Christmas is a magical moment, able to fascinate all children (and not only!) Of the world with its decorations, the lights that color the streets, the tree, the gifts, the sweets and of course him … Santa Claus!
His days of celebration go by at their own rhythms, sometimes very different from the daily routine.

Keeping the magic of Christmas alive is always very fascinating and allows you to show off all your creativity to entertain your child, to involve him and make every single moment of his day unique.

There are many games and many creative and original activities which you can inspire to spend quality time with your son or daughter, taking advantage of these days of celebration. Here is a small roundup of ideas and suggestions that you can customize according to your choice.

Furthermore, if it happens that these magical days coincide with your child’s birthday party, it will be even more exciting and doubly important to give this moment the right space and due importance by preparing his favorite cake together and choosing a special dedicated gift. on his birthday to be accompanied with a nice happy birthday phrase .

Christmas crafts

You can use different materials to make everything that comes to mind, related to Christmas but also to winter: a Christmas tree, a bow or a snowman, Santa Claus with a lot of reindeer, sleigh and gifts and much more. .

This is also an excellent opportunity to recycle materials you already have at home, give new life to plastic caps, old socks, scraps of fabric or lace … an educational and economical way to create items that are truly 100% personalized


Pasta is sublime in the kitchen but it is also a perfect material to give space to creativity. Economic, cheerful and with a thousand shapes, you can create designs using the various shapes applied to colored cards but also creating three-dimensional figures.


You can use new objects to make stamps and create special designs. The cork stopper is perfect both as a stamp and as a support: just create the shape you want and apply it to the cork with a little glue before dipping it in the colors. As for the shapes, they can be made with anything: by cutting out a cardboard, with cotton balls, with salt paste or wool and twine glued as desired.

Salt dough

Salt dough is wonderful! Simple, economical and natural.
Just mix salt, flour and water in the same quantity to obtain a perfect material to create all the shapes you want.
Then you put them in the oven at 50/60 ° C until it turns golden and hard, a few minutes to cool and you can start with brushes and colors!
So natural that it can eventually be edible, albeit of uncertain taste, in case your child puts it in his mouth or touches his eyes.
You can make stars and puppets to decorate the Christmas tree (remember to make the hole to pass the thread and hang them) or create an entire fairytale landscape with all the characters, trees and houses and animals … and maybe even invent a story or song that can tell!


The days can also be colored “literally” as long as you have suitable and safe colors for children and let your creativity run free. Depending on the age of your child, you can choose to:
– paint using your fingers directly on a large cardboard on the ground or hung on the wall
– draw on fabric with the appropriate fabric colors and create your own t-shirts or customize old clothes for give them a new character
– have a real competition with a lot of canvas and brushes.

Personal Tree

Another very cute thing you can do is cut out a large Christmas tree out of green, felt, or fabric cardstock.

It will be enough to stick it firmly on the wall of your child’s room and leave him total freedom in the decorations.
It will be his personal tree, probably the most beautiful in the whole house!

Remember to photograph it and, if this idea becomes a tradition, you can compare the photos of the trees created in the different stages of its growth.