Born as a work garment, jeans have long been the must-have item in everyone’s wardrobe. They are practical, comfortable and casual, suitable for any occasion, even the most mundane.

The model that still dominates today is the 5-pocket denim, even if fashion has declined them in countless shapes, models and colors. In doing so, these famous trousers have become the most popular of all, suitable for all ages, all sizes and all looks.

However, the large amount of models available made it difficult to juggle in choosing the one that best suits us. Regardless of the fashions of the moment , there are several characteristics that are good to take into consideration when choosing a new pair of jeans.

So let’s find out together what are the 10 tips to follow to choose the jeans suitable for every body and occasion:

1) The size

The first advice to follow to choose the right jeans for your body concerns the size. Denim tends to sag at least half a size over time , which is why it’s always better to prefer a slightly tight pair rather than a generous one. In fact, they risk deforming and creating unsightly creases. When trying them on in the dressing room, make usual movements such as sitting on the chair or bending over to grab something on the floor. If the jeans do not allow you to make them, it is too tight, if instead it only pulls slightly then it is the right size.

2) The fabric

The second of the tips to follow to choose the right jeans for us concerns the fabric. If it is light and stretchy, it will certainly adhere better to the body and will tend to enhance and highlight the shapes. Usually this type of fabric is used for skinny or flared models which, before widening below the knee, must adhere perfectly to the leg . The more rigid and non-elastic textures, on the other hand, will tend to keep the shape of the trousers intact even when worn. They are more suitable for large models such as boyfriends , excellent on androgynous and slender bodies or mom fit , perfect for those with a slim waist and hourglass body. 

3) The length

Among useful tips to follow when choosing jeans is to decide the length based on our body. The goal of each garment we wear is to enhance ourselves therefore also the trousers must be chosen on the basis of what we want to highlight. If our ankles are thin we can show them off with a culotte , skinny , cigarette or turn-up jeans. If our goal is to gain a few centimeters then we can opt for flared or palazzo jeans under which to hide a few centimeters of heel. The important thing is that the fabric does not accumulate on top of the shoesgiving us some unwanted extra pounds and making us optically lower.

4) The belt loops

Although it is a detail that we often tend to underestimate, passers-by are very important. A useful tip to follow when choosing the right jeans is to try them on with a belt. If the passers-by are not placed in the right position they could be defective. The ideal is that there are at least 5, parallel to each other and well sewn. 

5) The pockets

Another useful advice to follow when choosing jeans is to look carefully at the position of the back pockets. They should be in proportion to your B-side and positioned at a distance such as to center the gluteus. The small pockets are suitable for smaller bodies while for the more bursting hips it is better to focus on the large pockets. Their position also matters: the pockets that are far apart from the central seam tend to make the hips optically wider.

6) The color

Even if a lot depends on personal taste or on the fashion of the moment, know that dark jeans tend to be more elegant and are also suitable for more formal occasions if combined correctly. Light-colored jeans, on the other hand, tend to be more casual and tend to give a few more inches to the figure. Regarding the color, another useful tip to follow to choose the jeans and observe the internal label. If it is white, the jeans are of excellent workmanship and do not release color during washing. If it is dyed, but you do not want to give up the purchase, then it is better to take them home and leave them to soak in water, vinegar and salt before washing them with other clothes.

7) Tears, inserts and washes

Among the useful tips to follow when choosing jeans is to carefully evaluate the position of tears, inserts or faded effects. Each of these decorations will highlight a certain part of the body. It is therefore important that these are located in an area that we are pleased to show and that can play in our favor by enhancing us.

8) The seams

One of the most important tips to follow when choosing the right jeans is about seams. In addition to being of excellent workmanship and resistant , they must also enhance our shapes and accompany the silhouette. In particular, the one on the crotch, which joins the lower part with the flap, must not be too long. In fact, it would risk changing the visual proportions of the body.

9) The metal parts

Another useful tip to follow to choose the most suitable and long-lasting jeans for us is to pay close attention to the metal parts. The rivets, buttons and above all the zipper must be of excellent workmanship, robust and free from defects. Usually the materials used are copper, aluminum or brass for the most valuable models and nickel for the cheaper brands.

10) Life

The last, but not least, of the useful tips to follow when choosing jeans concerns the shape of the waist. Whether it is tall, low or natural if it is straight, it will tend to dress the hips with more rigidity and is typical of boyfriend models. If the body is particularly curvy, it is better to opt for the one that is higher in the back and lower in the front that best accompanies the female form.