Light bulbs with low energy consumption , that is compact fluorescent (CFL) and lamps that use LED technology , have established themselves on the market also thanks to EU rules, which prevented the sale of old incandescent bulbs in 2009, because they consumed much more energy.

The new low consumption lamps have the advantage of consuming little, but also of lasting longer. But there are considerable differences between these two types of products. So which of the two types should you choose to save on your home bill?

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Look for the lumen

In the past, to understand which bulb to choose, people judged the products for sale by comparing their respective watts . Today it is necessary to change habits: the unit of measurement to be taken into consideration is the lumen , because there are low energy consumption products which, as such, consume less watts while offering a good amount of light.

In fact, the lumen value determines the luminous flux . To give an example, 600 lumens of light can be obtained with a 12 W LED bulb, a 12 W fluorescent bulb, a 42 W halogen bulb, and a 60 W incandescent bulb.

Fluorescent lamps

Compact fluorescent lamps have been designed to solve the low efficiency problem of pre-existing fluorescent lamps. Although they are much more efficient than the previous ones, they inherited the following defects from the latter:

  • They need more time to turn on (than, for example, LEDs), because they have to warm up first.
  • They cannot be used in conjunction with dimmers, i.e. with dimmers.
  • Although in very low quantities, they emit infrared and ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to the eyes and skin.
  • They are very fragile products, not very resistant to falls.
  • At low temperatures they lose their light intensity.

It should also be considered that, compared with the consumption of old incandescent lamps, fluorescent bulbs allow you to save up to 80%. They have a lifespan ranging from 4 thousand to 8 thousand hours of use.

LED bulbs

The LED bulbs available on the market are of various types, sizes, shapes, powers and colors. Those used for lighting houses and other buildings have a white light.

They can have standard E27 (screw), or E14 (“mignon” screw) connections.

They have multiple advantages:

  • They last up to about 50 thousand hours of use.
  • They light up immediately.
  • They produce very little heat, which helps to make them very durable. Furthermore, there is no risk of getting burned if touched.
  • They are not fragile, and if they fall they have a better chance of not breaking.
  • They offer a cleaner light, having no ultraviolet and infrared components.
  • They do not contain mercury, gas or other harmful substances.
  • They work regardless of the number of starts and stops, unlike fluorescent lamps which need about 1 minute after switching on to operate at maximum capacity.
  • They can be adjusted in brightness by connecting them to the dimmer.

Regarding the efficiency , it must be said that an LED lamp that consumes 5 watts emits the same light as an old incandescent lamp that consumes 60 W. Therefore, it consumes 90% less, and has a duration of at least 20 times higher.

The annual cost , taking into account the purchase price and the expenses in the bill, is considerably lower than the fluorescent ones.

It should also be said that once LED lamps cost much more than fluorescent ones, while today the prices are now almost aligned.

Ultimately: LED or fluorescent, which bulbs to choose?

Considering what has been highlighted in the previous paragraphs, lamps with LED technology are to be preferred over any other source of lighting, including fluorescent lamps.

LED lamps: why rely on Osram

Osram LED bulbs are a great choice. Not all lamps that use LED technology are the same, so the brand also makes the difference.

In general, Osram bulbs have the following advantages :

  • Great quality
  • Aesthetic beauty
  • Considerable energy savings
  • Remarkable durability over the years.

Going into more detail, the following bulbs of this brand deserve a special mention: LED Superstar PAR 16 and LED Retrofit Classica . They both look elegant, and both offer warm white light. But the first can replace a halogen lamp that absorbs 35 W, while the second a classic 40 W bulb.