Rhymes with names can help a lot, whether we are talking about adults or children. In the case of older people, they can be done in different dynamics so that each one thinks of a rhyme, as long as it is not too abrupt or that it could harm the other person. In this way, people can get to know each other better, and even learn the name of each one of them thanks to this type of activity.

funny rhymes with names

  • Marina, the one that turns sardines fine.
  • Arancha, the one who stays so hot.
  • Lucia, who eats every day.
  • Rocio, to whom you can’t say a word.
  • Txema, be careful it burns you.
  • Yolanda, she sleeps more than she walks.
  • Cristina, she likes to be in the canteen.
  • Javier, he likes eating more than running.
  • Sergio, a third of the plate is left.
  • Abel, have you filled yourself with honey?

Funny rhymes with names for children

  • Ruben, who likes to travel by train.
  • Alberto, whom they saw in the orchard.
  • Dominga, who likes to be distinguished.
  • Belmonte, the one that is like the mountain goats.
  • Manuela enjoys eating plums.
  • Clarita, she doesn’t like being confused with Rita.
  • Vicente, the one who pats himself on the forehead.
  • Mariano, who gets spanked with two hands.
  • Irene, the one who only calls you when it suits her.
  • Ana, the one who washes in a basin.

Rhymes with funny names to entertain

When we talk about funny rhymes with names for children, this becomes much more interesting since it helps him develop in multiple ways. In the first place, and as with the older ones, it helps them to learn the names of each of their classmates or even if they are in a camp and need to know what everyone is called. With the rhyme, the name is more easily engraved inside, because they relate it to this musicality that the rhymes give.

On the other hand, it also helps  children learn words better , as well as the meaning of each one of them, the way they are pronounced and even, in classes, activities can be carried out to try to find out if a rhyme that is has performed is assonant or consonant. In many schools this activity is carried out daily so that children can imagine new words with their names or those of their classmates, seeking at all times that no one’s feelings can be harmed.

As we have exposed at the beginning of this article, there are also funny rhymes designed for the older ones and that have a hotter tone in some aspects, as well as more hurtful, but we have done everything possible to omit them, since we think that It is better to  create a good atmosphere and break the ice in a fun way. The possibility of creating a funny rhyme with your friends or colleagues, and that this rhyme can pick up more rhythm or even longer, is something that can give rise to a game, such as using one of the names that are present and Each one of the members of the group that you meet must add a rhyme to that name. In this way the rhyme grows, as well as the fun. Once the name has run out of words that can rhyme or simply that is not known, it will be passed on to the next person, making this activity a very good dynamic to start getting to know colleagues in a group who did not know each other before.