Look for shot glasses or large glasses of beer, as many as you are, and read the instructions for these drinking games, either with your group of friends or with your partner. Of course, always drink in moderation and do not let a night of laughter become hell.

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The best drinking games for couples
Some are games designed specifically for couples, others are simple but fun adaptations of games for group fares. You will find original versions that combine drink and sensuality, ideal to unleash passion. 1. Truth or dare Truth or dare
questions are the most effective to liven up the atmosphere, especially when shots are involved. If you want to ensure a time of confessions and laughter, we propose a list of questions for the most daring.

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If you play with your partner, the ideal will be to ask risque questions so that the atmosphere warms up (you understand me). Instead of drinking, you can take off a piece of clothing as punishment. 2. I have never
It is one of the best-known games for pedas that can be played in a group, but you can also adapt it in an original and suggestive way so that the sexual tension rises with your partner.
For this you will only need a few drinks and a lot of inventiveness, because it is about the person who opens the game imagining a situation that he has never done before . If his opponent has ever done it, he’ll have to take a drink, or else he’ll be off the hook and it’s his turn to come up with an activity for his opponent.
In this game, sincerity is the key, and things can go up in pitch… 3. Russian roulette This is a group that can be played in a group , but that you will also enjoy with your partner. To put into practice use two shot glasses, one that will carry water and the other vodka. The person who plays has to choose one of the two: if he takes the vodka, in addition to drinking, he will have to do a challenge, and that’s where the imagination kicks in.
A very fun game where you can think of other rules and variants . For example, taking the glass of vodka leads to the punishment of removing an item of clothing. 4. The game of the bottle
Who has not ever played the game of the bottle with friends, right?
A good excuse to have a good time and lose your embarrassment. Well, there is a very interesting adaptation with suggestive possibilities .
Normally the friends stand in a circle and the bottle is spun. In this case, since there will only be two of you, you can make a circle with aphrodisiac foods: cream, chocolate, strawberries… If the bottle points at you, you will have to drink (the same with your partner). If it points to a meal, you will have to use it imaginatively and sensually with your partner . 5. Challenge with ping pong balls
It is also very common among friends to play pocketing ping pong balls in glasses. As a couple you can also enjoy this very fun game that always ends with laughter. In this case, it will be very original to put a piece of paper with a written challenge under the cups, so that if you manage to put the ball in, in addition to drinking, you will have to do a challenge . 6. Don’t look
This is a game to arouse sexual appetite in addition to having a good time having a few drinks. To do this, one of the two has to cover his eyes with a blindfold while the other undresses and stands in front.
Take your partner’s hand and put it in one hand of your body. Just by touch you have to guess what part of the body it is., and if he fails he has to drink. Otherwise, you will have to drink yourself. You’ll see how as the time passes the game goes up in tone… The funniest group drinking games
In this case, these drinking games are ideal to play in a group. Some will require your ingenuity, others agility and speed, but in all of them you will have the most fun. A good opportunity also to strengthen ties with your colleagues. 7. Two Duros
Find two coins that are the same, because you are about to meet one of the most hilarious drinking games for two or more people that exist.
On their turn, each player tosses two coins into the air and observes the combination.. If heads on both sides, it’s your turn to take a drink of whatever. If tails come up on both sides, send someone to drink. If heads and tails come up, the situation gets a little more complicated.
In that case, the player establishes a fun rule that no one can break (unless he wants to have a drink as punishment). The rules can be of the type “talk only to the i” or “every time I drink, the one on the right drinks”. You’ll see how in a short time someone bites the bait. 8. Ocalimocho Ocalimocho
is already a classic among drinking games, but it never goes out of style. This imaginative board follows the rules of the game of the goose except for the following exception: every time someone lands on a square ending in eightmust say the following: “From eight to eight and drink calimocho”.
The ocalimocho, a popular drinking game honors the calimocho. | Image from: zendalibros.com 9. The phrase
The mechanics of this game is quite simple, but it increases in difficulty as players are added. One should begin a sentence with an article or a simple preposition, such as “he”. Each player will add a word to form a coherent phrase such as “the blue car”, repeating each of the previous words.
Suffice it to say that the first to say a word wrong or go blank must comply with his punishment, such as drinking a shot or taking a long drink of his drink. 10. Beer Pong
This drinking game may sound familiar to you from American teen lag movies, and it is very popular in the United States. In case you still don’t know how to play, we’ll explain it to you.
Two multi-person teams stand at each end of the table. The players’ cups are placed in a triangle, so that the player from the opposing team has to introduce a ping-pong ball into one of the containers . The player whose glass it fell into must take a drink. 11. Copa del Rey
There are also card games whose objective is to drink, and one of the most famous is the Copa del Rey. A glass is placed in the middle of an empty table, and around it a deck of cards face down. Each player draws a card, and each card has a related action.You may have previously established the rules for each card, but if you prefer the traditional game, the rules are as follows:

  • 2 for you: The player who rolls a 2 gets to choose who drinks.
  • 3 for me: The player who rolls a 3 will have to drink from his glass.
  • 4 to the ground: All players must crouch quickly. The last should drink.
  • 5 for boys: Boys drink.
  • 6 for the girls: Girls drink.
  • 7, the sky: The last player to raise both hands must drink.
  • 8, the partner: A player selects a “partner” to drink when he does. This continues until someone rolls another 8, in which case he can override the rule.
  • 9, the rhyme: The player who draws the card says a word out loud, and all his partners must find a rhyme. If someone goes blank, drink.
  • 10, “I have never…”: The player in question must answer a truth or dare question.
  • The queen, the interrogation: If a player draws the queen, he must ask a partner a question such as “What time is it
    ?” The player questioned must answer with another question such as “Two o’clock at noon
    ”. If he doesn’t do that, he gets to drink.
  • The King: When the first king enters the scene, the player pours the contents of his cup into the center cup. The player who draws the fourth king must drink all the content.
  • The aces, the cascades: When a player draws an ace, everyone must drink their drink in a cascade, starting with whoever drew the card.

12. Flippy Cup
Each team of players stands at one end of the table, with each player’s cup in front of them. On each turn, the player has to drink the contents of the glass and try to turn it upside down with a gentle tap from below. If the glass is not upside down, it is refilled with drink. The team that manages to turn all the glasses upside down first wins. 13. The strange phrase
All the players know that the host has to mention an agreed phrase with a second player during the night . The phrase can be of the type “I’m going to become vegan” or “I don’t like Game of Thrones”. If the host mentions such a phrase and no one notices within five minutes, everyone else drinks an entire glass. 14. Low on the hipIn addition to having a good time and ending up laughing your head off, you and your friends can take advantage of these games to get closer, and in this case, literally.
Write on a piece of paper various parts of the body: hip, knee, elbow, little finger, etc. Form teams in pairs, and have each team take a piece of paper. They will have to remain united through the part of the body that has touched them for as long as possible. If they disjoin, they will have to drink. To complicate it, you can imagine positions… 15. Sip over shot
A very fun game in which you will have to combine endurance, agility and… speed! In turns, each one will guide the game in the different rounds. When you lead the game, you move around the table and randomly hit other people’s heads.
When you touch the head and say “sip”, that person has to take a drink. At the moment you choose, you will touch someone’s head saying “shot”, at which point the person has to chase you around the table . If he fails to touch you, he will have to drink. If he reaches you, he will be the next one he chooses. Reminder
Finally, we must remember again that we must drink responsibly and that under no circumstances is it mandatory to use alcoholic beverages. These games are for fun , and once someone overdrinks, everything becomes less fun.