That tingling that enters our stomach when we see them, those sensations that intoxicate us the moment they are close to us… We cannot describe it with words that do justice to the whole string of feelings that a soulmate awakens in us; It’s just something you have to live with.
One does not always get to feel like this with respect to another human being, although sooner or later, almost everyone will experience it; Although it will depend on each case. Now, when you think you have found that someone who awakens in you what no one has achieved, that is when you know how much having such a special union can mean to you.
The concept of “soulmate”, as discussed as questioned by the most skeptical, is a name given to that “someone” with whom we feel a mystical, spiritual connection that transcends the merely circumstantial . Let’s see 6 keys that indicate that we can be in front of that person.

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6 signs that reveal that you have found your soulmate
It seems that you are made for each other, right? Let’s
check it with these 6 clues:

1. Overcoming adversity together
It gives the feeling that the ability to overcome obstacles is multiplied by ten when we are with our soulmate, despite the harshness of the difficulties. Regardless of the magnitude of the stones that we come across along the way, we always end up recovering. Although a part of our being believes that this will not happen every time, the truth is that there is no impediment to diminish two people with this special bond.

It will never cross our minds to abandon a soulmate when they need us., because the two of us together can overcome the challenges that life poses and weather the storm better than if we do it alone.

2. You can read what goes through your mind
This is one of those aspects that cannot be understood and that some believe is exaggerated if you are not in this situation of complicity so unique. We are not talking about a telepathic ability as such, rather about a feeling that comes to our heads when we intuit what the other is going to say, how he feels or what he is going to do.

Words are not needed, sometimes a look is enoughor a gesture to know what the other is thinking. For example, when we are angry, they know to step aside and leave us alone with our thoughts because then we will return to normal. These types of reactions appear naturally, it is not necessary to push them for them to occur, they simply flow.

3. You are still the same person
And it does not matter how much you spend together, since you are still the same individual. You function as a whole, however, separately each one has not changed. Beyond the physical development of age, your essence remains.
It is not uncommon that in many toxic relationships, one of the two or both members try to mold themselves as if they were clay sculptures; just as it is not the fact that, on occasion, a person gives himself so much to her partner, that he ends up losing the qualities that made her unique. We must not forget that we must always be ourselves. If someone is our soulmate, he will understand perfectly and will not try to chisel us with the brush of reproaches.

4. You dream of your soulmate
Dreams are nothing more than the projection made by the non-conscious part of the brain. When someone monopolizes a large part of our thoughts, it is very likely that we will dedicate a space to them during our sleeping hours.. This is nothing more than a sign indicating the longing to want to be with the soul mate.

5. Common adventurous spirit
It seems that the desire to discover the world is triggered when a true soulmate has been found. Those butterflies in the stomach that we mentioned at the beginning, move us to do things that we would never have imagined that we would be capable of even thinking about.

The exploratory desire is fired, motivated by the idea of ​​doing it together with someone who means so much to us. Expanding borders or discovering new enclaves becomes more important if we do it accompanied by true love.

6. You work better together
Finally, the sign that reveals that you are probably in the presence of your soulmate is when you miss her the most. If circumstances cause you to have to separate for a while and that affects your routine, you feel that you do not perform the same, you are as if absorbed , it is probably because you need your soul mate to return to function normally again.
The mere presence of such a vital person is a powerful enough stimulus for you to be more effective in all areas of your life. It’s not that you do things wrong because your mind is somewhere else; you are simply a better human being while your soul mate is present.

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