Temperatures are getting colder and jackets and vests come to cover the male torsos . These clothing items are now considered very important and distinctive.

The style of the last few years has focused a lot on jackets, vests, coats and overcoats and the market has expanded significantly. Precisely for this reason you must know how to choose your jacket or jacket carefully, always bearing in mind that it is probably one of the most distinctive  male garments .

A men’s jacket or jacket is unmistakable: they express masculinity from every seam. We could say that it is the most masculine item of clothing of any outfit.

Differences between sports jacket and vest

The sports jacket , which like the formal jacket derives its name from Jacques nickname given to the peasants, is a very popular and comfortable item of clothing.

Many types of jackets fall into this category, from the “windbreaker” one, the ” Saharan ” one, the “husky” jacket … In its original idea there is the need to cover the shirt and / or shirt and come in turn covered with coats, raincoats and the like. 

The world of jackets is perhaps even wider and was born with the idea of ​​going to cover the formal jacket and the suit. The jacket is part of the category of clothing that must repair directly from external agents. A kind of coat substitute.

The length of the jacket, understood in a classic way, rarely reaches the top of the trousers and for this reason it differs from other types of clothing.

Diversity of styles and philosophies

As you can already guess, jackets and vests can have very different styles and shapes, it depends on many factors. In recent years, comfortable and robust jackets and vests are very trendy , derived from the experiences of companies specialized in workwear.

This is the case, for example, of the Carharrt jackets , one of the main brands of clothing for workers. The solidity of these creations and their purely ” masculine ” style have made them a success on the market.

But among the best-selling jackets of recent years there are certainly also biker jackets, strictly in leather, as well as the Parka -style jacket

For sports jackets, as previously mentioned, those in the “Saharan” style are very popular, such as those in the ” sailor ” style. 

But one of the most successful sports jackets in recent years is undoubtedly the anorak . It is basically a windbreaker, waterproof, with a large central pocket and hood. 

The unmistakable style of man

These clothing items were once made only with rather spartan styles. But refinement in style has become an increasingly felt need also by men and now there are jackets and vests of all kinds and inspired by all cultures.

We can find jackets inspired by the Eskimo populations, such as those inspired by the populations that inhabit the harsh mountains of the Himalayas .

No matter what the culture or the origin of the inspiration, the important thing is that men’s jackets and vests continue to best represent the essence of men .