When we are tired of digging through social networks, we don’t want to see any more funny videos on Youtube or we are tired of playing LOL or Fortnite, maybe it’s time to turn off the computer… Or to browse some of the web pages rarest of the Internet, great to spend those dead moments in which productivity is touched to death.

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The 13 most curious web pages on the Internet
It’s time to empty our brains by entering these useless web pages, so we hope you don’t have anything better to do in the meantime. 1. Nyan.cat
A few years ago this annoying gif of an 8-bit cat became fashionable, which is dedicated to roaming the screens of those users who have been trolled. If you can’t think of anything better to do, you can usurp any website with this cute pet , making it run across the screen from side to side, while leaving a trail in the form of a rainbow wherever it goes.
If not, from the web you can also download the singing cat game, available for iOS and Android. 2. Pokedraw.net
The fact that our article today deals with absurd web pages does not mean that some of them cannot be used to enhance our most artistic facet. Of course, if you use Pokedraw you should know that you only have 45 seconds to capture the Pokemon that appears on the screen . Once the counter expires, you will not be able to make any other modifications to your creation.
Welcome to a new form of cubism that will stir Picasso himself from his grave. 3. Hereistoday.com
Not much, but that doesn’t detract from the fun of this page. We are facing one of the most curious websites for the most restless minds, as it shows us the insignificance of existence, representing time on a visual scale.
Hereistoday.com offers us the possibility of visualizing in a space-time line (which expands with each click), how much has passed since the present moment until we go back to the very birth of the Universe. 4. Payfornothing.club An ideal link to curb that tendency to buy online and take off “the monkey” . Literally, in Pay for nothing we are doing just that, paying for nothing. They say that shopping calms anxiety, but it also drastically reduces our income, so it is a way to prevent this from happening.
We only have to fill in our data and we will appear on your wall of shame along with other “non-buyers” with a tendency to burn the credit card. 5. Weavesilk.com
When the hand moves on its own and no longer responds, it’s time to put it to use. With Weavesilk we will be able to draw beautiful figures on a black background . It will be enough to slide the mouse and keep it pressed to draw symmetrical patterns of enormous beauty, as if they were fractals. 6. Matias.ma/nsfw/
Don’t say anything, just watch this funny character dancing (oddly similar to Pokemon Ditto, right
). Now, play your favorite song in the background, whatever its style, and see how it moves to the sound of any rhythm . Without a doubt, one of the stupidest websites that we have come across in our search. 7. Staggeringbeauty.com
Do you see how this, let’s call it “worm”, moves sumptuously to the sound of your mouse’s movements?
Contemplate its hypnotic wobble to each side… But be careful if you accelerate and start moving it frantically!: a painting in the part bottom left warns of bright, flickering colors that appear if we get too excited. 8. Doggifpage.com
Looking at gifs of dogs in funny situations is always a fun hobby. If you visit Dog GIF Page you will not be able to stop scrolling down in search of more of these animated images . If you are also bored of the other weird web pages that we recommend, you have this option or its counterpart, starring cats.9. Clickclickclick.click
We do it every day with every electronic device we use, so why not encourage our tendency to “click” with a voiceover that narrates our every move
. By pressing the central green button, you will discover that a kind of artificial intelligence that sees everything tells you step by step your movements , even when you leave the link. 10. Patienceisavirtue.org
That patience is a virtue is something that does not seem to apply to the world of the Internet. Precisely for this reason this page has been created without apparent use, so that we can channel that impatience that characterizes uswhen the link we want to access doesn’t load, when we can’t connect to the big network or when that damn video doesn’t progress… Knowing how to wait has its reward. 11. Nobodyhere.com
Since we have tried this useless web page we want to know the ideological genius of such a magnificent virtual prodigy, to put him in the same pantheon in which Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming or Isaac Newton, among others, await.
But, what is so much scandal about?
Well, what is one of the rarest, most curious, fun and addictive web pages that could steal our time. You do not have to do anything more than remove the incipient hairs that appear from a nose that appears on the screen. In exchange for this, each hair that we extract will form an adjective to describe how we have done it. 12. Rainymood.com
Entering Rainymood is only for those looking to relax and do absolutely nothing. What is this website trying to achieve?
Help us to be concentrated and relax, delighting ourselves with the ambient sound of a pleasant rain .
It is also available for the Google and Apple store. 13. 29.ach
Again, we are facing another of the useless web pages when it comes to managing our time well. Now, like many others, it will help us to develop our creative side by drawing beautiful nebulae in bright colors .

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