From the interpretation of dreams to the positions in which we sleep , especially in two. Have you ever wondered why after a few years in a relationship you change habits and sleep together in a different way ? According to some psychologists, the positions for sleeping in pairs reveal the nature of our relationship.

If you are in a new relationship it seems that affection and desire are also expressed with the need to sleep close together, ignoring the heat , the discomfort or the positions of the body and the pillow.

Even the day can reflect on the type of sleep we will encounter once we return home … but do not become too suspicious: every couple is different and it is not said that moving away to rest better is a symptom of an imminent crisis !

It seems that some studies on the American population have revealed that both men and women hardly bear the “spoon” position in which the two backs touch and sleep embraced. And you, which position do you prefer?

Let’s see together the 7 sleeping positions for couples and what they reveal about relationships

1) Sleeping apart but with contact

It seems that the extremities (hands or feet that are) in contact while sleeping , reveal a willingness to maintain their independence in the couple and their individuality. Certainly not negative aspects, which however can also be alarm bells about real attachment to the other. We must therefore think about what moment we are living in and try to understand if there is a real reason to face.

2) Sleeping face to face

The position of happy lovers par excellence . Among the positions for sleeping as a couple, it is considered the most romantic and also the clearest on the type of relationship one is experiencing: wanting to have the first look at the other means having chosen the right person and having the security of a solid relationship. Not only young people in love, but also enduring couples if they choose this position are destined to last .

3) Sleeping “like a spoon”

We often fall asleep in this position, because it is a hug that envelops the whole body . Those who manage to keep it all night, however, know that movements are very limited and that other variables are established during sleep, such as the temperature, especially in summer. The security of the relationship and self-esteem increase thanks to these gestures, but it seems that they are the least appreciated by both women and men … will it be for the inconvenience ?

4) Sleeping embraced

This position for sleeping as a couple is also considered part of a relationship that has just started . A love that wants you to be close to each other often and even when you have to fall asleep. Could it be a prelude to lasting love? No one can say it, it certainly seems that sleeping in this position is typical of the first months of love , those in which physical contact is at its maximum and the desire is insatiable.

5) Sleeping separately competing for space

An alarm bell for couples who find themselves sleeping together. Partly because an imbalance is created in the couple , one of the two will have to give space to the other, even when in reality there would be no need. It may just be a habit of sleeping alone, but it is better to investigate … if you are nervous during the day, maybe there is more.

6) Sleeping back to back

The clearest contrast position ever. Or not. In fact, those who decide to sleep in this position, offering their back to the partner who still experiences strong contact with their destination, would seem a symptom of a more than healthy relationship , based on mutual respect and the will to complete oneself while maintaining one’s “I” intact.

7) Sleeping apart

An imminent separation symptom? It can be, if we think about it often when we discussed this is one of the sleeping positions in pairs where we try to fall asleep (and hardly succeed). However, it depends a lot on what period you are going through , it can also happen that excessive tiredness or a relationship of trust and understanding of the other’s freedom leads to sleep in this position to respect the spaces of one’s partner and sleep optimally.