Fall outfits: our ideas for a perfect look for next season

For our space dedicated to fashion, today we want to dedicate an article to autumn outfits . In fact, we have now reached the end of summer and all fashion enthusiasts are already turning to the autumn season.

Autumn outfit: beautiful and practical

Are you ready for the first rains? Even if you don’t feel the scent in the air yet, this is the right time to look for the right ideas for the next autumn outfits.

In fact, autumn has recently arrived, and what we will wear must already be clear in our mind. This is because facing the autumn season with any dress is not the same as living it intensely, with clear ideas and ready to show off the first looks at the first hint of rain.

Grit and safety are our keywords, which will make your  wardrobe beautiful and practical , fashionable but affordable.

Here is what to put in the closet in September, both for him and for her, in the next few lines.

Female autumn outfits: here are the next trends for her

Autumn has now come or at least this would seem to look at the calendar. The heat still accompanies us during these September afternoons but in the morning it starts to get cool, so we start thinking about how to dress. 

It is difficult to leave the light and summer outfits we were fond of and used to but, like every year, we have to do it. The question then ranges on the real trends of this fall 2021 : what is in fashion this year? How to dress right now and in what colors? Let’s find out the autumn outfits and the trends for her 2021 in the following lines, starting with the trendiest items of this year!

I capi trend

The trendy garments of autumn 2021 combine style and comfort: elegance is the watchword associated with practicality and comfort. Therefore, dress well but not with constraint, obligation, uncomfortable clothes or shoes. So the trend is the comfortable elegance, which sees among the fabrics the protagonists most of all the soft, enveloping and warm wool . Maxi pullovers and knitted dresses are made of wool , to which faux fur is added on stoles, jackets and cardigans.

To leave the house this year we wear maxi coats , while to go to the office we choose a suit with a masculine style. But the real novelty of the autumn 2021 season is actually something that already existed but that we haven’t seen for many years: the boucle . With its vintage style, the boucle will be the protagonist of autumn 2021.

Finally, for the ladies, another return from the past: pleated miniskirts.

The colors of autumn

We talked about the garments and now let’s move on to dedicate ourselves to the tones. The trendy colors for her for the autumn 2021 outfits are the same ones that recall the tones of the landscape in this period: brown, burgundy, camel. Next to these is the lilac together with the green, permanently since spring.

The colors are not hinted at but decided on the whole outfit: present in all shades will adorn our bon ton outfit . But not only solid colors but also patterns in this autumn 2021, as in the case of prints, which are in the foreground for blazers, coats and trench coats. 

Fashion accessories for her

The women’s outfits for autumn 2021 do not only speak to us about clothes but also about accessories. For the bags and the time of the maxi bag with maximum capacity, useful to accompany us in our daily life, between office hours and weekly commitments. If, on the other hand, we are invited to a cocktail , the legendary clutch bag will be folded and we will carry it with style, always under our arm. 

As for shoes, lace-up or smooth high-heel boots are back in vogue this season . The reference in this case is the one that leads to the memory of the typical boot, which is usually worn to go to the mountains. Not only boots in this fall 2021 but also flat shoes such as moccasins with thick soles, square toe and wide heel, alongside more classic models on the college shoe genre. The ensemble is a 90s remake of the 60s that returns in the 20s of the new millennium.

But the most unusual novelty is for hats: baseball caps  arrive for her , which become the new autumn fashion for younger girls.

Men’s autumn outfits: the latest trends

Even if summer does not want to leave us yet, autumn has arrived, manifesting itself with some drop in temperature, especially at the beginning of the days and in the evening. So we must necessarily abandon t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops and think about what to wear for our autumn outfits.

The ideas are formed in our minds ranging between their borders, they expand, they make their way. So we ask ourselves what the men’s fashion trends for autumn 2021 will be essentially and expressly , what will consist of the novelties and combinations that will dominate this new period which, annually, first appears on the catwalk and then pours its trends in our everyday life.

I capi trend

As for the  trendy items of men’s fashion fall 2021, these are the comfortable clothes but certainly with class and style. For the office, for a conference, for an event, elegant suits such as tuxedos or classic suits but with a current cut, less constricting and less imposed will certainly be worn. The result will be that of a kind of new elegance of the third millennium.

For casual outings, the denim jacket returns but revisited and embellished. Jeans remain the strong point of the casual style , but in this case it differs from the past with a decidedly clean cut to what it once was. As for the flagship garments of the autumn season, the maxi ribbed sweaters are back while the cardigans are this time in light tones, such as beige for example


Beige will be one of the trendiest colors of autumn men’s fashion for 2021 , along with pastel shades and more neutral colors.

Always on the track, urban style clothing with its timeless sweatshirts , these combined with jeans, this year darker than the latest trends of recent years, which had returned to very light denim up to almost white, typical of outfits and fashions 90’s.

As trousers, among the men’s fashion trends for autumn 2021, we will see the triumph of velvet ones, in trendy colors, as we said earlier, in neutral or pastel tones.

The accessories

Talking about men’s fashion in autumn 2021 is not just about sweaters and trousers but also about fashion accessories . The past comes back revisited as far as hats are concerned: we will see the beret again, but with a more modern cut and less old-fashioned retro. Also in autumn there will be sunglasses , this time with maxi and mirrored lenses, in pure 80s style.

Still on the subject of accessories, the man of autumn 2021 wears the shoulder strap , which he caresses with his hand adorned with showy rings , all while placing a nice scarf around his neck. All those just mentioned are the must-have accessories for the autumn season that has now arrived. 

There is certainly no shortage of shoes in men’s fashion fall 2021 , ranging from timeless white sneakers for both a casual and elegant look, to ankle boots. Among men’s shoes, moccasins also deserve a mention , for a more formal style that points to the classic.



The choice of the garments that will be part of your wardrobe for the next autumn season has already started. Be enterprising, cool and ready to amaze: this is what is required of women and men who always want to dress with style, in all the different seasons!