The leather jacket: between rebellion and fashion!

The history of fashion reveals many anecdotes, and in this sense the  leather jacket today represents one of the most worn and mixed items of clothing with the most varied looks. But let’s see how this garment came to life and under what origins he made his way.

The leather jacket is a real icon of the past, one of those with an irrepressible charm and always in step with the times and with fashion. You see it showing off in the movies and on all the catwalks during fashion weeks with its irresistible and legendary appeal. The biker jacket is the bad boy par excellence, the one that goes through all seasons and that gives style and elegance to every type of outfit you wear.

Leather jacket: the origins

First of all you must know that the name of  nail is purely Italian and refers to the punk custom of keeping a nail in your pocket.

Initially, the leather jacket was known as a  flying jacket because it was worn only by aviators.

But it is with the name Perfecto that the leather jacket acquires popularity in the world. The model was created in 1928 by the American Irving Schott for Schott Brother NYC, and became the most used garment by motorcyclists. For the name the latter is inspired by his favorite cigar brand.

Going further back in time, however, it must be stated that the nail was born as a military garment, worn by the military forces during world conflicts because it is vigorous and resistant.

But the history of fashion and in this case of the leather jacket has its origins much earlier: precisely from 1905 when the Allweathers store was about to open in Brompton Road in London . The ad campaign was definitely groundbreaking for the time, as the model wore a white lace corset paired with biker pants and boots. The official entry of leather into the world of fashion was celebrated with the slogan “Leather motor clothing for ladies” .

The first woman to wear the nail and aviation pioneer Marie Mavient, who in 1910 appears in a photo wearing one:

The 50s-60s: the world of cinema and music crown the nail as a fashionable garment

But starting from the 1950s, with actors of the caliber of  James Dean and Marlon Brando , that the leather jacket became a real cult and a symbol of rebellion.

In 1953 Marlon Brando is the protagonist of the film “The Wild”: his character wears a Schott Perfecto 618 , modified for the occasion with the name of the protagonist (Johnny), embroidered on the heart, and the famous emblem with the skull and crossed pistons , painted on the back.

Bikers were born with them , British youth groups who had chosen the dedication to motorcycles as a lifestyle. Their outfit in addition to the leather jacket consists of Levi’s 501 jeans and Frye or Walker boots.

The nail thus becomes a symbol of masculinity and rebellion as mentioned, which made the two actors the idols of millions of girls.

World of music: Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and the punk movement

The leather jacket acquires new life with the arrival of the first rockers such as Elvis Presley and, subsequently, of the greasers , who were distinguished by the use of grease and listening to rock’nroll music, and later rockabilly.

During the 60s and 70s, the skin is discarded, the flower children adopt a colorful and floral look.

It will be in Woodstock , in the second half of the 1960s, that light leather jackets will make their appearance again.

Unforgettable the Jimi Hendrix fringed jacket:

In the 70s the leather jacket becomes black again . In the wake of punk it is decorated with studs, chains and other accessories. In Italy it is called a spiked jacket (hence the name above).

The leather jacket and Punk acquire a perfect combination: punk is a rebellious and direct musical genre born in England. Groups like the Sex Pistols and  the Ramones made the nail their symbol.

The credit went to Vivienne Westwood , the famous English designer, who in 1971 began her career in her small tailoring workshop  Let it Rock together with her partner Malcolm McLaren , later manager of the Sex Pistols. Immersed in and inspired by the culture of the time, attentive to ideas coming from street style, she transforms the leather biker jacket into a trendy piece of clothing.

The leather jacket definitively enters the world of fashion.

The 90s and 2000s: the leather jacket becomes a sexy icon

In the 90s and 2000s, the leather jacket becomes more shaped and adherent in order to be attractive to the female public. Yves Saint Laurent was the first to have the idea of ​​including leather in the collections: not just leather jackets but an entire collection dedicated to leather clothing.

The trendiest leather jackets of the moment

From Moschino to Valentino, passing through Saint Laurent and Golden Goose Deluxe, each brand gives us a different and original model. Here are some of the most popular nail models:

  • Classic model in black leather with studs and zip;
  • Vintage model;
  • Short leather jacket, to be combined with a classic and comfortable palazzo trousers or a silhouette skirt;
  • Tropical Hawaiian Pattern;
  • Leather jacket with fringes, the most popular at the moment for the glamorous effect it gives to the outfits;
  • High model, that is the classic black leather vest;
  • Military model in faux leather;
  • Suede leather jacket
  • Fracomina, faux leather jacket with studs and belt;

Leather jacket: a must for all seasons

One of the evergreen garments with a rock aftertaste, a real must in the wardrobe is the leather jacket: you can always wear it, in all seasons of the year and can be combined with any type of outfit: from the little black dress to jeans. , up to the haute couture of long evening dresses.

The biker jacket is, in fact, a seasonal must that not even the stars give up. The legendary leather jacket is, in fact, also worn on the red carpet by the hottest stars of the moment.

The most popular colors for leather jackets

Precious and fascinating, bewitching and with a rebellious touch, the leather jacket is always beautiful , in all its shades and tones. From the classic black rock style model with zipper , to the most unique models that perhaps recall the most popular colors of the year, such as yellow and pink. 

Here are some hottest colors for your leather jackets:

  • Pastel pink leather jacket , for a chic and glamorous look;
  • Zara yellow biker jacket , for an elegant and refined but also sporty look;
  • Red leather jacket , much loved by women who almost always choose to combine it with a pair of red ankle boots;
  • Brown leather jacket , a casual model that goes perfectly with a long dress or a pleated skirt.
  • Leather jacket with patches and studs , always in trend;


Our journey to discover this fascinating garment is over. The leather jacket has always been a must in all wardrobes for both men and women, and in our opinion it will remain so for a long, long time.

The leather jacket is an inseparable travel companion: it challenges every trend, every culture, every season.