an object aimed at reaffirming the feminine sensuality , thanks to elegant lace corsets , composed precisely of lace, useful to rekindle any fantasy.

On the brand’s online shop you will find corsets with central closure , with hinges and hooks, with a vintage look, or more modern ones, always made with quality materials, comfortable and at the same time elegant.

The models proposed by the brand and that we want to propose to you specifically are:

  • the waist-tight corset, Philippa model , made with semi-rigid sticks that highlight the female hips, accompanied by a balconette bra with cups with push-up effect, suspenders with small bows and a comfortable thong.
  • the lace corset, Peyton model , made in black, cup bra with push-up effect, underwire and padding in the lower part, which allows you to lift the chest, enhancing it. This lace corset fastens behind the back with adjustable hooks and is paired with a matching thong, comfortable and sexy at the same time.