It is always fashion that dictates the law, a real mantra of modern times. From the catwalks come the style tips for each season, it is then up to each to treasure them and interpret them in the best possible way. Because clothes are more and more an emanation of the person who wears them, real business cards able to tell a style and also a character that often does not have the material time to describe in a few simple words: shoes and accessories, furs or elegant coats are perfectly capable of doing this. And it is precisely a garment once identified as ideal only for a mature woman target that is back in the limelight and in a transversal way: the fur. Who wears it? Today even girls are more curious about such a chic and sophisticated garment, suitable for representing one’s soul on special and special occasions. An overview of the most current styles and trends in fur, finished according to the dictates of haute couture and in the name of ‘made in Italy’ craftsmanship, is proposed byElpidio Loffredo . How do these pieces match? They are suitable for any look, ideal for going to crown winter outfits that will certainly be original and impactful. Style, charm and poise: shake well and wear. 

Fashion planet, the secret is knowing how to reinvent yourself

That of the great return of fur, for girls as well as for more mature women, is the confirmation that certain things can never really go out of fashion. In short, we are faced with a garment that has been and continues to be able to cyclically climb the top of preferences: one of those objects to have in the wardrobe, at any cost. A bit like what happens with the baby carrierand leggings, symbols of eras that always return in new versions. Today, fur is no longer understood only in the classic way, as a soft cloak that covers the entire figure. Knowing how to reinvent oneself is in fact one of the most well-known diktats in the world of fashion, so it happens that a whole planet of accessories blooms that with fur details can be wisely enriched. The reference is to sandals, vests but also bags and jackets: in short, an explosion of elegance. 

The evolution of a garment with character

However, there was a time when fur was truly considered a status symbol, an emblem of prestige and luxury. Now the concept has evolved to intercept modern times, so especially as regards the more cheeky colored versions of furs these have also been able to conquer a young audience. But how do you go about choosing the perfect fur? Here are some tips, starting with long coats with fur collars, ideal for the most mundane appointments as well as for business trips. Classic fur, a true symbol of elegance, is suitable for those who want to give themselves a strong and decisive image. Mink and fox fur, but also chinchilla and sable are among the most popular and requested. Finally, short furs and gilets, as well as accessories with very soft details,