Hands are one of the first things that is noticed by both men and women and tidy nails and smooth skin are one of the first business cards you show yourself to others.

Red, purple, green, blue and a lot of black are just some of the colors that nail art trends have proposed in recent times for nail polishes. Short nails, long nails, each one the color you like best. But what if the choice of enamel color wasn’t just a question of aesthetic taste?

The answer lies in chromotherapy . In fact, opting for one color rather than another indicates one’s personality and state of mind .

This article will reveal why you prefer that specific shade and the side of the font that represents that particular hue.

11) Black

Black is the nail color that has been seen most recently on the catwalks and among the very young. According to chromotherapists, the choice of this shade indicates a free and unconventional spirit that can be mistaken for a dark and punk look. In reality, painting their nails black means that the person in question needs to have more visibility for themselves. On the contrary, if this color evokes negative thoughts, it is better to avoid it, because it could transmit a sad and disconsolate mood to the close people.

10) Blue

The blue shade is one of the most difficult to match with the color of the complexion. In fact, it is a color more suitable for very light skins without aesthetic defects. This color indicates calm and sincerity and will be chosen by the most satisfied personalities and in harmony with the rest of the world. All shades of blue symbolize serenity and moderation but if it were not among the favorite colors, for chromotherapists it would indicate the difficulty in letting go and bonding emotionally in too long relationships.

9) Mud

In recent years, the fashion trends for nails have brought to the fore the colors linked to the colors of nature and the earth . The example is the non- mud color , appreciated by many and which goes well with all complexions. Women who choose this type of very natural colors want to keep up with the times and fashions but enhancing natural beauty without showing themselves too much. On the contrary, those who do not appreciate these shades, according to chromotherapy and because they have a very lively and energetic personality and consider these shades too dull , preferring more traditional colors.

8) Red

Red nail polish is definitely an undisputed classic that adapts to all fashions without losing its charm. Women who love to paint their nails in this color need to express their strong personality and their power over others through their hands as well. On the other hand, those who do not love him, according to chromotherapy, and precisely because of this too sensual charge that does not suit introverted and not very aggressive personalities.

7) Meat

The flesh -colored nuances are among the most elegant and refined ones. These shades are well suited to people who take care of their body but who do not like to go overboard with extravagant looks. Discretion and elegance are the characteristics of women who prefer neutral colored glazes or French manicures. If these shades are not counted among the favorites because they are considered too simple, it indicates that the person in question has a lively character and that he loves color in all its variations.

6) Pink

The range of shades in pink varies from the most delicate to the fluo. For example, the brightest colors are chosen as an alternative to red, always recalling a cheerful and lively character but with a less passionate side . The soft pink lacquered nails indicate a delicate and romantic character. A choice that recalls the need to return to childhood and daydream . These shades are decidedly little used by those who demonstrate a more dominant and passionate personality .

5) Yellow

According to chromotherapy studies, yellow is one of those colors that improves mood and favors the left hemisphere of the brain, that of the intellect, also helps concentration . The women who use this type of nuance are people who are not afraid of change and who show through their hands the need to express themselves freely without external conditioning. On the contrary, if it is not counted among the favorite colors, according to chromotherapy, it indicates the fear of letting go and the need to always rely on others .

4) Orange

Orange is one of the most popular colors in recent years and like red it expresses vitality and energy . This color gives harmony and serenity to the soul and is chosen by women who are in perfect balance between body and soul and are open to others . Orange is a very communicative color and not choosing it could indicate problems in socializing .

3) Purple

Purple is one of the most complicated shades to wear at best. This nuance is chosen above all by those who have a very mysterious charm and are attracted to the magical and the spiritual . According to chromotherapy, women who do not like to wear purple are personalities who translate their thinking into action without worrying too much about the consequences.

2) White

Up until a few years ago, shades of white were often pearly and barely covered the nail. Currently fashion trends have proposed optical looks with very opaque and showy glazes ranging from ice to milky shades. Women who love these shades show the need to be noticed but with delicacy .

1) Green

According to chromotherapy studies, green acts as a calming agent by stimulating the inner energy . Wearing this nuance on the nails indicates a constant and solid personality that perseveres to reach the final goal without ever getting discouraged. If it is not one of the favorite colors it can represent a sense of emotional instability and a behavioral ambivalence .