You have always dreamed of having a computer or gaming computer and you have been saving for some time. We explain the characteristics that it must meet and the best brands of components so that you can take the final step and be able to enjoy the latest PC titles.

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Gaming computer: all its parts
We analyze below the aspects to take into account of each of the components of a gaming computer.

1. Box
We don’t have to spend a lot of money on a box, and we have very interesting options (even for a gaming computer) at very affordable prices. In any case, there are a series of very important characteristics that affect the cooling of the computer.
We must take into account the number of fans that the box has and the place where they are placed. The more, the better. Normally there is cooling in the back, but the box may incorporate more fans and some of them can be regulated from the same operating system.
Second, we can see if it incorporates USB ports on the front or SD card readers.

2. Power supply
Some skimp on this component and end up buying 400 or 500 W power supplies, a totally insufficient power at present to power the rest of the components. The ideal is to acquire a power supply that exceeds 600 W so as not to suffer voltage ups and downs. In this sense, Mars Gaming is one of the best brands, with good value for money.

3. Motherboard
We don’t need an expensive motherboard to build a good gaming computer, but we also don’t need to buy a piece of junk that can’t support the rest of the parts. The characteristics that we must take into account are:ability to support large possible RAM memory and a large number of rear ports.

ASUS is one of the best brands when it comes to motherboards. If we want something more quality, we can take a look at the MSI catalog, although these usually go beyond the budget. On the other hand, we must check that the CPU (processor) slot matches the CPU that we are going to buy.

4. Processor
When we talk about the processor, we refer to the set between the CPU and the fan, essential if we do not want the computer to overheat.

4.1 CPU
There is a passionate debate about which brand is better for a gaming computer, Intel or AMD,but the truth is that both options are good. Although in recent years Intel had won this battle with its i5 and i7 processors (from four to eight cores), AMD has presented the Ryzen range, with impeccable performance at more affordable prices.
Regarding the characteristics of the processor, many people give importance to the clock frequency (expressed in Gigahertz), but this has become a secondary aspect and what is really relevant is the number of cores and the architecture it uses .
More experienced users also tend to check if the processor allows overclocking . If so, we can change the frequency manually, something that we must do in moderation so as not to overheat the processor.

4.2 CPU ventilation
There are very aesthetic options but not very effective. We must choose an intermediate option, which provides the processor with enough ventilation but fits well with the set.

5. Graphics card (GPU)
Probably the component of the gaming computer in which we will have to invest more money. As with the processor, there is a wide debate about whether Nvidia or AMD is better , although both offer very good quality products.
As for the nomenclature, we should always look at the last two digits , which indicate the range of the graphics card. The higher those numbers, the better the graph.
Another key to choosing a good graph isthe amount of RAM it has built in . In this aspect, the more it has the better, although we must always prioritize the range. For example: a 1 GB GTX 660 is better than a 2 GB GTX 650. The type of memory also matters: which should be GDDR5.

6. RAM memory
Current games require a lot of RAM memory, so the minimum to be able to get by is 16 GB. If you’d rather not touch any components for a few years, you’d better go ahead and install 32GB . The first thing we must check is that it is DDR5, more modern types of memory do not cut yourself.
The quantity is the key, although it is also important to look at the frequency of each module, expressed in Megahertz. The ideal is to install two parallel modules with the same frequency so that the performance of our gaming computer is optimal.

7. Storage
It is a feature of the computer that has changed a lot in recent times. Previously, it was enough to install a SATA hard drive that had sufficient storage capacity, but in recent times SSD memory has become popular . It is a storage system with less capacity (normally they do not exceed 500 gigabytes) in which we will install the operating system. In this way, the start of the same will be faster.
We will complement the SSD memory with a large capacity hard drive.We have options that exceed a terabyte and that are not usually priced out. This is where we will store the rest of the files (songs, videos, etc.). We must check that the hard drive reaches the highest number of revolutions per minute (RPM).

8. Other components
If we have some money left over for our gaming computer, we can buy a Blu-ray recorder, available for less than 50 euros, or even an Xbox controller to play our favorite games. Some would consider this last one a real sacrilege, but for tastes, the colors.

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