Eye SPOILERS . Except for a last minute surprise, the Night King has been defeated. The great Arya Stark plunged a dagger of dragonglass into his chest and the evil being disintegrated, but not before exchanging glances with Bran that may bring us an upset. The Battle of Winterfell is past and now we focus on 8×04 and what we can see from its trailer .

Details of the trailer
The third chapter has marked a before and after, a turning point in which we went from defeating the supernatural to facing a much more human evil. A priori, Cersei’s army should be easier to defeat than the Night King’s, but the queen regent has already shown what she is capable of. As you can see in the 8×04 trailer, she now has the support of the Golden Company and the devotion of Euron Greyjoy.
The Game of Thrones 8×04 trailer is now available. | HBO.
While the Great War was raging in the North, all was calm in King’s Landing. However, Daenerys has not forgotten the Iron Throne and she does so to the Northmen, who now seem to support the Targaryen cause. Another of the remarkable details that the trailer leaves us is that her two dragons -Viseryon disintegrated with the Night King- are still alive and kicking.
In fact, one of the dragons flies over a ship. Does that mean Daenerys is sending a fleet to the capital
? We’ll soon find out.

New images of Game of Thrones 8×04
Like every Wednesday, HBO offers us exclusive images of the chapter . We take a look.
Images of the 8×04 of Game of Thrones. | HBO.
Images of the 8×04 of Game of Thrones. | HBO.
Winterfell continues to mourn the dead of her. After the death of the Night King, there is no longer any need to burn them so that they do not rise again. Even so, Daenerys’s army has been greatly diminished after the battle, a real inconvenience to face the dangerous Cersei.
New images of Game of Thrones. | HBO.
In the next image we see the dragon queen accompanied by two of her advisers, Varys and Missandei. On the table, we see a map detailing the lands surrounding King’s Landing, so we assume that they are preparing to storm the capital .
Images of the new chapter of Game of Thrones. | HBO.
New images of Game of Thrones. | HBO.
They also show us a few images that we could already see in the trailer. In them appears the Daenerys fleet with the emblem of the Targaryens or the queen next to Drogon. We remember that Rhaegal, the dragon that Jon rides, also survived the Battle of Winterfell.

When and where to see the 8×04 of Game of Thrones
This new episode will have a duration of 80 minutes, a duration that will be maintained for the remainder of the season. 8×04 will be broadcast at 3:00 in the morning from Sunday May 5 to Monday May 6 , simultaneously with its US premiere, and can be seen on HBO Spain or Movistar+ .
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