Speaking of women who hold royal offices or positions, we immediately think of Meghan Markle, or Kate Middleton , both famous for being women without royal descent who have won the hearts of English royalty.

The two of them, in particular, are often the object of media attention. What is striking is not only their beauty , but also the intelligence and cunning that characterize them. What is often forgotten, however, is that the world is full of real beauties, whose existence is unknown and which are rarely the subject of global attention.

Queens, princesses or heirs to the throne of remote places , such as Mozah Bint Nasser wife of the Sheikh of Qatar, but also Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand. Women who absolutely do not make their beauty their only value, also distinguishing themselves for some humanitarian and philanthropic commitments . Some of them, like Ameera Al-Taweel, were “ordinary” women who dazzled real men, somewhat reminiscent of a modern version of Cinderella.

Let’s discover together 10 real women as unknown as they are important!

Princess Madeleine of Sweden

The youngest of the children of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden . Currently Princess Madeleine is seventh in the line of succession to the throne. She married the Englishman Christopher O’Neill with whom she had a son , Prince Nicolas, and a daughter, Princess Leonore. She graduated in art history, ethnology and modern history , then she continues her studies in child psychology.


Princess Victoria of Sweden

Madeleine’s elder sister, and the legitimate heir to the Swedish throne . She of Scandinavian origin, she will be the fourth ruler in the country. Originally titled Duchess, in 1980 a law modified access to the throne making it available to women as well , changing her status into Princess. She is responsible for two humanitarian organizations , the Princess Victoria’s Fund and The Crown Princess Couple’s foundation , the latter founded after her marriage to Daniel Westling. She had two children with him.


Charlotte Casiraghi

Belonging to the Princely lineage of Monaco, she has no noble title but is eleventh by birth in the line of succession to the throne. She marries the actor in Elmaleh and then divorces and remarries with producer Dimitri Rassam. Vanity Fair included her in 2006 in the list of the most elegant women in the world and in 2008 Forbes placed her fifth in the ranking of the 20 most attractive royal heirs ( 20 hottest young royals ). Her collaboration with Gucci is also very important.


Princess Sonam of Bhutan

Her beauty goes hand in hand with her intelligence. She and she the daughter of the fourth King of Bhutan , Jigme Singye Wangchuck. You have a BA in International Relations from Stanford, then a Masters in Law from Harvard, two of the most prestigious universities in the world . In 2009 she marries Dasho Phub W Dorj, the son of a monk, with whom she has two children. She currently holds the position of president of the National Legal Institute of Bhutan and advisor to the Tarayana Fundation, with a mission to support and help Bhutanese with socio-economic difficulties.


Princess Sirivannavari of Thailand

Princess Sirivannavari is the only daughter of the King of Thailand . She grew up in the UK and then moved to Thailand with her father. Forbes in 2009 puts her sixteenth in the list of the sexiest Royals. She is very active in the world of fashion and passionate about sports , in 2005 she participates and wins gold at the 23rd Southeast Asian games in badminton. She has a bachelor’s in art and a master’s in design.


Queen Letizia of Spain

She obtained the status of Queen in 2004 following her marriage to the Spanish ruler Philip VI . She previously worked as a journalist distinguished by collaborations with Bloomberg and, later, with CNN . She then starts working for the Spanish broadcaster TVE . In 2003 the engagement of her with the sovereign was officially announced, to which she will follow the following year the wedding. In 2005 they have the first daughter, Leonor, legitimate heir to the throne, and in 2007 the second, Sofia .


Princess Ameera Al-Taweel

Hers is truly a Cinderella story. She was born without royal honors or lineages , she at the age of 18 she met the Saudi Prince Al-Walid bin Talan for the first time thanks to an interview for a school newspaper . Six years later they meet again, only to get married a few months later . In 2013 they divorced, remaining friends and collaborators. She holds an honors degree in business administration from New Heaven and currently supports numerous humanitarian initiatives in Saudi Arabia , including funding an orphanage village in Burkina Faso.


Jetsun Pema

Consort of the King of Bhutan , Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. Known as the Queen of Dragons , she is a fashion and design icon . You first study in India and then pursue a degree in international relations in London. In 2011 she marries the sovereign, with whom she will have a son , Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck, the current crown prince. In December 2019 they officially announce the imminent arrival of her second child. She is president of the Bhutan Red Cross, she stands out for numerous initiatives in support of the environment.


Queen Rania of Jordan

Rania met the then Prince of Jordan, ‘Abd Allah bin al-Husayn, in 1993 and married him a couple of months later. She graduated in business management in Cairo , then went to work for Apple. When her husband obtains the throne she takes the title of Regina, she gives birth to four children, two sons and two daughters. She is very attentive to the condition of women in Jordan and in Islamic countries , she is adorned with the title of Colonel of the Jordanian Armed Forces. In 2005 Harpers and Queens considered her one of the most beautiful Queens of the century . She and you are currently a member of seven humanitarian organizations that you personally look after.


Sheikh Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned of Qatar

Second of the three wives of the former Emir of Qatar , Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani. She reigns with her husband and is distinguished by her political activity , unlike the other queen consorts of the Middle East. Forbes puts her on the list of the 100 most powerful women . She will give birth to seven children, including the current Sheikh and Emir Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. She is also well known for her aesthetic sense, and she was the Emir’s chosen wife to represent him at events and conferences. Following a degree in sociology, she is named Honorary Doctor of Humanities. She is currently very active in supporting and developing education in the Middle East.