The beginnings in the world of fashion

Elle Macpherson, born Eleanor Nancy Gow, was born on March 29, 1964 in Killara, Australia. She is famous for being a supermodel and actress, while today she is an Australian entrepreneur. Her nickname and her “The Body” because her modeling measurements were considered perfect.

His father is the manager of a Sydney rugby team. He has 3 brothers, one of whom is Mimi Macpherson, a famous actress. She is her older sister and initially her surname and her Gow, then she decides to use the surname of her mother’s second husband.

Initially, Elle’s plans are not about the fashion world. In fact, she enrolls at the University of Sydney to study law. Her dream is to become a lawyer. But at the age of 17, Francis Grill notices Elle Macpherson in Aspen, Colorado, and immediately decides to take her with him around the world, proposing to join her modeling agency called Click Model Management .

Elle accepts and from that moment on her life changes completely.

The success of Elle Macpherson

The young model immediately achieves success when she first appears on the cover of Elle , and will be the protagonist on every issue for six consecutive years. She also appears in famous glossy magazines such as VogueCosmopolitanHarper’s BazaarInStyleGQTatlerTimeL’OfficielFlare  and  Vanity Fair .

He later also appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated five times (in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1994 and finally in 2006).

In 1986 Time decided to dedicate a cover to her, titling it “The Big Elle” (which means La grande Elle , also referring to its measures that embody perfection). She also appears in the hugely popular Playboy magazine .

During his career he worked for the most prestigious fashion houses, such as Versace, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Prada, Thierry Mugler, Louis Vuitton, Nicole Miller, John Galliano, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and numerous others.

In 2008, Elle was the testimonial for the advertising campaign of the Revlon cosmetics brand. And then Fiat testimonial for the launch of the new 500C in Great Britain.

Elle Macpherson, during her career, also engages in the role of actress. We remember some films in which she appeared:

  1. Alice by Woody Allen (1990)
  2. Sirene, by John Duigan (1994)
  3. Jane Eyre, directed by Franco Zeffirelli (1996)
  4. Appointment with the Bridge, directed by Eric Schaeffer (1996)
  5. Love Has Two Faces, by Barbra Streisand (1996)
  6. Batman & Robin, by Joel Schumacher (1997)
  7. The Scream of Hate, by Lee Tamahori (1997)
  8. With Friends Like These…, directed by Philip Frank Messina (1998)
  9. South Kensington, directed by Carlo Vanzina (2001)

The model later became the host of programs dedicated to fashion. For example, on February 2, 2010 she and she the new presenter and executive producer of the 2010 edition of the show Britain’s Next Top Model, while in 2012 she presents the reality show Fashion Star .

After finishing her career as a supermodel, Elle Macpherson devotes herself to that of an entrepreneur, and together with her colleagues Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell  and  Claudia Schiffer, she owned the Fashion Cafe  restaurant chain  . Currently, she Elle owns an underwear company called ” Elle Macpherson Intimates”.

Elle Macpherson’s private life

Elle Macpherson is also well known for her eventful love life. In fact, in 1986 she married the fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon from whom she separated three years later. She subsequently enters into a relationship with financier Arpard Busson. Two children are born from their relationship: Arpad Flynn Alexander born on February 14, 1998, and Aurelius Cy Andrea born on February 4, 2003. The two decide to separate in 2005.

In 2014 Elle married Jeffrey Soffer. The two divorced in 2017.

She is currently engaged to Andrew Wakefield.

Curious about Elle Macpherson

There are many curiosities and information on one of the most important top models of all time.

For example, her great ability to learn foreign languages: Elle speaks French, Italian and Spanish flawlessly. She is also very attached to her children, whose shots she publishes on her Instagram profile. Looking at social media, Elle usually uses her official channels and is followed by about 550,000 followers, right on Instagram.

According to insiders, Elle Macpherson’s assets today stand at approximately $ 95 million.

The post dedicated to the supermodel “The Body” Elle Macpherson and her biography ends here. See you next time with the posts dedicated to supermodel biographies, always edited by our portal!