Many scientists warn about the dangers of global warming, environmental pollution and other havoc that human beings are causing on our planet.
Is there any relationship between the deterioration of the Earth and extreme weather events ?
Nature seems to ask for help with each of these events . Is it mere chance or is there really a causality?

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12 natural disasters
As we can see, we have limited ourselves to collecting data from between 2010 and 2012, as we could have chosen others. Is it normal that all these inclemencies have occurred in such a short time
? Is the weather going crazy?
However, we have decided to show events relatively close so that they can be evaluated with perspective.

12. Deluge: Glasgow, United States (2010)
In the year 2010 an incredible deluge worthy of a biblical passage hit this American territory.
Those who were able to contemplate such a spectacle assure that the image was worthy of an apocalypse: the sky completely overcast, the clouds forming a kind of whirlwind and a blanket of waterthat prevented seeing half a meter ahead, as if it were a large open faucet.

11. Fire: Bastrop, United States (2011)
As we will see in this list, many of the most extreme weather events occur in the United States. And it is not surprising , the long continent is home to the most varied ecosystems .
During a heat wave, a forest fire swept through this Texas city on September 5, 2011 with no less than 1,685 homes . Without a doubt, one of the most devastating fires in the history of the country. It is thought that the origin was some pine trees that had fallen on a power line.

10. Sandstorm: Phoenix, United States (2011)
It is considered one of the largest sand storms in history over a population. On July 5, 2011, a column of dust more than 1.5 kilometers high flooded the city of Phoenix , reducing visibility and turning it into a post-apocalyptic picture.

9. Frost: Geneva, Switzerland (2012)
This frost that occurred in central Europe had record records. Coming from Lake Geneva, it buried trees, houses, cars and all the public roads of the town. Everything did not end here, this polar jet reached Africa, caused hundreds of deaths throughout Europe and caused extreme snowfall in many areas of the continent.

8. Flood: Vicksburg, United States (2011)
The combination of flooding due to rains and strong thaws caused damage to this US territory worth more than 3,500 million dollars . And it is not for less, since in several areas of the Mississippi it rained up to 8 times more than normal.

7. Tornadoes: Tuscaloosa, United States (2011)
In the United States, exactly in the year 2011, the world record for tornadoes was recorded in a single day. The incredible number of 199 tornadoes were more than enough to break all the records that have been and will be.
That same day, one of the tornadoes in Tuscaloosa (Alabama) registered at 300 kilometers per hour, and claimed more than 60 lives in the time it lasted.

6. Fire: Golovanovo, Russia (2010)
Considered by many to be one of the last great fires in Europe, such was its magnitude that the dead numbered in the dozens despite the fact that it took place in a sparsely populated area.
The worst thing was that the military officials acted incorrectly in the face of the catastrophe to such an extent that the president ended up dismissing them after the fire.

5. Flood: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2012)
On January 5, 2012, the Muriae River completely overflowed its banks, in the municipality of Campos dos Goytacazes. The result: more than 300 families had to be evicted in a critical waybeing forced to abandon their homes and belongings. A large number of areas were left incommunicado and chaos reigned in the following days.

4. Drought: Jablanick, Bosnia-Herzegovina, (2012)
The severe drought that left Bosnia without water and almost without electricity lasted many months and forced the state to take serious measures.
This country is usually characterized by the export of its energy from hydroelectric plants, but had to, for the first time, import it from other places due to the extreme scarcity of water .

3. Flood: Bangkok, Thailand (2011)
One of the most crowded and touristic cities in Thailand (and probably in Asia), suffered a tremendous flood on November 7, 2011.
These floods were the worst in over 50 years, ruining millions of tons of food crops and over 9 million people being terribly affected.

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2. Earthquake and tsunami: Chile (2010)
Considered, along with the following, as one of the largest earthquakes in history (at least known), it reached a magnitude of 8.8 on the Richter scale. I hit the coasts of Chile in the form of a tsunami and killed more than 800 people, especially in the towns of Maule and Biobio.
Compared to the famous earthquake in Haiti, this one was 50 times stronger.

1. Earthquake and Tsunami: Japan (2011)
Nicknamed the “Great East Japan Earthquake”, it was a magnitude 9.0 Mw earthquake that caused one of the largest tsunamis in modern history.
The epicenter took place off the coast of Honshu, lasting about 6 minutes.
This devastating event caused more than 15,000 deaths , being, by far, the deadliest natural disaster on our list, and at the same time, one of the most deadly in recent centuries.

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